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20 Things You Didn't Know About Dashworks


Dashworks is a brand new startup, joining the sea of technology companies helping businesses to organize their start pages. The enterprise provides software that helps organize all information within a company, to put it in a useful format for easy navigation and discovery. The overall goal of Dashworks is to present all documents, apps, and other necessary information in a location that is easy to find, via a dashboard that serves as a starting point. The new business has a lot to offer clients, with its products and solutions for organizing information technology. If you're not yet familiar with this new company, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about Dashworks to bring you up to speed.

1. Dashworks is still in its infancy

Crunchbase confirms that Dashworks is a brand new company. The legal name is Dashworks Technologies, Inc, but it is also known as Dash. The headquarters for Dashworks is in San Francisco, California. The startup launched in 2020 and has only been active for a little over a year. Dashworks is still in the infancy stage of its development and is just getting started. It's an exciting time in the history of the new business that is off to a strong start.

2. Dashworks specializes in one thing

Dashworks is a software company that keeps its goals straightforward and to the point. It provides information technology software to help businesses organize all the needed data in one convenient place. It's called Dashworks because the platform of the technology organizes contact information, apps, and more in a dashboard as a starting place for employees to find everything they need to do their jobs. It's not a versatile company as it maintains a focus on just one thing, and that's easy access to information.

3. Dashworks uses complex technologies to power its website

When visiting the Dashworks official website, you can expect a smooth and seamless experience. They specialize in making it easy to navigate through complex information systems. The enterprise actively uses forty technologies to power its website. Some of the technology products and services at work include iPhone Mobile Compatible, to make it easy for people to access via mobile, SPF, Viewport Meta, and several others.

4. Web traffic is picking up for Dashworks

Dashworks is doing well for a brand new company of just a year. During a time when most companies are struggling to get their name in front of the public, it has attracted a large audience of visitors on the web. The analytics report for the company shows that the total number of monthly visits over the past thirty days was 1,385. It's not bad and reflects a monthly visits growth rate of 13.34 percent. It's ranked as number 4,179,768 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web. We expect these numbers to grow. So far, it's on a positive trajectory.

5. Dashworks is the most popular in the United States

Dashworks is an American company. Most of the visitors to the website are from people who live in this country, and the numbers are continuing to rise. Nine percent of the web traffic comes from people in Indonesia, showing that there is interest in the products and services it offers coming from outside of its home country. This data suggests that Dashworks may have an entry into the Indonesian market as interest in their software is on the rise.

6. Dashworks has a small executive leadership team

So far, Dashworks has maintained a small executive leadership team of just two members. Pratyaksh Sharma is a co-founder of the company. He is joined by Prasad Kawthekar, who is a founder and the chief executive officer. We expect them to add more members as the company grows and expands.

7. Dashworks is a venture capital-backed enterprise

Dashworks has participated in two rounds of venture capital fundraising. On March 16, 2020, a pre-seed fundraising round with one investor raised $500,000 to help the company get on its feet. The round was followed by a seed round of fundraising that closed on January 28, 2022, raising $4 million in additional funds.

8. Dashworks is a Y Combinator business

So far, all funding for Dashworks has been contributed from Y Combinator. Y Combinator is a startup accelerator known for investing in companies that have a high likelihood of success. Funds are distributed twice a year. The accelerator has made 4,263 investments with 414 exits. The leaders of Dashworks also receive mentoring through the accelerator to help them gain knowledge in best practices to get their company off the ground and firmly established. Y Combinator is currently the only VC company investing in Dashworks.

9. Dashworks is a privately held enterprise

The founders of Dashworks opted to keep the company private. This means that startup funds come from private funding sources, such as Y Combinator. The owners of the business have not filed for an initial public offering to take the business to the stock market. They're only working with private investors. This is why you won't be able to find Dashworks on any of the public stock exchanges. It's not listed on any of them. So far, we see no evidence that they plan to take the company public.

10. Dashworks provides clients with a search engine

Techcrunch confirms that the software solutions offered by Dashworks come in the form of a search engine. The Dashboard is set up to integrate with all the information within your business and categorize it for easy access. The advanced technology searches through the sprawling internal knowledge of a business by going into the tech stack, finding data that is buried in Jira tickets, Slack threads, and other places. It creates a single hub for discovering information that employees need but is often hard to find.

11. Dashworks is partially customizable

The start page for Dashwoks is partially customizable for clients. It is categorized in equal shares as a search engine and a start page that integrates with dozens of other services to develop a single hub. Each client has its own unique information technology needs, and Dashworks allows for clients to develop a unique start page that is particular to their business needs. It's a static service but does not come with a cookie-cutter format.

12. Dashworks helps executives and employees share information

Dashworks' dashboard can be used to broadcast announcements throughout the entire company with a single homepage for all employees. It can be set to promote any message companywide. You can use the software to create an FAQ, share bookmarks, handbooks, organizational charts, and more.

13. Dashworks offers a cross-tool search

Clients subscribing to Dashworks may integrate the platform to work with any company that operates in natural language processing, including social media such as Cresta and Facebook. You can type a question into the search bar. The software integrates with other sources outside of the client to find multiple files and threads containing information relevant to the question. it hooks into other services and finds all available relevant information, looking in places that most search engines do not. Answers to your questions appear as posts at the top of the start page.

14. Dashworks is expanding its partner base

Dashworks is still a new company. The startup has a long way to go to reach its goals. The leadership is working hard to make the business connections that will continue to improve the services offered to its clients. The Company has gained access to over thirty popular services so far, including Jira, Notion, Slack, SalesForce, Trello, Confluence, Dropbox, Gmail, Intercom, Google Drive, Airtable, Asana, and many more. They assure us that they are working on integrating more resources. They have plans to expand the capabilities of the software platform. Dashworks is prioritizing the additions per the demand from its clients. The startup is expanding its reach for more resources.

15. Dashworks protects its data sources

The notion of an app accessing the information on servers can be a bit unsettling, but the developers of Dashworks have addressed the issue. The platform comes in a version that operates on the premises. For others, the platform is SO-2 certified. This certification means that all respective data is taken off their servers with no traces remaining. You can also disconnect from a service and host the tools within your business.

16. Dashworks has attracted interest from multiple investors

Although Dashworks' support comes through funding from Y Combinator, the accelerator gets baking from numerous wealthy investors. The $4 million funding round kicked off with the leadership of Point72 Ventures. Other venture capital investors involved in the seed round of fundraising for Dashworks include South Park Commons, GOAT Capital, Starling Ventures, Unpopular Ventures, Combine Fund, and Garuda Ventures. Other investors include Emmett Shear, the co-founder of Twitch, and Tomer London and Josh Reeves, founders of Gusto. There is no lack of support for Dashworks as it navigates through its first few years of operations. The investors backing Dashworks are known to review new startups and assess them for their potential to produce healthy returns on the investments made. It's a signifier that they believe in the high potential of Dashworks to succeed and continue to grow and expand into a profitable business that gives them all strong returns on the funds they've put into the company. Dashboard's team of two founders has done a lot of things right.

17. Dashworks has a small workforce

According to its LinkedIn page, Dashworks runs its operation with a small group of employees. It lists just eleven staff members. The chief executive officer confirmed the startup is getting ready to grow and expand. It's using the recent cash infusion to add to its small workforce and grow. Dashworks is currently hiring.

18. Prasad Kawthekar has an impressive education

Prasad is a co-founder of Dashworks. Before launching the company, he completed his education in technology. Prasad attended the University of Wisconsin Madison. He worked on active learning technology with Jerry Zhu. Prasad earned his bachelor of science degree in computer science in 2015. Prasad continued his education, gaining acceptance to the prestigious Stanford University. he worked on deep learning technology with Vijay Pande and Sebastian Thrun. Kawthekar earned his master of science degree in computer science from Stanford University in 2018. He has an Ivy League education. Only the top-ranking students gain admission to Stanford, and this tells us that he had impeccable credentials at the time he applied for acceptance. Kawthekar also served at Carnegie Mellon University as a research assistant for less than a year in 2016. The following year he was a graduate research assistant at Stanford University, working on retrosynthetic reaction prediction using neural sequence to sequence models. He worked as a founding engineer for Cresta from 2017 to 2018, and at blue River Technology in Machine Learning.

19. Pratyaksh Sharma also graduated from Stanford University

Both co-founders of Dashworks are Stanford University graduates. Pratyaksh Sharma attended ETH Zurich where he studied computer science. He continued his education at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, where he earned his undergraduate degree in computer science. Sharma continued his education at Stanford University where he earned a master of science degree in computer science. He also attended the Y Combinator training program

20. Dashworks is a company to keep your eye on

Dashworks is not yet well-known but we have every reason to believe that its status will change shortly. The enterprise is in the developmental stages, but the capable leaders are moving in the right direction. they've combined their talents in advanced technologies including deep learning, artificial intelligence, and many other disciplines to develop the flagship product for their new venture. The recent hiring frenzy tells us that they're getting ready for an expansion and a spurt of growth. Expect to hear more about Dashworks as they continue to grow and attract new investors. We believe that this is just the beginning.

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