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20 Things You Didn't Know about Koyeb

Cloud Computing

Koyeb is a technology services company that provides clients with a next-generation platform that runs apps, quickly deploying them on a global scale. The business specializes in cloud computing and operates on a serverless platform to aid its customers in running apps, API, and workloads across cloud systems, reducing deployment time and the complexity of operations through a unique platform that removes infrastructure and server management, designed for developers and businesses. If you're not yet familiar with this organization, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about Koyeb to bring you up to speed.

1. Koyeb is in its infancy stages of development

Crunchbase confirms that Koyeb is a relatively new tech startup that has not been in operation for long. The company launched its operations in 2020 and has been in business for less than two years. If you haven't yet heard of it, don't feel bad because it's still a new firm that is in the early stages of its development.

2. Koyeb is a versatile enterprise

Koyeb is a versatile technology company that serves multiple industries at the same time. it is listed on the internet across six different yet related industries. It is a cloud computing business that provides internet as a Service, as well as internet, PaaS, software, and Information Technology services. Its regional headquarters are in Paris, France.

3. Koyeb's website uses a complex array of technologies

The website for Koyeb uses a complicated assortment of sixty-one technologies to power its website. These technologies are distributed across dozens of technology products and services. Some of them include SPF, Viewport Meta, and iPhone Mobile Compatible to ensure that visitors can access information from various online sources including smartphones and other mobile devices. The website operates smoothly and efficiently on our last visit.

4. Interest in Koyeb is picking up

The analytics reports for the Koyeb website show that interest is increasing in Koyeb's products and services. The data shows that the number of monthly visits over the past thirty days was 28,929. The number represents a monthly visits growth of 128.27 percent. The Koyeb website achieved a global ranking of number 1,035,059 of the millions of websites registered on the worldwide web. The data suggests that the website is showing signs of progress in generating interest in Koyeb.

5. Koyeb is the most popular in the United States

Website statistics reveal that the Koyeb website gets the most web traffic from people living in the United States. Eighty-three percent of the visitors are from this country which shows a monthly visits growth rate of 353.15 percent. Two percent of the visitors are from Finland, and one percent of each comes from the United Kingdom, Mauritius, and Denmark. The statistics show that there is global interest in the products and services offered by Koyeb.

6. Koyeb has a small executive leadership team

The executive leadership team at Koyeb includes three members. The three co-founders stepped up to the plate and serve at the highest levels of the organization. Bastien Chatelard is a co-founder and the chief technology officer. Edouard Bonlieu is a co-founder and the CPO of the business. Yann Leger is a co-founder and chief executive officer of Koyeb. The team is still small as the company is still in its early stages of development. They're running on a shoestring collection of staff as they slowly build their operations. The execs are supported by a larger team of managers and other support staff helping to move the business forward.

7. Koyeb is a venture capital-supported enterprise

Koyeb has participated in two rounds of venture capital fundraising. So far, their efforts have raised a total of $1.6 million for startup and operational costs. The most recent round of Pre-Seed fundraising closed on October 15, 2020. Koyeb successfully attracted the interest and support of twelve investors. Both private investors and venture capital investment firms have participated in the pre-seed fundraising rounds, including Alexis Le-Quoc, Marc Jalabert, Isai, Dominique Vidal, Justin Ziegler, Acequia Capital, Sebastien Lucas, Kima Ventures, Amirhossein Malekzadeh, Philippe Besnard, and three other investors who believe in the company's potential for success.

8. Koyeb offers consumers a free preview

Techcrunch reports that Koyeb offers a platform for general purposes on the internet that is configurable through a git push command. The company has come a long way in a short time. It now offers a public preview of the platform. Consumers can opt to use its free service to get an overview of what the platform has to offer. Those who choose the free tier receive the ability to run two nano apps. Koyeb runs 3,000 applications on its serverless infrastructure at this time.

9. Koyeb's platform has completed its private beta phase

Koyeb is just entering a new stage of its development. A preview of what is to come is being offered, but not before the developers of the platform have completed the programs and tested them. Koyeb entered the platform in a private beta phase. Over ten thousand developers tested the platform during that stage. They pointed out the bugs in the system and helped Koyeb to discover the issues that could interfere with the successful deployment of the platform when it goes into the full launch of the completed product.

10. Koyeb has global goals

The mission of Koyeb is lofty, and it includes reaching out to the world on a global level with its platform. It's gradually building and adding features to the platform to ensure that the work is done the right way to avoid complications in the future. The overarching goal of Koyeb is to offer a global edge network. It's gone live in one location in Paris, offering native load balancing in 250 edge locations. The goal is to achieve simultaneous deployment in ten core locations throughout the globe. If they achieve the goal, the reach of the Koyeb platform will expand tenfold.

11. Koyeb is a developer's platform

The company is on a mission to abstract the server infrastructure to allow techs to put their focus on development without the need to worry about system administration. Koyeb automatically starts building and deploying apps when it receives a new git command, which is good news for development teams. It is capable of hosting a web app, hosting event-driven workloads, or hosting an API. It shows promise in providing developers with a tool to save time and effort in cloud infrastructure management. Kyob built a custom stack that runs on bare metal servers and is based on Firecracker micro VMs, Kuma, and Nomad. The platform allows developers to configure domain names and it is scalable if more resources are needed.

12. Koyeb has the potential to disrupt the tech industry

It's too early to tell what will happen, but Koyeb has the potential to become a disruptor in its sector of the tech industry. The goal of providing developers with the fastest way to deploy applications globally puts the company in a unique position and a class of its own. Koyeb claims that it can currently provide this level of service for developers and they're inviting consumers to come on board and give it a try. If the company continues to succeed in achieving its goals, it has the potential to become a disruptor that will help developers save time and money, enhance the deployment of apps, and allow them to bypass many of the services that are currently subscribed to and used.

13. Koyeb provides developers with a unified platform

The Koyeb platform delivers all your services under one platform. Developers gain access to tools that allow them to combine frameworks and technologies of their preferences with languages. They may also deploy any application through native support and a built-in Docker container deployment. The platform promises responsive, low latency web service with a platform that is scalable, and easy to use without servers.

14. Koyeb removes limitations

Another feature we found fascinating with the Koyeb platform is its limitless deployment potential. They've found a way to provide their customers with everything necessary to go global and to scale their apps without limits. It's a big improvement over services offered by other tech companies that do impose limits.

15. The Koyeb platform is fast, safe, and reliable

Koyeb offers a platform that addresses previous problems with a platform that relies on servers. It's more reliable because it doesn't rely on servers, which frequently experience problems such as overloads, outdating, and crashes. They've worked out all the glitches through the beta testing phase to provide smooth and seamless services for hosting web apps and APIs. The apps and APIs have been secured automatically from Let's Encrypt's TLS certificates to provide a measure of safety and security. It also auto-scales by spawning new resources when requests hit your apps.

16. Koyeb runs on a skeleton crew

We visited Koyeb's LinkedIn page to learn more about the company and its workforce. While there, we learned that Koyeb has a small crew of just eight employees. It's a micro-tech company operating on a skeleton crew of skilled and talented professionals. They're putting the bulk of their resources into platform development and trimming away the fat that brings so many other companies down financially. They're keeping it lean and clean. Koyeb has not listed any open positions at this time.

17. Bastien Chatelard is a founder of Koyeb

Chaelard earned his DUT GEII, electrical engineering, and computer sciences degree from IUT Annecy in 2008. He continued his education at Heriot-Watt University, earning his DUETI in computing and Electronics in 2009. He attended the EPITECH European Institute of Technology, earning his Master Expert of Information Technologies degree in 2013. He was a backend developer for LogSafe in 2012. He served as an assistant teacher for Epitech from 2011 through 2013. Bastien co-founded a company called MetaLabz in 2012, a consulting firm for designing and developing scalable applications. He worked at Scaleway as a DevOps engineer, head of R&D, and VP of site reliability engineering from 2013 to 2018. He co-founded Koyeb in 2019 and remains the chief technology officer and co-founder.

18. Edouard Bonlieu is a co-founder of Koyeb

Edouard Bonlieu co-founded Koyeb with two partners. He earned his BS in computer science and engineering from EPITCH European Institute of Technology in 2010. He continued his education earning an MS in Computer science and engineering from the school, then attended Concordia University, where he earned an MS in computer science and engineering. Edouard co-founded a company called YesFuture in 2011 and served as a developer for just over two years. He worked as a system engineer for Credit Agricole CIB from 2011 to 2012. He spent five years at Scaleway as the VP of product marketing until November 2018 before co-founding Koyeb in 2019 and serving as the CPO.

19. Yann Leger is a co-founder of Koyeb

Yann Leger attended the international section of Lycee de Sevres before earning his master's degree in computer engineering from EPITECH European Institute of Technology in 2018. He also attended UC San Diego Yann earned his degree in Entrepreneurship studies in 2012. Yann co-founded MetaLabz in 2012 with Bastien Chatalard. Leger served as the system and network consultant, also serving in that capacity for a company called Outscale. He worked as a core engineer for Free -Groupe Iliad from 2013 to 2014, then as managing director, then vice president for Scaleway until August 2019. Yann and his partners founded Koyeb in May 2019, where he works as the CEO.

20. Koyeb is a company to keep your eye on

Koyeb has the potential to accomplish all of its established goals. Our review of Koyeb reveals that the three co-founders earned impressive credentials in the tech industry, and each has previous entrepreneurial experience. They're talented IT techs with the skills to build their company from the ground upward. They're young, brilliant, and innovative. Koyeb is a privately owned company. You won't find shares of its stock for sale or trade on any public exchanges. It's an exciting time in the brief history of Koyeb. They're just making the platform available to developers. We maintain high expectations that Koyeb's entry into the tech industry will signal a new phase of faster and more reliable tools for web developers.

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