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The 10 Most Expensive CS:GO Skins Ever Sold

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It is true that you cannot really put a price tag on things that people hold value to them. What one person might think is worthless, another is willing to shell out big bucks for. That it just the way of the world we suppose. Take items that you use in computer games for example. While many people are satisfied with games that they just purchase one time and then play it for the rest of their lives without ever investing another penny it, others continue to put out money for their favorite games. It is how they gain status. The perfect example is the Counter Strike franchise. With CS GO, people will go to almost any lengths imaginable to get the exact skin that they want to do the job. They want to be the best. In order to be the best, you sometimes have to create an arsenal that helps you to get there. With that in mind, consider the ten most expensive CS GO skins that have ever been sold as you ponder whether or not you would ever pay this much for them.

10. Five-Seven Hyper Beast - Sold for $15

The tenth most expensive CS GO skin ever sold is fashioned onto the body of a pistol. It is colorful and looks like a piece of art.

9. AK-47 - Case Hardened - Sold for $28

This is a unique version of the sniper’s rifle that comes with a body that has been strengthened. It is useful for murdering all of the terrorists that will come your way during the course of the game, and the design itself is quite simple and sleek looking.

8. P90 - Emerald Dragon - Sold for $28

The Emerald Drago has quite a unique design. It is a creature that becomes tangled all over itself and the weapon. Do not let the chaos fool you, however, as it results in a continual stream of bullets that are almost always fatal.

7. AK-47 - The Empress - Sold for $63

With this AK47 you will get a skin that is fashioned like a beautiful woman and place right over the body of the rifle. This woman is not helpless. In fact, she packs a lot of power, and much of it is hidden. She is, after all, an Empress. Use the rifle and you will be able to unleash that power on your opponents.

6. M9 Bayonet - Crimson Web - Sold for $193

If you like your knives coated red with the blood of your enemies, you will be rushing out to buy this skin that typically sells for over $190. When you use the knife, it will cut though the flesh of your opponents just like a canine’s tooth that is razor sharp. It is a dangerous weapon that will help virtually any player get stronger and more confident as they use it.

5. AK-47 - Fire Serpent - Sold for $197

If you want to add a skin to your AK-47, this is the one that you will want to have. It looks like a dragon infused green serpent. That is quite the combination. It takes up one side of the rifle, really adding quite a look that players really like. It turns the rifle into an extremely powerful fighting machine, allowing you to kill the enemy with precision. Get ready to pay for it, as it is one of the most expensive CS GO skins ever sold.

4. Karambit - Case Hardened - Sold for $258

Here you have a knife whose skin makes it look and function just like the claw of a tiger. The shape and the blade have glaring similarities, and we all know how deadly tigers can be in the wild. The skin itself is so strong that it is nearly impossible to break, which makes it one of the best knives in the CS GO franchise, and certainly the most expensive. It will complement any player who likes their combat up close and personal.

3. AWP - Medus - Sold for $862

This is a weapon that is designed with killing in mind. The skin will turn the sniper’s rifle into something even more dangerous and sinister. You can kill an opponent even when it doesn’t see the weapon. It is a tool that everyone wants to have in their arsenal, but you have to be willing to pay for the privilege.

2. M4A4 - Howl - Sold for $1,079

Here is a skin that impresses players because of its ability to hold on to a horrific beast by using your own bare hands. The bullets that this gun shoots out are most deadly, which is why players find that they can clear a path to victory with they own the skin. It is a unique skin that makes it almost the most expensive ever sold. While there were some early copyright issues associated with this skin, it is now widely available and has sold for over a thousand dollars at times.

1. AWP - Dragon Lore - Sold for $1,555

The number one position goes to the AWP skin for Dragon Lore. When you have the powerful dragon, you will be able to breathe fire just like you were firing out guns. In many ways, it is more effective than rapid fire shooting that comes out of a sniper’s rifle. This one comes with some cool patterns embedded right on the handle, along with some geometric figures that are incorporated into the design of the optical sight. This is a fantasy based weapon that is highly sought after by Counter Strike players. So, there you have it. These skins make the CS GO franchise even more popular. They provide a way for players to personalize the gaming experience and to gradually become ranked higher as they play. It is yet another reason that Counter Strike continues to be one of the most popular games on the market.

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