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20 Things You Didn't Know About Joseph Megibow

Joseph Megibow is the CEO of Purple. He is a successful businessman who has made significant contributions to the growth of this company and there is a lot that up and coming businessmen and women can learn from his unique style of leadership. We wanted to learn more about him and how he came to be the leader of this large organization. We made some interesting discoveries when researching his past as well as some of the things that he is up to lately. Here are 20 things that you probably didn't know about Joseph Megibow that might give you some insight into the things that have made him a success in the business world.

1. Mr. Megibow laid a solid foundation prior to launching his career

Joseph Megibow applied for admission to the prestigious Cornell University after graduating from high school. It isn't easy to gain acceptance to this school as only a small percentage of the applicants are actually accepted and matriculated into Cornell's programs. Joe Megibow was accepted and he completed his bachelor's degree at the school in 1991. He didn't stop there. He continued his education at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business, where he earned his Master of Business Administration graduate degree in 1996.

2. He has an impressive history in executive leadership

Mr. Megibow currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Purple Innovation, Inc. He was appointed to the job in October of 2018 and has been at the helm of the company for a little over a year. Prior to this, he served as a consultant to Advent International Corporation until leaving for his current post. Other experience includes a job as senior vice president and chief digital officer at American Eagle Outfitters Inc. from 2012 through 2015. He also served as the vice president and general manager for the US component of Expedia Inc. He also served as the Project J Corporation's President. He has extensive experience in leadership and upper management.

3. His opinions are highly valued

Joe Megibow ha a great deal of knowledge and experience in the business. He's not only led a variety of companies forward, he has also provided consultation services. he currently sits on the board of Purple Innovaton, Inc. He is also a member of the Red Lion Hotels Corporation board. These are fortunate organizations to have access to his expertise in strategic planning. He was elected to the Purple board in October of 2018 and to the Red Lion Hotels board in April of 2017, and he still serves on both boards.

4. He didn't start out with a leadership position

After graduating from Cornell University with his bachelor's degree, Joe Megibow accepted a job as a systems engineer. He worked for a company called Electronic Data Systems, which was a division of General Motors. This was a part of their advanced technology group in the automotive sector. He worked for the company in Rochester, New York, and Troy Michigan from August of 1991 through September of 1994. It was during this year that Joe decided to pursue his MBA.

5. Joe worked his way up to management

Megibow took some time out to pursue his MBA degree. His net job was in September of 1996 at Ernst & Young Management Consulting. The company has since changed its name to CapGemini. He served as a manager at the company, for 3 years and 6 months, leaving in February of 2000.

6. He advanced to a better position

When Joe Megibow left Ernst & Young Management Consulting it was to accept a better job with more responsibility. This is a pattern that we see with him throughout his career. He accepted a position with Tea Lef Technology which is a part of the future IBM corporation. He joined the team as a director of field engineering in February of 2000 adn served in teh position through December of 2006 spending just short of 7 years with the company. He gained experience in a variety of business development roles as well as overseeing product management, enterprise sales, and sales engineering, which he expanded to the global level. He acknowledged that it was here that he gained a wealth of experience working with more than 100 major retailers, bankers, insurance, and travel companies and he built the foundational skills that would prepare him for even more responsible and demanding roles in business.

7. Joe moved on to yet another higher role

Joe left his job at Tea Leaf Technology in December 2006 and this was the month that he joined the group at His first position with the company was as the vice-president of customer experience and online marketing. This is a company that offers online services to their clients and he stayed with this employer for 2 years and 2 months, gaining yet more experience in executive management and leadership. He left his position at in January of 2009.

8. Megibow was appointed a chairman

In November of 2010, Mr. Megibow was appointed to the position of Chairman of the Mobiata company. He remained in this position for 2 years and one month, departing in November of 2012. This short experience gave Joe experience and knowledge from yet another company and perspective and helped him to build his arsenal of knowledge and skills in multiple aspects of the business world through hands-on experience. His time with Mobiata was a stepping stone to a greater future.

9. He strategically built his career

By the time that Joe Megibow was hired at Expedia, he had gained a wealth of knowledge and had developed an impressive resume and skill base to go along with it. He accepted the job of VP and general manager at from July of 2011, through November of 2012. He worked a the Bellevue, Washington location for 1 year and 5 months as the VP of Mobile and eCommerce Optimization. Prior to this at Expedia from December of 2010 through June of 2011, when he was promoted to a higher position.

10. Joe always knew when it was time to move on

In our opinion, we observed that Joe Megibow made it a habit to learn everything that he could from each of the jobs that he was hired to perform. One thing that we can't help but notice is the pattern that he has developed throughout his career. He seemed to know when it was time to move from one job to another. He was about the business of building upon his foundation of knowledge and skills and when he had learned everything that he could with one company, and he had advanced as far as he could, he would move on to another position that presented him with yet more professional challenges and the potential for moving up on the career ladder.

11. Joe is a fairly young executive at Purple Innovation, Inc.

We also learned that Joseph Megibow is a younger executive at Purple Innovation Inc. He is 50 years old, and there are a total of 10 execs at the company who are older than him. The Independent Director and oldest executive with the firm is Gary Kiedaisch, who is 72 years old.

12. He is wealthy but not incredibly rich

According to Wallmine, Joseph Megibow has a net worth that is estimated to be at $1.26 million as of the Spring of 2019. His salary as CEO as well as Director at Purple Innovation, Inc. was $883,395 annually, and he owns stock in the company that is worth more than $376,395. As of the time of this research, he was the owner of more than 22,709 units of the stock and he hasn't sold any of the shares as of May of 2019.

13. He is buying up shares of PRPL stock

We also learned that Joseph has a great deal of confidence in the Purple Innovation, Inc. company. He has purchased 22,709 units of the stock wtih a value of $151,460. This shows that he sees it as a good investment for the future.

14. Purple Innovation, Inc. may give him incentive to stay longer

As we look over Mr. Megibow's work history, it is complete and impressive, but he hasn't stayed at any company for very long. We learned that Megibow will become eligible for certain equity grants starting on the first anniversary of the grant date that gets sweeter with time. He will also have stock purchase options that might make it worth staying longer just to build a healthy retirement income for the future. Only time will tell if he takes advantage of this option. His compensation package is quite healthy.

15. He has been recognized for his knowledge and contributions

Joseph Megibow is a talented professional who brings a wealth of knowledge with him to any company that he leads, manages, or advises, and he is well-capable of doing any and all of these tasks with excellence. He was recognized formally in 2011 by the Digital Analytics Association, as Practitioner of the Year. In addition to this, he was appointed Director Emeritus and he has served on the DAA board for 4 years.

16. He is a family man

We also discovered that Joseph Megibow is a family man. He is married and he and his family currently reside in the Pacific Northwestern part of the country. He was born on February 14, 1969, and he is a registered Democrat.

17. He has a high reputation score

While we were looking into Mr. Megibow's history we learned that he has a very high rating for having a solid reputation within the community. His overall reputation/approval score is between 3.37-4.87 out of a possible 5. No further details about the rating criteria were made available.

18. Joe broke a stale period for Expedia

At the time that Joe Megibow joined, the company had been experiencing a five year run of zero growth. Joe came on board as VP and General Manager of the company with P&L responsibility and he took over responsibility for marketing, merchandising, and operations. It was a big task, but he proved that he was up to the challenge of jarring the company out of its lull into growth. He was in charge when the company experienced its first year of growth, breaking the cycle and he did it with the "Find Yours" brand campaign that launched the company into a period of growth.

19. Joseph Megibow is an inspiration

Young men and women who are in the process of building their careers in management and leadership can learn a great deal from the example that Joe Megibow has set. He followed a strategy for building a career that has worked very well for him. Although he is not one of the highest-paid executives, he's doing well for himself and he has built a solid reputation in the business community.

20. The owner of Purple Innovation, Inc. has total confidence in him

We also learned the owner of Purple took his time to find the right candidate for the job when they were looking for someone to lead the company. The hiring process took six months, but they were in no hurry until they found a person that had a proven track record of successes in the digital industry. He shared publicly that he had confidence in Mr. Megibow's abilities to take the helm of the company and that he has the utmost confidence in Joe's leadership abilities as he moves the company forward.

Allen Lee

Written by Allen Lee

Allen Lee is a Toronto-based freelance writer who studied business in school but has since turned to other pursuits. He spends more time than is perhaps wise with his eyes fixed on a screen either reading history books, keeping up with international news, or playing the latest releases on the Steam platform, which serve as the subject matter for much of his writing output. Currently, Lee is practicing the smidgen of Chinese that he picked up while visiting the Chinese mainland in hopes of someday being able to read certain historical texts in their original language.

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