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Five Companies Leading The Way in Micromobility


Micromobility companies took a serious hit over the past few years, but it's believed that they are going to make a significant rebound. The current pandemic has taken a toll on businesses that relate to travel and entertainment. In light of the scores of shutdowns and closures, it's been tough on the micromobility industry. The industry will likely be infused with a new life as things begin to open up and return to a new sense of normal. This type of public transportation is less hygienic than micro mobile forms of transportation. Consumer behaviors are turning in favor of this type of transit and this is likely to be good news for the companies that provide bikes and scooters for public use. We may see a recovery that makes these companies worth a second look for potential inclusion in an investment portfolio. Here are five companies leading the way in micromobility.

5. Tier Mobility

Tier Mobility is a German micromobility company that was founded in May of 2018. The company is a subsidiary of its parent company Pushme Inc. Its headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany. Tier Mobility has plans to augment its fleet of scooters with other green transportation options. Although they're keeping the precise new options secret, there are expansion plans. The vision statement of the company includes achieving a position of leadership in seamlessly providing sustainable mobility for customers. They also embrace the goal of rethinking the landscapes of cities by providing affordable and easy to access public and private mobility services. Tier mobility has achieved substantial funding towards reaching its goals. It's a company that we expect to go far after the dust has settled from the worldwide pandemic.

4. Felyx

Felyx is a shared electric scooter company that is set to become a disruptor in urban mobility. The company is successful with its fleet of electric scooters with ambitious goals for achieving shared and sustainable urban transport for consumers. The mission of the company involves dispatching their fleet of light electric vehicles compact in size for consumers who had no need of ownership but prefer this economical mode of transportation. Felyx offers a fast and easy to access means of transportation for urban travel without the responsibility of vehicle maintenance for its clientele. A part of their long-term goals is to create a more green approach to public transportation to improve the quality of the environment in urban regions. Felyx developed a mobile app to locate, reserve, and connect with an e-scooter for urban transportation. This is a Belgian-based micromobility company that has excelled in providing this economical alternative mode of transportation. It's one to keep your eye on as the prospects for long-term success are high.

3. Bolt Mobility

Bolt Mobility is a new startup company in the micromobility sector of the transportation industry. Bolt Mobility was established by Usain Bolt, the famed Olympic gold medalist in Miami, Florida. Bolt mobility has been damaged instead of helped by the recent pandemic, but there are designs that the setbacks will become a part of the history of the company as the country begins to open up. The company acquired Last Mile Holdings and its assets and this has led to an expansion to 48 new markets. The company specializes in the provision of a new scooter model featuring 10-inch wheels, batteries with a 25-mile range that are swappable, dual brakes, LED lights, and NanoSeptic surfaces that are more hygienic. From all appearances, Bolt Mobility is set to forge ahead in the micromobility market. This is a company that merits a second look if you're considering an investment in the micromobility markets. Its location in Florida puts it one of the largest vacation destination areas in the United States. The potential for success is high once the cities begin to open up and visitors once again flock to Florida for entertainment and recreation.

2. Lime

Lime is a leader in micromobility that built the mission of the company around providing smart mobility for consumers in a modern world. The goal of Lime is to provide affordable and accessible smart transportation to all communities. The company specializes in the provision of shared scooters, transit vehicles, and bikes. It seeks to lower consumer dependence on automobiles by providing micromobility for short-distance drives. This will in turn leave a smaller carbon footprint for a healthier, cleaner environment. Lime provides a mobile app to help connect people with affordable fast transportation alternatives which allows them to leave their gasoline-powered vehicles at home for short urban drives. This in turn helps to lessen the carbon footprint that is left behind from urban travel. Lime partners with neighborhood organizations to improve living in urban areas. Lime is a company to keep your eye on if you're considering an investment in the micromobility niche of the transportation industry.

1. Niu Technology

Niu Technology is a leader in the micromobility sector with its fast urban scooters. They offer a few different scooter models that are valued for their speed and agility. They're designed for travel in urban areas with a choice of sport and other models. The top speed of the fastest scooter is 43 mph. Niu Technology is providing commuters with an affordable way to get to work and back through the sale of their enhanced scooters. The brand promises agility in handling and a fast ride for zipping around city environments. The green technology used in the development of the engine makes this a good choice for anyone concerned about leaving a smaller carbon footprint and becoming a part of the solution for cleaning up the planet. If you're looking for a micromobility company to add to your portfolio, then Niu Technology is definitely one to keep your eyes on. It's likely that once the pandemic begins to lift and people start moving around more the company will take a steep turn upward.

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