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Does Publix Drug Test All Its Employees?


Publix is a reputable grocery retail chain store that has existed since 1930. Thanks to its exceptional food and service, it’s become one of the most trusted and reliable companies. It grew from a small grocery store in Winter Haven, FL, to more than 1,270 stores across the southeast of the US.

Everything from order placement processing to delivery is automated, giving the best customer experience. By 2019, the company had more than 197,000 workers, and it’s always looking for new workers. The perks of working in such a company are many. So if you’re looking to get employed or want someone else to get a job offer at Publix, you likely wonder what to expect. Part of the job recruitment process involves mandatory drug testing, typical of giant retail stores.

Does Publix drug test its employees?

Publix conducts drug tests on potential and current employees via a mouth swab test as of 2022. Initially, they relied on urine or blood samples to test for illicit substance use, particularly if the management suspected you. According to Query Sprout, Publix’s pre-employment drug test targets illicit substances like:

  • Ecstasy
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines like meth
  • Opiates
  • THC

Whether you’re a seasoned or addicted drug user, Publix will decline your job application. Employees found to test positive for drugs also risk job termination. According to Felony Friendly Jobs, the best way to reclaim your position after termination is to go for Narcotics Anonymous to show your commitment to stop doing recreational drugs.

The mouth swab test results will come out within 24 hours on average or more. Besides oral swab tests, Publix may ask you to provide your blood sample for testing in their lab. They do this if the initial swab test doesn’t come out clearly or if the supervisor suspects you of being on drugs that weren’t featured on the 5-panel drug test.

Do the Publix drug tests apply after work accidents?

Suppose you’re a baker or cook at Publix, and you accidentally get injured while handling the kitchen appliances? In that case, you will want the company to compensate you for personal injury. Before Publix pays your medical bills or other expenses, they will first test your urine or blood for illicit substances.

If the test comes back positive, Publix will deny your claim. Furthermore, you risk job termination if you got your injury while under the influence of drugs. Also, compensation applies if you got injured at work, not any other place.

What are the screening turnaround times?

Your test results may come back after 24 hours or even a week. If it goes more than two days, don’t assume you’ve tested positive for the drugs or failed the test. Several factors that might delay the results include:

  • The lab’s work schedule - During job recruitment exercises, applicants come in large numbers. The lab may become overwhelmed with results that it won’t produce all of them at once. So, if you’ve had your test, wait a few days, and they’ll call you to inform you about your test results.
  • Day of the week - The weekends and holidays have longer processing times. You might have to wait until business days to get your results. The courier service the lab uses might also delay the processing times
  • Time of the day - Tests given late afternoon or evening may come back the next day or after two days. If you want yours to come back fast, arrive in the morning. People who test negative are likely to have their results come out earlier than those who test positive. The latter category might be called for a second test to confirm if the first test was accurate. The five-panel testing ensures you’re clean and serious about getting employed or keeping your job.

Other things you should know about Publix’s drug tests

Before the drug test, Publix will give you a form to sign so that they can have access to your results. Both parties will receive a copy from the lab indicating if you tested positive or negative for the rest. You will get yours in the mail, while Publix will get theirs via courier or fax. If you don’t have a mail service, consider contacting the human resources department within 24 or 36 hours to see your results.

What next after passing the drug test?

As long as you’ve passed the drug test, Publix will be more than happy to give you the job right away. However, the turnaround time may vary depending on your job description. It’s best to give them time to call you to start the job.

Is working for Publix worth it?

Working at Publix means you get lucrative payment no matter your job description. One good thing about the company is that the founder allows employees to run their operations. The result is acquiring shares for free. Currently, it is the only employee-owned company in the US.

Once you qualify, the company offers you a portion of your earnings through your stock account. Another reason to work for Publix is the company’s benefits. Be it health insurance or health retirement benefits, the company will avail of whatever benefit you deserve.

You’ll also be pleased to learn that you get job security because the company is stable in terms of revenue. It’s improbable for any of Publix’s stores to shut down. But should that happen, the company will allow you to switch to a nearby store. Other benefits to look forward to including:

  • Weekly pay
  • Healthcare plan
  • Prescription plan
  • Service award programs
  • Dental and vision medical plans
  • Free flu vaccination
  • Saving or checking account with direct deposit
  • College tuition reimbursement program
  • Free lunch
  • Free parking
  • Paid vacations
  • Life insurance


Getting a job at Publix not only helps you live a clean life but also guarantees you many benefits. The drug test protects the company, employees, and customers. Thanks to top-notch products and services, the company has maintained a solid reputation over the years. So, if you believe that you’re eligible for a job at Publix, be ready for the drug test.

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