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How John Legend Achieved a Net Worth of $45 Million

John Legend

John Legend is a successful singer, songwriter, producer and actor. At just 41 years old, Legend has amassed a net worth of $45 million. He built his solo music career as well as collaborating with many other artists. Legend is the first African American male and the second youngest of the 15 EGOT winners. He got his stage name "Legend" from fellow musician J. Ivy because Ivy knew he would be a legend in the music business because of his old school sound. Clearly, John Legend is living up to his name. Here's how John Legend achieved a net worth of $45 million.

Net Worth$45 Million
NameJohn Roger Stephens
BornSpringfield, Ohio
Birth DateDecember 28, 1978
Source of WealthAmerican Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Actor and Philanthropist
CountryUnited States

A Piano Prodigy

John Rogers Stephens was born on December 28, 1978 and grew up in Springfield, Ohio. He was home schooled by his mother, and his grandmother taught him to play the piano. At age 4 John was singing in his church choir. At age 7 it was clear that he had an ear for music and playing the piano. John graduated salutatorian from Sa member of Springfield North High School and went on to the University of Pennsylvania. While in college, John performed in "Counterparts", a jazz and pop a capella group. He was also also a member of the Onyx Senior Honor Society and the Sphynx Senior Society. John graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an emphasis on African American Literature. After college, John worked as a managing consultant for a Boston Consulting Group, but his heart was in music. He played in clubs and handed out demos of music that he wrote, performed, produced and recorded. He met Lauren Hill and played piano on "Everything is Everything" on Hill's first album.

Music Career

In 2001 John Stephens was introduced to Kayne West. West's music career was starting to take off and he asked John to sing the hooks on his new music. That's when J. Ivy nicknamed John "Legend" and persuaded him to take the name John Legend as his stage name. Although reluctant to do so, the name stuck. His work with West helped John Legend get work writing, producing and collaborating with other musicians including Janet Jackson, Jay Z, Mary J.. Blige,, Fergie and Sergio Mendes. Legend's own first album, "Get Lifted" debuted in 2004 and featured, Kayne West and Dave Tozer. The album won the Grammy for Best R & B Album in 2006. That same year, Legend performed at Super Bowl XL and the NBA All Star half time show. He even appeared on "Sesame Street". Legend's second album was released. Legend won the 2007 Grammy for Best Male R & B Vocal Performance and a Grammy shared with Sly & Family Stone, Joss Stone and Van Hunt for their collaboration on the song "Family Affair".

John Legend's music career and success did not let up. in 2008 he performed in the produced video "Yes We Can" for Barack Obama's Presidential campaign. Legend released his third solo album "Evolver". In 2009 he performed in the documentary feature film "The People Speak". In 2001 John Legend won three Grammy Awards for Best R & B Song ("Shine"), Best R & B Album with The Roots ("Wake Up") and Best Traditional R & B Performance for "Hang In There". Legend and The Roots won the NCAA Image Award that year.

Over the last decade, John Legend has continued to record his own music, collaborate with other musicians, toured the United States and toured internationally. He's released 6 albums and has been on 5 tours. Legend has appeared on many television shows including "Sesame Street", "Dancing With the Stars", "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "The Nightly Show with Gordon Ramsey". He's produced and recorded with several artists including Megan Trainor and Ariana Grande.


John Legend is the first African American male and the second youngest celebrity performer to achieve the EGOT awards, and he did so in just 12 years. Only 15 celebrity performers have earned at least one Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award. Legend has won several Grammy Awards throughout his career. He won an Emmy for his production of NBC's live production of "Jesus Christ Superstar: a Concert" in which he also performed. Along with Sir Tim Rice and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Legend won the award for Best Live Variety Special. Legend also won the Daytime Emmy Award for his production of "Crow: The Legend", a short animated film. John Legend has won 10 Grammy Awards as well as several American Music Awards, BET Awards, Billboard Awards and other music awards. Legend won an Oscar for Best Original Song in 2015 for "Gloria" from the soundtrack of the movie "Selma". In 2017 John Legend won a Tony Award for Best Play Revival for "Jitney" which he co-produced.

Personal Life

John Legend met model Chrissy Teigen in 2006 when she performed in his music video for "Stereo". The couple were engaged in 2011 and married in Como, Italy in 2013. Legend's ballad "All of Me" is dedicated to Chrissy. "All of Me" was the third best selling song in the US and UK in 2014. Teigen is a model who appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, several fashion magazines and in several fashion campaigns. Teigen has been a judge on "America's Next Top Model" and is a co-host on "Lip Sync Battle". Teigen is an author of serval cookbooks and has appeared in television and film. She currently is executive producer for "Chrissy's Count". Teigen and Legend have two children, Luna and Miles. They split their time between their $14 million Los Angeles mansion and $9 million New York City penthouse.


Philanthropy is an important part of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's life. John's perfomed at many benefits throughout his career including for his hometown's schools, Hurricane Katrina, GQ Magazine's "Gentleman's Fund" and the Live Earth concert in London. In 2007, Legend began the Show Me Campaign ( It's aim is to help reduce poverty and promote education in the United States and in several African countries. In 2014 Legend started Free America. The campaign works to change the criminal justice system by showing more compassion for prisoners such as drug addicts.

What's Next?

John Legend continues to produce and record music and has many projects in the works. He is planning a Christmas collaboration with Kelly Clarkson this year. He is joining top chefs in Miami for "A Decadent Night of Culinary Experience". John Legend just finished NBC's "The Voice's" sixteenth season and was the winning judge.

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