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10 Things You didn't Know About Karina Funk

Karina Funk

Karina Funk is a fund manager who has risen through the ranks to achieve an elite status among her peers. She is highly respected in financial circles for her good instincts and successful managing of the funds that she has been placed in charge of. If you're not familiar with her, then here are 10 things that you didn't know about Karina Funk that you might find useful.

1. She's a highly rating advisor with Brown Advisory

Karina Funk is a fund manager for the investment company Brown Advisory. She oversees the Brown Advisory Sustainable Growth Fund. The fund invests in medium to large-capitalization companies with strong financials and business models. It is in her purview to manage investments and leverage funding to companies that she expects to deliver above-average earnings growth over a market cycle and to select those with attractive valuations. This is a heavy responsibility yet she has emerged with a high rating.

2. She has a high rating but a little ways to go for perfection

Karina Funk is a fund manager that has achieved a high rating of AA by According to the site, she has met the benchmark over a three-year period that has raised her to this level. She is a part of an elite and select group of fund managers to ever achieve this status in their lifetimes. The rating starts at A, which is good, progressing to AA which is very good and AAA is excellent. Karina is on her way to achieving top ranking which is a level that is shared by less than 25% of all fund managers.

3. Funk has an extensive education

Karina is a highly educated professional who has attended multiple prestigious institutions of higher learning. Her educational background is quite impressive. She graduated with her BS degree in Chemical Engineering in 1994. She returned to school and attended MIT where she earned her MS degree in Technology and Policy in 1997. At the same time, she earned an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering for a double Master of Science degree. She also followed the path of continuing education and earned a post-graduate diploma from Ecole Polytechnique, France in 1998.

4. She worked her way up in her career

Karina Funk previously worked at Winslow Management Co. She was an equity research analyst for the firm. She also served at Charles River Ventures as a principal, and at Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust as an investment manager. She has years of experience in multiple aspects of fund management.

5. She is a partner at Brown Advisory

Karina Funk is not only a fund manager for Brown Advisory, but she is also a partner, which is a highly coveted position in any large investment firm. She first joined Brown Advisory in 2007 and currently is entering into her 13th year with the organization. She also serves as chair of sustainable investing and she is the portfolio manager for the Large Cap Sustainable Growth strategy. She is a key player in the decision- making processes at Brown Advisory.

6. Karina is also a board member

It is often the board that approves or disapproves of a financial firm's investment strategies. Karina Funk is a member of the Brown Advisory Sustainable Investing Advisory Board. Therefore, she is also among the members that are in charge of determining the direction that the firm will take as well as which investments it will consider and make.

7. Karina is active in her community

Karina Funk is a dedicated professional who spends a lot of time doing the job that she is so good at. In addition to this, she also makes time to give back to her local community. She is an active member of the Massachusetts Women's Forum. he provides the group with advisement and supports their initiatives for the betterment of women in business in the state fo Massachusetts. She has become so successful that her advice is valued by the other members of the group. This is a high honor and measure of respect.

8. She cares about women in leadership throughout the world

Karina Funk is a supporter and advocate of women in business in her home state of Massachusetts, but she is also active in an organization that concerns itself with women throughout the world. She is a Fellow at the International Women's Forum Leadership Foundation. Although her schedule is busy, she also makes time to address women's issues in leadership by participating in the forum discussions with likeminded women from other countries and various cultures.

9. Funk is still involved at MIT

Another community organization that Karina Funk is actively involved in is the MIT Ignite Clean Energy Business Plan Competition. This is a high stakes contest that she is a founding mentor for. She has also served as judge of the submissions made by the students who compete against one another to come up with the best business plan in this category. This is quite an honor, but Karina benefited so greatly from her time at MIT that she wanted to give back to the institution and to the students who are presently enrolled in the prestigious school's programs. She is also a CFA, or Certified Fund Manager.

10. She's a top pick on Barron's list of top fund managers

According to Barron's, Karina Funk is "one of the most gifted stockpickers in the U.S." This is a high distinction coming from Barrons. She has knowledge and instincts that have contributed to her success in picking stocks with the best long-term durability. She is aware of the risks and her brain works like a well-programmed calculator. When it comes to investment, she knows what she's doing and she employs her analytical skills to come up with the best choices for achieving high returns on investment dollars with the least amount of risk to the fund.

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