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How Joel McHale Achieved a Net Worth of $14 Million

Joel McHale

Meet Joel McHale, an actor, stand-up comedian, voice artist, and a TV personality with a net worth estimation of $14 million as of 2021. You likely have watched him host E!’s pop culture wrap-up “The Soup.” However, it is NBC’s sitcom “Community” that gave him his biggest break. If you’re wondering about Joel McHale Net Worth of $14 million, read on.

Joel McHale’s life history

According to Fotolog, Joel McHale was born to his parents, Laurie and Jack McHale, in Rome, Italy, on November 20, 1971. His mother hails from Vancouver, Canada, while his dad is from Illinois, Chicago. His dad worked in Loyola University Rome Center as a dean of students. He has two brothers, Christopher McHale and Stephen McHale. Going by his dad’s sentiments, Joe’s sense of humor started way back when he was a child. Though he was raised as a staunch Catholic and ended up studying in Mercer Island High School, his comedic and acting skills started way back. After high school, he joined the University of Washington and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1995. While there, he joined the university’s football team. Joel credits his success to his “History and a “Master of Fine Arts” degree at the University. To mark the beginning of his career, he joined the Professional Actors Training Program as a mere football fan and an ardent devotee of the Seattle Seahawks.

How Joe McHale’s net worth arrived at $14 million

McHale joined the “Almost Live” local sketch-comedy television show produced by KING-TV (Channel 5) of Seattle. Between 1993 and 1997, he was part of the Improv Comedy Group at Unexpected Productions, partaking in Theatersports. McHale’s unmatched comedic and acting skills made him relocate to Los Angeles to be part of a casting team such as “Diagnosis: Murder,” “CSI Miami,” “Will & Grace.” He’s also landed a role in films like “Lords of Dogtown.” McHale’s biggest breakthrough began when he featured as a guest comedic actor for the NBC comedy show “Thank God You’re Here.” He’s also played a supporting role as Mr. Jack’s bank supervisor in “Spider Man 2”. In 2004, E! tv show “The Soup” singled him out as a host, and also for the radio show “Loveline.” Unfortunately, after hosting all 22 seasons of “The Soup,” the cable network announced that the show would end. The final episode aired on December 18, 2016, serving as the season finale. Fans of this show expressed their disappointment as they knew they’d never get to watch a show as lively and comic as “The Soup.”

He’s also played at the “Circle X Theater.” Once in a while, he features in many shows like “The Adam Carolla Show,” “Mickey and Amelia,” and “Opie and Anthony Show.” McHale also credits his success in “Iron Chef America,” where he features as a judge. He also played in the TV show “The IT Crowd” (American version). He’s appeared as a guest actor in the season finale of “Last Comic Standing” and also for “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” The comedian/actor landed a role in the popular sitcom “Community” in 2009. On the fifth season of “Tosh.0”, he landed a role as a guest actor. In 2012, McHale appeared in “Ted” as Rex and also landed the role of an NYPD officer in the horror movie “Deliver Us from Evil.” By September 2016, McHale landed a lead role in “The Great Indoors.” He also played “Chris” in the horror-comedy series “Santa Clarita Diet” in 2018. According to Wealthy Genius, McHale was to portray the character of “Sylvester Pemberton” for the DC universe arrangement “Stargirl” at the end of 2018. To date, he hosts “Card Sharks.” When it comes to hosting prominent events, McHale has also not been left behind. He’s partaken in events like:

  •  “Independent Spirit Awards” in 2011
  • · “White House Correspondents” Association annual dinner in 2014
  • · “ESPY Awards” in 2015
  • · “Live! With Kelly” in 2016
  • · “43rd People’s Choice Awards” and the “Webby Awards” in 2017

By 2018, Joel McHale had created and produced his talk show “The Joel McHale Show” by Netflix. However, Netflix canceled the series due to low viewership on August 17, 2018. Per Celebrity Net Worth’s prediction, McHale was to host an ABC Network game show “Card Sharks” in 2019.

Joel McHale’s personal life

Joe’s been married to Sarah Williams since 1996, and they have two sons, Edward Roy and Isaac Hayden. When the pair met back in 1995, Joel was a graduate of the University of Washington. In 2007, Joel, together with his wife, bought a 4-bedroom home for $1.88 million at Los Feliz estate in Los Angeles. By August 2016, they put up their home for sale at $2.4 million. Luckily, they landed a buyer a month later who paid $2.55 million. By the time they listed their home for sale, they had already bought a gated mansion in Studio City, California, for $5.15 million. Together, they live in Hollywood Hills, California, where he has a large garage hosting his expensive car collection. His interest in cars comes from the fact that he’s successful, allowing him to buy whatever expensive car he can afford.

Joe’s lifestyle and assets

Known for his giraffe-like height and high sense of humor, it is no surprise that Joel McHale is one of the most successful entertainers of all time. Silver screen directors and producers can’t help but marvel at his talent, whether it’s his acting, hosting, or stand-up comedy. Fans always look forward to watching him give it all, a fact that endears him to people’s hearts. He also has a carefree attitude towards life, making him one of the leading role models anyone can look up to.


Joel McHale’s biting humor and acting skills have made him become one of the richest celebrities in Hollywood. His 12 years as “The Soup’s” main host was paying him a whopping $2 million per year, marking the beginning of his success. His taste for expensive cars like Porsche 911 Turbo S and ICON FJ43 justifies his net worth of $14 million.

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