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Matt Rife Net Worth: Unveiling the Comedian's Financial Success

Matt Rife is an American comedian, actor, TikTok star, and producer who has gained recognition through various self-produced comedy specials such as "Only Fans," "Matthew Steven," and "Walking Red Flag." Rife's career took a significant leap after his appearance on NBC's comedy competition "Bring the Funny" in 2019, where he made it to the Semi-Final Showcase before being eliminated in week 8. With his talent and constant growth in the industry, assessing Rife's net worth becomes an interesting topic.

As of 2023, Matt Rife's estimated net worth has been reported at different values ranging from $1.5 million to $30 million. This disparity in numbers can be attributed to various factors, such as earnings from acting, stand-up comedy, and his self-titled YouTube channel. Moreover, Rife has been positioned on several notable lists, such as #9 on Forbes Top Creators in 2023, demonstrating his prominence in multiple areas of entertainment.

Early Life

Matt Rife, born Matthew Steven Rife, grew up in the small town of North Lewisburg, Ohio. From an early age, he showed a strong interest in comedy, which would lay the foundation for his future career.

One aspect that shaped his early life was the close-knit community in which he grew up. Living in a small, rural town like North Lewisburg provided Rife with a down-to-earth and humble perspective, which would later become a staple element in his comedy routines. He used the experiences from his upbringing as a source of inspiration for his humorous anecdotes and character portrayals.

As Rife entered his teenage years, he started to develop his comedic skills further. He began honing his craft by putting up performances at local venues and events. His natural talent and charisma on stage quickly earned him a growing fan base. It didn't take long for Rife to make a name for himself locally, further cementing his passion for comedy.

In pursuit of his career, Rife eventually moved to the more prominent city of Columbus, Ohio. There, he continued to refine his stand-up routines, and his dedication to the craft ultimately paid off as he gained recognition beyond his hometown. As he became more established within the comedy circuit, opportunities for greater exposure began to arise.

In summary, Matt Rife's early life in North Lewisburg, Ohio, set the stage for his success in the world of comedy. With a firm foundation built on his small-town upbringing, he pursued his dreams with determination and a strong work ethic, ultimately finding success and earning a net worth that would be envied by many.


Matt Rife, an American comedian, actor, and YouTuber, began his career in stand-up comedy at just 15 years old. Born in Columbus, Ohio, and growing up in North Lewisburg, Matt discovered his passion for comedy when a teacher announced a talent show at his high school.

Rife has since created self-produced comedy specials, such as Only Fans and Just Swipe. He has also acted in various films and TV shows, including North of the 10, Average Joe, and the upcoming film The Elevator. Additionally, Matt has guest-starred in popular series like WTH: Welcome to Howler and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Apart from his acting career, Matt has continued to explore the world of comedy with his stand-up performances, reaching wider audiences through platforms like YouTube. He has gained further recognition through various comedy specials, including Burb Patrol. Matt's comedic style has often been compared to the legendary Dave Chappelle, solidifying his reputation as a talented stand-up comedian.

Rife's talent hasn't gone unnoticed, as he has been a part of several MTV shows, such as Wild 'N Out, Total Request Live, and The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars. He has also appeared in the film Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare.

With a promising career in both comedy and acting, Matt Rife has showcased his talent across multiple platforms. Through his dedication to his craft, Rife continues to entertain audiences as an actor, stand-up comedian, and YouTuber.

Film and Television


Matt Rife has appeared in various films throughout his career, showcasing his acting versatility. Some notable film roles include lead roles in North of the 10 and Average Joe, where he demonstrated his skills both in comedy and drama.

In other movie projects, he played supporting roles in films such as Burb Patrol, WTH: Welcome to Howler, and Candy Flip. Rife also appeared in the short films Trapped Inn, The Private Eye, and Walk Mountain, showcasing his ability to be part of a diverse range of productions.


In the realm of television, Matt Rife has had guest appearances on popular shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything. He is also known for his recurring role on the comedy show Wild 'n Out, where he showcased his quick wit and comedic improv skills.

In addition, Rife has been a part of various reality and competition TV shows like Total Request Live and The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars. His appearance in Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare highlights his ability to take on different television genres.

With a diverse range of roles in both film and television, Matt Rife's career showcases his dedication to various aspects of the entertainment industry. His work in After Masks, American Typecast, Room 236, and Sophomore Year continue to solidify his reputation as a versatile actor and performer.

Social Media Presence

Matt Rife is an influential figure on various social media platforms, with a significant following on each channel. His rise to fame can be attributed to his viral content and engagement with fans.

One of his notable successes is on TikTok, where he gained recognition for his comedic clips. Matt Rife captivated the platform with his humorous take on a wide range of topics, from everyday life to current events. His TikTok following is an impressive showcase of his talent and influence. Meanwhile, Matt Rife's Instagram account allows fans a more personal glimpse into his life, featuring candid photos, behind-the-scenes shots, and promotional posts for his shows.

Over on Twitter, Matt Rife engages with his audience through witty tweets and shares updates on his career. Additionally, his Facebook page serves as a hub for followers to keep tabs on his upcoming performances and projects.

Matt Rife also secured a strong presence on YouTube, where he shares some of his self-produced comedy specials. These specials were instrumental in his ascent to the top echelons of comedic success and remain accessible to fans worldwide. Given his distinct style and captivating content, it's no surprise that Matt has accumulated a massive subscriber base on his YouTube channel.

In summary, Matt Rife's popularity spans across major social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. As one of the most prominent social media stars in the comedy sphere, Matt leverages his online presence to entertain millions of followers and keep them updated on his latest ventures.

Personal Life

Matt Rife, born on September 10, 1995, is a Virgo and comes from a supportive family, with his mother, April Rife, being a constant figure in his life. He was raised with Christian values and has occasionally mentioned his faith in interviews.

Matt has been open about his struggles with anxiety and depression, using his platform to raise awareness and encourage his fans to seek help when needed. His ability to vulnerably discuss these topics showcases his commitment to honesty and transparency in his personal life.

In the world of relationships, Matt Rife has been linked to a few well-known names. Most notably, he dated British actress Kate Beckinsale in 2017. The two had a brief but high-profile romance that captured the attention of the media. Their relationship ultimately ended, but they've remained supportive of one another in the years since.

After his relationship with Beckinsale, Matt began dating Taylor Chilton, a fellow comedian and content creator. The two have collaborated on various projects, including comedy sketches and performances, and share a strong bond both in their personal and professional lives.

Matt is known to be friends with fellow comedian Christian Sievers. They have appeared together in various comedy shows and events, further showcasing Matt's dedication to the world of comedy and his ability to maintain strong relationships.

In conclusion, Matt Rife has built a successful career as a comedian and actor while also navigating a fascinating personal life marked by high-profile relationships, a supportive family, and vulnerability in discussing his mental health struggles. Throughout it all, he remains a confident and knowledgeable figure, maintaining a clear and neutral tone of voice with his audience.

Net Worth and Income

Matt Rife, an American comedian, actor, and TikTok star, has an estimated net worth of $30 million. His income stems primarily from his successful self-produced comedy specials and his strong presence on social media platforms.

In 2023, Rife's earnings reached a staggering $25 million, placing him among the highest-paid social media stars of the year. According to Forbes, he ranked #9 on their Top Creators list in 2023.

His comedy specials, such as "Only Fans," "Matthew Steven Rife," and "Walking Red Flag," have garnered immense attention and contributed significantly to his income. Furthermore, his recurring role on the improvisational comedy and rap show Wild 'n Out has also boosted his popularity and marketability.

In addition to his on-screen presence, Matt Rife has capitalized on his fame through sponsorship deals and partnerships with various brands, enhancing his overall income.

To sum up, Matt Rife's impressive net worth and income can be attributed to his highly successful comedy specials, his vast social media following, and strategic collaboration with renowned brands.

Trivia and Other Details

Matt Rife, with a net worth ranging from $500,000 to $30 million in 2023, began his career as a stand-up comedian at the age of 15. Rife's comedic style can be compared to those of some legendary comedians, such as Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais, and Robin Williams, although he's developed his unique brand of humor. While his earnings may not yet match those of superstars like Adam Sandler or David Spade, who boast multi-million dollar net worths, Rife is making progress in his career.

One fascinating aspect of Rife's career is his ability to perform in various mediums. In addition to performing stand-up comedy, he is also known for his acting work on TV series like Wild 'N Out and MTV's TRL. Matt Rife follows in the footsteps of legendary comedians who have successfully transitioned to acting, such as Robin Williams and David Spade.

The following is a list of Matt Rife's career highlights and other interesting details:

  • Started his career in stand-up comedy at the age of 15
  • Has appeared on TV series like Wild 'N Out and MTV's TRL
  • Net worth ranges from $500,000 to $30 million in 2023
  • Compared to comedians such as Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais, and Robin Williams
  • Continues to build his acting career alongside his stand-up comedy work

In summary, Matt Rife's success in both stand-up comedy and acting is an excellent example of determination and growth in the entertainment industry. While not yet reaching the levels of fame or fortune garnered by comedians like Adam Sandler or David Spade, he is well on his way and shows no signs of slowing down.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Matt Rife accumulate his wealth?

Matt Rife has accumulated his wealth through a combination of his comedy and acting career. His self-produced comedy specials have contributed significantly to his net worth, along with his acting roles in various TV shows and movies.

What are the main sources of income for Matt Rife?

The main sources of income for Matt Rife come from his work as a comedian, actor, and TikTok star. In addition, he has generated some income from his social media presence and brand endorsements.

Is Matt Rife on the Forbes list?

Yes, Matt Rife has been featured on the Forbes list of Top Creators in 2023, where he is ranked #9, with an estimated earning of $25 million.

What are the most significant acting roles for Matt Rife?

While Matt Rife's most significant acting roles are not specified in these search results, he is known for his work in various TV shows and movies. The comedian has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry and continues to expand his acting portfolio.

Has Matt Rife done any high-profile endorsements?

There is no specific information available on high-profile endorsements by Matt Rife in the search results provided. However, given his popularity as a comedian, actor, and social media influencer, it is likely that he has taken part in a number of brand endorsement deals throughout his career.

What is the estimated value of Matt Rife's property and assets?

Matt Rife's property and assets' estimated value is not explicitly mentioned in the search results provided. However, his net worth has been estimated to be around $30 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, which includes his properties, assets, and earnings from his various endeavors in the entertainment industry.

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