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How Miguel Cabrera Achieved a Net Worth of $125 Million

MLB Miguel Cabrera

Forbes Magazine ranks Miguel Cabrera at position 63 among the highest-paid athletes in the world. The high salary that the man receives is just but a reflection of his hard work on the pitch. With a net worth of $125 million, Miguel is one of the most successful athletes in the US. Miguel enjoys a salary of $29 million annually besides bonuses. He is also one of the most loved public figures among baseball players. This explains why he enjoys a lot more from endorsements. For a young man who was born in Venezuela and raised in humble life, Miguel has an inspiring story to tell. So how exactly did the 36-year-old come from nothing to be the millionaire he is today? According to Forbes, Miguel is currently on an 8-year contract worth $248 million. The contract that was signed in 2014 was record-breaking at the time. However, many contracts have been signed over the years- breaking the record. The contract was also the highest average at the time of signing. However, the baseball star has had to endure a lot through his journey to reach his achievements. Here is a breakdown of how Miguel Cabrera achieved his net worth.

Net Worth$125 Million
NameJosé Miguel Cabrera Torres
BornMaracay, Venezuela
Birth DateApril 18, 1983
Source of WealthVenezuelan Professional Baseball Player
CountryBolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Birth and Rise

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of top baseball players originating from Venezuela. The talented players always end up gracing the field in the US making the MLB much fun to watch. One of the best talents that the MLB has seen is the man Miguel Cabrera. He became the first baseman for The Tigers and opened the doors of success. The man that has grown to become a legend of the game will himself be grateful to baseball for a long time. Miguel Cabrera was born in Maracay Venezuela in the year 1983. As if a gift from above, Miguel displayed the skills of a baseball player right from a tender age. At the age of 14, the young man had already joined Tigres De Aragua, a winter baseball team. His impact on the team was felt instantly. The team won 4 title attempts out of 5, making it the most successful baseball team in the league. After displaying his skills, Miguel got a chance to play America, signing for the Florida Marlins. However, things were not as rosy as many would imagine. Although he signed at Marlins when he was just a teenager, he had to work his way up the minor league system. He eventually made it to the senior team in his early 20s. His contribution to the Marlins was immense. His athleticism and skill were quickly noticed by other clubs and he became a major target.

Dangerous Hitter, Miguel Cabrera

Miguel made a name for himself by becoming the most dangerous hitters in the MLB. He became the seventh youngest player to attain 2000 hits in 2014. The young was rewriting history; just before he reached the 30-year mark, he had joined ranks with the Hank Aaron and Ty Cobb among other top players. He was among the big names in the game and it was no surprise when the Tigers came calling in 2008 with a $150 million deal. If you are wondering about the source of his wealth, there you have it. In 2008 the young star signed a deal that would see him earn a whopping $21 million annual salary. Besides the lucrative salary, he also enjoyed bonuses and endorsement funds. Based on his bright career, it didn't take long before the player started winning awards. He is the first player to win the best hitter in a Detroit Uniform. He has managed to record some of the best season averages over the years. With an average of 191 per year, he sits right at the top with the best baseball players of all times. Miguel believes that he is ready to break Hank Aaron's average of 119 RBIs. Given that he has already enjoyed 12 years of his career and still has more years to go, he might just be the player to break the deadlock. After enjoying a long spell at the Tigers, Miguel got a chance to extend his contract with a handsome salary increase. The new eight-year contract awarded the player $248. The contract which started in 2016, runs all the way to 2024. The deal also includes $8 million buyouts after 2023.


Endorsements have played a great role in helping Miguel Cabrera achieve his wealth. Besides his salary, the player has enjoyed hefty bonuses and endorsement deals. In the 2017- 2018 season, Miggy received over $30 million in salary and endorsements. He received approximately $200, 000 from endorsements each year. The top deals that Miguel has worked on include Bozeman Watch, Sony PlayStation and Oakley among others. The deal between him and Oakley was both sentimental and financial. He admits that Oakley helped save his eye after being hit by a baseball.


one of the biggest wealth indicators for most celebrities is their assets. The kind of cars they drive, their homes and lifestyle. Although Miguel has managed to keep most of his life private, there are open secrets he cannot hide from the public. In 2016, he listed one of his houses for sale at $2 million. after a few months, a company linked to his name bought a property worth $3.2 million. He has also been linked with renting out his house at $4200, per month. The house which he bought in 2005 is believed to have helped the man save a lot over the years.


Miguel Cabrera is one of the outstanding baseball players of courage. Despite the fact that he suffered many setbacks, he still remains the best hitters in the MLB. He has suffered injuries during his carer but still dominates the league. He is also known for his philanthropic nature. He has been linked with many projects to help the less fortunate in society. The Miguel Cabrera Foundation helps promote all sorts of sports by providing donations and scholarships. He has helped empower many children to advance in the game even at an early age. Miguel Cabrera net worth of $125 million is bound to keep growing given that his career is still blossoming. He is also receiving plenty of endorsement deals at the time.

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