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Does Target Drug Test All Its Employees?


Target is one of the largest general merchandise retail companies in the United States. Operating stores in all the states, the retailer employs more than 350,000 employees, making it one of the largest employers in the country. Target is dedicated to providing exemplary service to its customers and creating a safe work environment. To this effect, it runs a drug-free workplace. This means that Target employees cannot bring tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs on site. But Does Target Drug Test all of its employees and job applicants? Read on to learn more about the company’s drug policy.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

According to the Target Corporation Code of Ethics, the company maintains a Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy. The policy is designed to maintain the safety of the employees and customers of Target. It states that: “The use, consumption, or possession of any drug or controlled substance that isn’t used or obtained legally (including prescription drugs that have been prescribed to someone else) is prohibited.” Employees are encouraged to avoid performing their duties while under the influence of drugs and report any suspicions to the management. Failure to observe these rules is grounds for termination of employment, among other corrective actions. Essentially, employees cannot:

  • Use, consume, or possess legal or illegal mood-altering drugs.
  • Misuse prescribed drugs or non-prescribed legal drugs.
  • Buy, sell, receive, or offer illegal drugs.
  • Perform their duties or report to work while alcohol or drug-impaired

These rules apply to all actions done by the employees on company premises during working hours. Employees can also not commit these acts on nearby community property, in parking lots, when driving a Target company vehicle, or on off-property worksites. According to a disclaimer on the company's Policy/Consent Form, drugs are described as inhalants and controlled substances, not including medications described by a licensed medical professional.

Target Drug Testing Conditions

Target’s Code of Ethics explains that drug use among its employees can lead to security, safety, and health issues, which is why the company has implemented its Drug-free Workplace policy. Per the policy, job applicants might be required to take and pass a drug test within 24 hours to be considered for a position. Other reasons the company might conduct a drug screening include:

  • Reasonable Cause - Target does not perform random drug tests on its employees. However, the management reserves the right to request a test if it has reason to believe that an employee is under the influence, using, or distributing prohibited drugs on-site. Some examples of reasonable cause that the company can cite include incidents, accidents, erratic or strange behavior, and witness accounts.
  • Pre-Employment - In some cases, Target might conduct a pre-employment drug test on a job applicant after offering them a conditional job offer. The applicant must get and pass the test to get hired. However, this practice does not apply to all job offers and is mostly done for people applying to be Team Leaders, Managers, or employees that operate machinery.
  • Post-Accident - Employees at the company could also be asked to undergo a drug test after an incident that causes bodily harm or significant property damage. Post-accident drug tests are done to ensure employee safety in the workplace, process compensation claims, and prevent a repeat of the accident.

What Type of Drugs Does Target Test for?

Target performs a wide range of drug tests on its employees, usually through a third-party company called Accurate Background. The test can be breath, urine, blood, or hair tests, depending on the location. During the tests, the company looks for evidence of recent drug use. It checks for substances like marijuana, cocaine, synthetic drugs, and heroin. If you take marijuana for medical reasons and have an MMJ card, the company will evaluate your case separately.

Random Drug Tests

Although Target does not generally subject its employees to random drug tests, it reserves the right to maintain a drug-free work environment. One way the company enforces this is by inspecting containers and packages suspected to contain or be used to distribute drugs. Employees that drive company vehicles or operate machinery might also be subject to random tests. Typically, seasonal workers, retail staff, and cashiers are not required to take drug tests unless there is reasonable suspicion. However, management and asset protection employees may have to take a drug test, especially if they oversee sensitive projects.

What Happens If You Fail a Target Drug Test?

As already established, Target has a Drug-Free Workplace policy that allows it to perform drug tests on its employees. The workers might be requested to report to a healthcare provider appointed by the company and submit to a physical exam, which could include blood, urine, or breath tests. The test must be completed within 24 hours of the official request. If an employee fails to undergo the test within the prescribed timeline or takes it and fails, they open themselves up to corrective action. This could include employment termination. Job applicants that fail the pre-employment drug test do not get employed.

Target Recruitment Process

Target works with trusted third-party test centers that perform employee drug tests on the company’s behalf. These centers can be found close to the Target store it serves. When you apply for a job at Target and get an interview, your interviewer will usually tell you if your job requires a mandatory drug test. Such roles tend to include those involving working with vehicles or machinery. If your role requires a drug test, you will be asked to undergo one within 24 hours. If you agree to this, Target will send you to the test center after informing you of the necessary steps to take. Remember to carry a valid government-issued ID for identification at the center. The results of your drug test are considered confidential medical information, so Target will never share it with anyone. However, if you fail the test, the company will withdraw the job offer. This is also true should you fail to take the test within 24 hours.


Does Target Drug Test its employees? Generally, Target does not perform random drug tests unless the management of an outlet has reason to believe an employee is under the influence of drugs. Drug tests might also be conducted after an employee gets into an accident or for new applicants. Target drug tests are performed off-site, and failing them can lead to termination.

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