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10 Things You Didn't Know About Eben Bayer

Eben Bayer

Eben Bayer is an American businessman and entrepreneur who leads the sustainable materials tech startup Evocative. He serves as the chief executive officer of the firm, with a passion for creating a more sustainable environment. He takes a unique approach to do his part to improve the health of the planet.

To help you become better acquainted with this dynamic and conscientious entrepreneur, here are 10 things you didn't know about Eben Bayer.

1. Eben Bayer is the co-founder of Evocative Design

Bayer is the CEO of Evocative but he is also a member of the 2-person team that established the organization. According to his website, his goal is to power the world using biology and sustainable materials. Evocative is a way of putting his dreams of improving the health and quality of the planet and its inhabitants into action.

2. He is a native of Vermont

Eben was raised on his family's farm in Vermont. He grew up working on the family enterprise and has experience working with agriculture. He's spent a lot of time in the outdoors and has always had a curiosity and fascination with biology and the wonderful products that can be made from sustainable natural sources. This early exposure helped him to develop ideas about how the materials naturally produced on the earth can be leveraged to produce cleaner energy and products for consumer use.

3. He is a pioneer in natural glue

Bayer worked with mushrooms and their compounds to develop a new kind of adhesive that is made from the common fungus. He is a pioneer in the development of glue made from mycelium, which is a natural and sustainable product that is now used widely in the industrial sector.

This was one of his first significant accomplishments. His knowledge of biology is used to upgrade the products and processes commonly used in the industrial world to continuously improve the quality and safety of the materials used in product development.

4. Bayer is an international speaker

Eben is happy when he is invited to share his vision of how the health of the world can be improved through the use of innovative biology-based technologies to create safer and higher-quality products from sustainable sources. He has been invited to speak at multiple large conferences to share his knowledge, including PopTech, Davos, TED Global, and other presentations.

5. His company is a leader in the biomaterials industry

Eben Bayer's Evocative Design is one of the leaders in the biomaterials industry currently. It is a successful operation that is internationally recognized for growing products that are high-performance, premium, sustainable, and healthy. They're certified as such and have won multiple awards for their safety.

Agencies providing recognition for Bayer's efforts include Buckminster Fuller Institute which named him a socially responsible design designee, the US Environmental Protection Agency, issuing its Quality Award, and he is named as a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer.

6. He was educated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

According to his LinkedIn profile, Eben Bayer attended the South Royalton High School. He graduated from school in 2003. Eben immediately enrolled in college studies for the upcoming fall after graduation. Bayer was accepted at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he studied mechanical engineering and innovation. He graduated with his bachelor of science degree in 2007.

7. Eben went to work right out of college

Upon graduating from college, Eben Bayer was hired as an engineer. In 2005, he joined the Applied Research Associates firm. While employed as an engineer he designed various types of production equipment long with components for remote-operated vehicles and planes. He remained in the position for two years before leaving to pursue other career ventures in 2007.

8. His inventions may help solve the issues of climate change

According to the US Chamber Foundation, Bayer's inventions have the potential to provide a positive impact on the current effects of climate change on the planet. By providing new products for manufacturers, his company Evocative Design is helping to remove hazardous materials that are used everywhere in products ranging from furniture to buildings, textiles, and more.

They're being replaced with materials that come from sustainable resources that do not deplete the natural resources of the planet, nor do they leave a large carbon footprint.

9. Eben Bayer is included on a prestigious Forbes list

Another mark of success is achieving inclusion in the highly desired Forbes lists. Bayer has achieved a great deal of success and well-deserved recognition for his contributions to cleaner technology and product development, and he has done it before even reaching the age of 30 years. he was included in the Forbes 20 under 30 lists in the United States.

He not only made significant contributions in the green sector of the tech world, but he also achieved remarkable success in business for his new startup and earned a significant amount of personal wealth in the process.

10. Bayer is continuing to ramp up his inventions

Eben Bayer has made many positive strides in leading the world in protecting the delicate environment we all live in, but he's just getting started. With 10 patents to his name for unique product inventions, he is still busy developing new and improved products. He's young, brilliant, and passionate about his work.

He has a strong belief in using a bio-adaptation strategy that uses biology to grow materials that are sustainable, exceptional in quality, and not currently available through traditional chemistry. This is his secret to success. This branch of his research and development will continue to evolve, but he has also taken an interest in other areas.

Bayer has a strong interest in augmentative neuro-systems, education, thermodynamics, and the development of monetary systems with a model that I based on everyday life. There are so many directions that he could go with his keen ability to visualize better systems, then bring his concepts into reality.

Currently, Bayer is a member of the external advisory board for the Arizona State University. He offers advisement for startups in the New York area through the Origins Project.

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