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How Kieran Culkin Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

Kieran Culkin

Kieran Culkin is the younger brother of Macaulay Culkin, who gained fame ahead of his brother as the star of the "Home Alone" franchise. Kieran has done well for himself as an actor. He has amassed an estimated $5 million in net wealth. As Macaulay's career faded, Kieran's took hold, but how did he become so rich? We were curious and looked into his personal and professional history to find out how he made his fortune. Here is what we discovered.

His early years

Kieran Culkin grew up in a large family of six children. The Things reports that life was not easy growing up as a Culkin child. Kieran and Macauley grew up in poverty until Macauley made it big in the film industry. Kieran and Macaulay were pushed to extremes to work in show business to support the family. The men are estranged from their father Kit because of his hard pushing for the boys to achieve success. He also took the money they earned. The Culkin kids went through a lot under his extreme driving personality. Keiran and his brother didn't like the way Kit treated their mother Patricia either.

Kieran's career

Like his brother Macaulay, Kieran started his acting career as a child. He was cast in the role of the younger cousin of Macaulay's character Kevin in "Home Alone". It was his acting debut, although a small part. Keiran was also cast in the role of a character in "Father of The Bride," with Diane Keaton and Steve Martin. As he emerged into his teen years, Kieran's father continued to push and he worked in various independent films before his work was noticed. A break came when he snagged a role in "Igby Goes Down." Critics noticed his talent and it earned him a nomination for a Golden Globe award. Kieran also appeared with his brother Rory Culkin in a film titled "LymeLife." He also appeared in "The Mighty," "Long Live the Royals," "Infinite Baby," two "Frago" episodes, and "Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World." Every job he took added to his growing portfolio of acting assignments. It eventually paid off for the talented young actor.

The break of Kieran's career

Cheatsheet confirms that a life-changing event happened for Kieran Culkin when he had the opportunity to audition for a show called "Succession." He nailed the audition and became a member of the popular HBO series. He plays the part of the character Roman Roy, one of three children of a multi-billionaire. His character is one of the most prolific on the show. He blew the doors off the role in its first season, earning a Golden Globe nomination, and repeated it for the second season, adding a nomination for an Emmy award. Kieran is scheduled to appear in the third season. Kieran is a popular actor and he's gaining ground as an emerging star.

What does Kieran Culkin earn on "Succession?"

Culkin began the first season with a contact that earned $100,000 per episode for his work on the series. The two seasons have added $2 million to his estate. The third season yielded a raise for Kieran to a massive $350,000 per episode, guaranteeing him an annual salary of $3.5 million. The figures bring his estimated net worth to a whopping $5 million as the contract is an asset that counts.

Another potential winner

Kieran Culkin is staying busy with his acting career in full swing. On top of his recurring role in "Succession," he's also scheduled to appear in a new film. He will star in the movie "Kill Switch with Benicio Del Toro, Ray Liotta, Brendan Fraser, Julia Fox, and Don Cheadle. The all-star cast will boost his burgeoning career to a new level. It's likely going to open yet more doors for the successful young actor.

How did Kieran Culkin gain a $5 million fortune?

It's evident that the Culkin brothers didn't see much from the proceeds of their earlier work in film and television, but they grew up and got away from their overbearing father. Keiran has maintained a steady workload. Not all of his projects were big, but enough of them were. He's not as wealthy as his elder brother, but $5 million isn't bad for a young actor raising a young family. He juggles his personal and professional life while meeting the needs of his family, which is expensive these days. Kieran's earnings are under his full control. Everything he makes goes into his estate instead of his father's. Kieran Culkin earned his money by working hard in his career in acting. Most of his net worth was through his skilled acting on "Succession."

Final thoughts

Keiran Culkin has overcome many obstacles in his life. He started his life as one of six children born to impoverished parents. He and his siblings lived under the control of a domineering father that pushed them to work hard at snagging work in the television and film industry to support the family. Their lives were not easy, but his perseverance and early work led to the development of acting skills that made him a multi-millionaire. It appears that Kieran Culkin's career is just starting to take off. All the years of hard work taking minor roles gave him the exposure needed to open the doors for more prestigious projects. "Succession" is the most impactful breakthrough of his career to date. We're seeing other offers coming his way. This phase of his acting career could signal the beginning of higher-paying jobs as Kieran's acting reputation moves him closer to the A list. In our opinion, it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. He's paid his dues and stayed the course. He has a ways to go to catch up with his brother Macaulay's $18 million fortune, but it's entirely possible and even probable.

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