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A Closer Look at The Limited-Edition REC TTT Escape Watch

Limited-Edition REC TTT Escape Watch

The Limited Edition REC TTT Great Escape Watch is a sight to behold. As a matter of fact, it's obvious the minute you lay eyes on this watch that it's something unique, even if you're not into watches. There's no doubt about it, it has an appearance that is second to none. That being said, it also comes with more than its fair share of nostalgia, especially if you're a film buff who loves old movies or you just happen to be a big Steve McQueen fan. Anyone that falls into either of these two categories is undeniably going to be scrambling to get their hands on one of these timepieces, as is anyone who considers themselves a collector of watches that are unique and have more than their fair share of style. If you're wondering what all this is about, all you have to do is keep reading.

You Shouldn’t Judge a Book by Its Cover, Except in This Case

People often say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and that's usually true. In this particular case, an exception needs to be made. As soon as you see this watch, you know that it's something worth paying attention to.Thanks to its unique design, it has a definite presence that perfectly commands attention. It features a number of different design elements that are perfectly combined in order to create something that is unlike anything ever done before. It has three hands, one each for the hour, minutes and seconds, all operating from a central hub that when explored on a deeper level allows you to see the movement of the watch as it works in real time. The face of the watch isn't completely exposed like a lot of the other types of watches that are frequently referred to as “skeleton” timepieces. Instead, you get only a small glimpse through a circular window directly in the center of the face. From there, you have a combination of design elements that include both dark and light colors as well as the use of burnished metal. On the outer rim of the face, you have the seconds ticked off in five-second increments, with tick marks standing in for each second in between. Although the numbers themselves don't appear, the stopwatch effect also serves as a placeholder for the traditional numbers that you would expect to see on a watch. The design is rounded out with a thick, durable brown leather strap that finishes off the design and makes it look complete. There is no doubt about it, this watch has an outstanding appearance. If you think that's where its unique design stops, think again.

The Perfect watch for Film Buffs

In 1963 a movie called :The Great Escape” was released, starring Steve McQueen. As was the case with most Steve McQueen films, this one proved to be a hit almost instantly and it's still much-loved today, all these years later. In that film, McQueen rode a 1962 Triumph motorcycle that became so iconically linked with the film that some people actually think of the motorcycle before they even remember what the film is about or who starred in it. Why does all of this matter with regard to the watch in question? The watch itself is actually made from the 1962 Triumph motorcycle that was used in the film. That's enough to get almost anyone excited that really had a love for this film, not to mention entire groups of people that consider themselves collectors of fine watches, motorcycle enthusiasts, and fans of the actor himself, Steve McQueen. The very motorcycle that was used in the film was eventually restored with new clutch plates and connector rods. Those that were originally on the bike were used in the creation of this watch. That's one of the reasons that the watch is a limited edition, as there is only so much source material to be had. It also makes it one of the most unique watches in existence, because this isn't something that is typically done. You might think of it as having the opportunity to own a very small portion of a motorcycle that helped to make film history more than 50 years ago.

A Watch Worth Adding to Your Collection

If you love unique, high-quality timepieces, this is a watch that is definitely worth adding to your collection. That being said, you'll have to move fast. The watch is limited to only 393 pieces. At a cost of just under $2,000 a piece, there's no doubt that these pieces will move quickly. In addition to getting a watch that is made from components that come directly from what is often considered the most famous Triumph motorcycle in the entire world, you get a genuinely stunning Swiss-made watch that's capable of keeping accurate time for decades. In fact, the watch itself is likely to be around just as long as the Triumph motorcycle that starred in the film has been in existence and it's still going strong. There's no reason not to think that this watch is capable of doing exactly the same thing, operating flawlessly for decades. If you're in the market for a new watch, you really can't go wrong here. At 43 mm in diameter and just over 12 mm high, this is a watch that is bold enough to make a statement for all the right reasons. As previously mentioned, it also features Swiss movement and it has a 41-hour power reserve to boot. Designed to pay homage to the bike and created with motorcycle riders in mind, it is truly one of the most unique timepieces to ever come along. More importantly, there is little doubt that it will remain so for many years to come.

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