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The 10 Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World

When you purchase an iPhone case for your iPhone, you might wonder just how much money is too much to put into one. After all, they are meant to protect the phone and help you identify yours in case it gets lost. You would truly be surprised at how much some have spent on phone cases alone due to the different features and materials. Below are some of the most luxurious and expensive iPhone cases in the world.

10. LifeProof FRE Series Waterproof Case - $1200

If you want a case for your phone that will survive the extreme temperatures of water and be submerged deep into the water, then the LifeProof FRE Series Waterproof case is the right option for you. At approximately $1200, those who work in the snow, do deep sea diving, and other careers that require their phone to be exposed to snow and water find this to be a great iPhone case, keeping all the different elements away from the phone with its tight seal. These cases can also be paired with other LifeProof accessories for Apple watches.

9. Tower Flower Case - $1500

At approximately $1500, a luxurious and super stylish iPhone case you can purchase is the Tower Flower Case with images of snowflakes, the Eiffel Tower, and diamond sparkles lining the back of the phone. This case is not meant to have the same protection as others on this list but is meant to be more of a statement and style piece for your phone. Depending on what model iPhone you have, you can have the Tower Flower Case designed specifically for your phone. This phone case is made completely by hand by a designer whose store is on Etsy.

8. Alter Ego Aurora Titanium iPhone Case - $3300

Averaging around $3300 is the Alter Ego Aurora Titanium iPhone case that is durable with its silicone liner. No bump or fall will harm your phone as it is surrounded by titanium. Those who utilize their phone for their business and cannot risk it being out of commission to find this to be a great option. The paint impression on this phone case replicates the Northern Lights, so it is not only durable and safe, but it is also a gorgeous piece to have. This phone case is not something that is readily available, as there have been less than a thousand made available for purchase throughout the world.

7. The Case-Mate Case - $4300

At nearly $4300, the Case-Mate Case for your iPhone is another luxury choice that gives you the opportunity to customize your phone and provide that extra silicone protection against falls. There is a soundproof design in this case, so the audio that comes from your phone is some of the clearest audio and can range in protection level. This particular case has the strongest protection in the Case-Mate family, which lots of cheaper brands tend to imitate. Patterns, images, and different designs can be customized on this case so that you can easily identify your iPhone.

6. Brikk Titanium Case - $4400

If you want titanium, but you need a different option, then the Brikk titanium case costs approximately $4400 and is designed to withstand some damage and falls. Those who spend lots of time outdoors and at high altitudes find the Brikk titanium case to be a great option on their iPhones. Compared to other luxury iPhone cases, this one is not flashy, but you can choose between gray stealth, black, gold, platinum and carbon colors for that contemporary look. You can also purchase this case for the most recent iPhone model releases.

5. Brikk iPhone Trim Cases - $100,000

Brikk makes the list again, with the Trim Cases that are made with both titanium and gold. These cases also have 600 diamonds, weighing approximately 6 carats on each case. The price for one of these iPhone cases is $100,000 and they are only designed for XS and XS+ iPhone models. The titanium in the phone case will protect it from most damage if the iPhone is dropped, but the gold is meant specifically for status and wealth purposes.

4. Goldgenie Donald Trump Case - $150,000

Wealthy clientele and fans of President Donald Trump would appreciate a Goldgenie case for approximately $150,000. Made of solid gold, this case has a picture of the former President embossed in the middle, his title as the 45th President, and the inauguration date when he took office. The Apple in the top region of the case has studded diamonds, and they also line the case. This was designed specifically for a client by request and it is the only one on the market. Should it go up for sale, be prepared to spend a small fortune.

3. Buccellati iPhone Case - $208,000

If you want to truly make an impression or statement with your iPhone, the Buccellati iPhone case will help you advertise your wealth with one of the most expensive iPhone cases at $208,000. This phone case is made of yellow gold and has white gold pieces and diamonds found along the back of the case. It is a slim case, and it doesn't offer the same level of protection as some other cases on this list. It is meant specifically for fashion with the most precious metals found throughout the case.

2. Dragon and Spider iPhone Case - $880,000

With over 18 carats of gold and diamonds, one of the most expensive iPhone cases is the Dragon and Spider iPhone case from Anita Mai Tan. The cost for this case is over $880,000 for one. The design in this case took nearly 16 months and doubles as a piece of jewelry. The different diamonds used in these phone cases include brown and cognac diamonds among others. Once you get the phone in the case, however, you will not be putting it in your pocket because the designs on the case require you to carry the phone.

1. Alexander Amosu - $2.7 Million

Currently, the leader in the most expensive iPhone cases is the Alexander Amosu phone case that has a retail value of $2.75 million. Being able to have a luxury iPhone case was another challenge that this designer took on and was able to surpass others. By including a variety of precious metals in the design of the iPhone case. There are also over 6000 diamonds on each of these cases that were designed with a finishing touch of a gold Amosu logo. There are only a handful of these cases in the world, making it a rarity in addition to an expensive piece to add to your collection of iPhone cases.

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