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Does Dollar General Drug Test Its Employees?

Dollar General

With over 17,000 stores across the country, Dollar General is one of the largest retailers in the rural US. This family-owned company was founded in 1939 and now employs around 143,000 employees. But what is the hiring process used to select these many workers? Does Dollar General Drug Test? Let’s review the brand’s drug test policies and practices.

Dollar General Drug Test Policy

Current and former Dollar General employees confirm that while the company does have a drug test policy, it recently stopped drug testing job applicants for some positions.

This includes retail positions, such as store associates and cashiers. Dollar General does conduct drug tests after suspicious incidents or accidents but no longer uses the tests in some hiring decisions. It also does not conduct random drug tests on current company employees.

That said, Dollar General still drug tests employees in high-level management positions within the retail chain like store managers and assistant store managers. This policy may also apply to employees that handle company machinery and vehicles.

When Does Dollar General Drug Test?

As established, the retail chain does not drug test job applicants unless they are applying for high-level positions. It also does not conduct random drug tests. For high-level employees and those that have been involved in accidents, when the screening happens will depend on the specific case. ‘

Applicants at this level will lively receive pre-employment tests to determine if they qualify for the positions. These employees may also be subject to testing if they are up for a promotion. Usually, Dollar General will check for drugs like oxycodone, opioids, heroin, marijuana, and LSD. The key points to remember about the company’s drug test processes are:

  • Dollar General strictly forbids the use, distribution, or possession of controlled or illegal substances on company property.
  • Employees required to take a drug test must do so within 48 hours if they will be considered to have failed or refused to comply and be terminated.
  • Job offers that are contingent on passing a drug test will be withdrawn if an applicant gets a positive result.
  • Failing to provide a sample for a drug test before leaving the medical center or laboratory is considered a refusal to comply and can be grounds for termination.

If you are currently using over-the-counter or prescription medicine, you should always disclose this information to Human Resources or your immediate supervisor. This is especially important if the drugs could affect your ability to do your tasks, as it will allow your supervisor to take crucial steps to mitigate any safety risks that could arise.

Types of Drug Tests at Dollar General

According to the Dollar General Employee Handbook, the company maintains a safe and healthy work environment in the interest of all its customers and employees.

This is partly achieved by ensuring that drug and substance use does not affect operations or lead to property damage within the retail line. The handbook explains that Dollar General performs the following types of drug tests in accordance with state and federal laws:

1. Pre-Employment Testing

Typically, Dollar General does not conduct pre-employment drug tests for job applicants, especially in retail positions like cashiers. However, if you are applying for an upper management job, you could be required to submit to a test once you receive a job offer. The job offer will be contingent on you passing the drug test within the specified timeline.

2. Post-Accident Testing

Like most companies, Dollar General conducts drug tests after a work-related accident that results in property damage or the injury of a customer or employee. The test will be performed on the employee responsible to determine if they were under the influence of a controlled substance during the accident. This is crucial information for workers’ insurance claims.

3. Reasonable Suspicion Testing

In some cases, the retail line will perform a drug test on an employee who is suspected of working under the influence of an illegal substance. The suspicion is usually based on the employee’s behavior.

How Are Dollar General Drug Tests Done?

For managerial-level job applicants at Dollar General, the company will usually provide them with a hiring packet once it accepts their application and the applicant passes the screening process. The packet will contain details required to perform a background check and instructions on how to get the pre-employment drug test.

Urine tests are the preferred method of testing at Dollar General. Once the applicant receives the packet, they will be expected to submit a urine sample as a facility approved by the retail line.

This process will usually require that the applicant present their government-issued ID at the center. The medical center or laboratory will conduct the test, checking for 5-panel drugs like PCP, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines/ methamphetamines then process the results within 24 hours. The results will be sent to Dollar General.

What Happens If You Fail a Drug Test at Dollar General?

Dollar General has an elaborate recruitment process that is unique to its company policies and traditions. Typically, this process includes the following steps:

  • Identify a need within the retail line
  • Prepare and publish a recruitment plan
  • Create and post job advertisements for the open position
  • Review the applications
  • Screen the applicants through tests or interviews
  • Perform reference and background checks
  • Hire the successful applicants

Drug testing may or may not be part of your pre-employment process. It depends on the position for which you are applying. If you do take a test and fail, you will likely lose the job offer. Current employees that fail a drug test may be required to join a substance use program. If not, the company might suspend or fire them. The decision will vary from one case to another.


Does Dollar General Drug Test? Dollar General, like many companies in the United States, is committed to creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for its clients and employees. But while it still runs pre-employment background checks on job applicants, the company ceased its drug testing processes.

It no longer screens entry-level employees for illegal substances. This policy is now reserved for managerial-level applicants. Also for current employees suspected of drug use. Or those that have been involved in a workplace accident.

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