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10 Things You Didn't Know about Sameep Singhania

Sameep Singhania, QuickSwap's co-founder, has been a professional programmer for the past six years and has used his programming knowledge to become a software developer and consultant. Due to his extensive experience in blockchain, Singhania has been involved in different contracts, such as being the lead developer at ParaSwap, the blockchain developer at Bonded Finance and the blockchain consultant at YourVC.Club. For the software engineer, blockchain is his life, and because of his resilience, QuickSwap has become the biggest decentralized exchange on Polygon, seeing that it has reached a $1 billion valuation. If you would like to learn more about Singhania, here is your chance.

1. He is Active on Social Media

In 2018, Forbes published an article citing why entrepreneurs should not use social media. The author gave the example of Elon Musk, whose tweet cost him $20 million and Tesla's chairmanship. While social media could lead to negative publicity, Singhania has been careful when tweeting. He primarily uses the social platform to relay his thoughts on Polygon, QuickSwap and even share funny videos. Since he joined Twitter in 2009, it is safe to say the software developer knows how to keep his emotions in check to avoid damaging his brand.

2. He Has Always loved Computer Science

When Singhania attended Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital, from 1999 to 2008, he specialized in computer science, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. He must have fallen in love with computer science the most; after graduating high school, he joined JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida, to study his undergraduate degree in technology, concentrating in computer science.

3. He is a Natural-Born Leader

While in high school, the engineer was very active in extracurricular activities. Therefore, besides excelling in his academics, he also was involved in games thus joined the cricket, basketball, tennis and football teams. Still, Singhania's passion for learning prompted him to join the debate team, literary society, quiz team and chemistry society. The spirit to engage in social activities continued while in college, where he became the IBM student ambassador. As a student ambassador, he honed his public speaking, interpersonal, networking and presentations skills that would be instrumental in his future career as a consultant and lecturer.

4. He Loves Sharing His Knowledge

Being an IBM student ambassador may have been where Singhania realized that he loved sharing what he knew. As a student ambassador, his duties must have entailed educating others about learning opportunities within the campus and advocating for IBM computing. Consequently, his passion for sharing knowledge led him to become a guest lecturer at IILM Graduate School of Management, Noida, for two years and five months. He lectured on the blockchain, his favorite subject.

5. Why Freelancing at Toptal is an Exciting Opportunity for Him

According to Toptal, Singhania describes himself as a consultant, blockchain developer and software developer. He adds that he loves working on new opportunities and learning about new cultures; therefore, holding down a job that would hinder him from achieving his goals was not an option. For this reason, Singhania sought to be a freelancer at Toptal because then he would have the opportunity to accomplish his dream of working on new projects while still traveling the world to meet new people. Toptal is an international remote company providing a freelancing platform for software engineers and other professionals. Since it doesn't have a headquarters, Singhania can work from anywhere he pleases, and one of the most exciting roles at the company is growing a community of entrepreneurs within New Delhi.

6. He Had No Idea that Mark Cuban was Using QuickSwap

The multibillionaire investor disclosed he was a liquidity provider for TITAN and QuickSwap. As a result, QuickSwap's fame skyrocketed, although Singhania did not know that Cuban was an investor in the decentralized exchange he helped co-establish. Cuban said he made 206% annualized returns on his initial investment. However, the investment in TITAN was a costly mistake; thus, Singhania advises prospective investors always to research the teams and projects involved before investing their hard-earned cash.

7. He Believes Polygon will Stay for the Foreseeable Future

Singhania described Polygon as an ecosystem that is growing at an incredible rate. He further clarified an ecosystem refers to the projects, tools, teams and a community and the consultant said that Polygon is lucky to have them all. As a result, he foresees Polygon lasting for a very long time, and he is grateful that he is part of it.

8. How He Came Up with QuickSwap

Singhania talked to Coingecko in an interview and revealed that QuickSwap was the solution to the problems small traders like him were facing. He said that in early March 2020, Ethereum's price was $90, but it shot up to $400 in July 2020. The price increase started a chain of events such that the gas prices also skyrocketed, and the transaction cost was too high for small traders to trade. As the problem worsened, Singhania decided to solve it by developing an ecosystem that would cushion traders against the effects of such high transaction costs. Since they already had UniSwap, and it was modified to build QuickSwap.

9. How He Spends His Free Time

The blockchain developer's curiosity for learning about new cultures is not only met through traveling to different parts of the world and meeting new people; he also has taken an interest in reading books about ancient culture. Singhania also enjoys literature about aliens.

10. He Opines That NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are the Next Big Thing

The software engineer is very adamant that the NFTs are inevitable in future, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only fueled his belief. He explained that the pandemic has shown how vital technology is; thus, he thinks NFTs will be the only accurate measure of wealth in future as they are the digital form of real-world assets. He is not the only one to believe so because some authors have said that NFTs are taking the world by storm as digital artists see changes in their lives. Recently, a 28-year-old artist made over $130,000 in less than five months, selling NFTs.

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