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The Five Most Expensive Jaromir Jagr Hockey Cards

Hockey Player Jaromir Jagr

When Jaromir Jagr was seven years old, he began doing 100 squats – 150 squats, seven times a day. His father instilled in him the discipline, which the hockey player maintains even in his older years. In 1990, children in the Czech Republic looked up to him and stuck posters of the man they considered one of the greatest players worldwide, on their bedroom walls. He was drafted in 1990 when he was only 18, and in 2016, Jagr said he would play until he turned 60. He is among the best hockey players, and owning one of his cards is a good business opportunity for card collectors. So, here are the five you should look out for if you are planning on accumulating some of Jaromir Jagr's hockey cards.

5. $ 6,868.68 - 4-Card Set 2018-19 UD Chronology Letterman Patch Autograph Jaromir Jagr

If you would like four Jagr cards, then this is the set you should have your eyes on because it is fairly priced at $6,868.68. The seller is willing to negotiate, and although the cards are not new, they are in mint condition hence the high price. The four cards spell out “JAGR,” and they all have the player’s signature, his team (Pittsburg Penguins), and the years he remained a player for the Pittsburg Penguins, which is from 1990-2001.

4. $8,500 - 1990-91 OPC Premier Entire Set PSA 10

Hockey fans are sure to be excited to have this in their collection. It is a set comprising Jagr, Sergei Federov, Mike Modano, and Alexander Mogilny cards. The entire set is selling at $8,500, a fixed price. All cards have a grading of 10, and each portrays the name of the player, the player’s team, and the position played.

3. $9,099 - 1990-91 Penguins Foodland #11 Jaromir Jagr RC PSA 10 Gem Mint Pop 10

One thing you will notice about this card is the Foodland logo. It measures 2 11/16 by 4 1/8, yet a standard-size trading card measures 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. As PuckJunk informs us, during the 1990s Foodland, a chain of grocery stores headquartered in Pittsburg, sponsored an annual set of Penguins trading cards. The cards could not get a BGS 10 grading because the police officers kept them in their pockets to be readily available to issue freely to children. The player’s name, his uniform number, and position played appear at the top of the card’s face. On the back, Penguins illustrated a tip through a cartoon. This Jagr card is currently on sale, and you can get it for $9,099. Unfortunately for rookie card collectors, this card is not considered a rookie card because it was a regional release.

2. $9,999.99 - Jaromir Jagr 2015-16 Upper Deck Premier

Most card collectors believe that the manufacturer of trading cards should know the worth of the cards. Upper Deck insists it does not place any value on its cards because it is solely a manufacturer. However, there is the belief that Upper Deck cards are worth much more because they do not have competition from Panini and Topps. It is, therefore, no wonder that this card commands a high price of $ 9999.99. It has Jagr’s signature and a picture of the player in uniform. Other than that, it neither displays its grading, Jarg’s position nor his jersey number.

1. $24,999.99 - 1990-91 OPC Premier Jaromir Jagr Rookie Card BGS 10 Pristine

Beckett was right to rank this card as one of the most valuable Jagr rookie cards. The fact that it is graded 10 pristine plays a critical role in the valuation process. 10 is the highest grade that a sports card can receive, and a BGS 10 is rare to find, which could also push the price further. Currently, on eBay, this card carries a price tag of $24,999.99, although there is an option to make the best offer. However, if you feel that the price is steep, you can still get the same card, although not of the same quality. On eBay, some sellers are willing to sell the card for $15,000 or less.

How to Protect Your Sports Cards

After spending thousands of dollars acquiring a sports card, it is crucial to store it well for it to maintain its value over the years. Here are a few tips to ensure you can still collect a fortune when you decide to sell your card:

Penny Sleeve

ONE37pm ( published that if you ever come across an ungraded card, poor storage will take it from a Gem Mint PSA 10 to a PSA 9. For this reason, you should prevent damage to the card by storing it in a penny sleeve, but you should also be cautious that the corners do not get scratched in the process. Therefore, cut one of the top corners of the sleeve and ensure that you wipe down the fingerprints using a microfiber cloth or any soft cloth. A smudge devalues the card, and a rough fabric can scratch the card. After wiping the card, insert it in the sleeve, holding it from the edge.

Top Loader

Once the card is inserted in the penny sleeve, you can protect it further by placing it in a top loader. A top loader keeps your cards presentable, neat, and clean. Unlike penny sleeves that are softer and bendable, top loaders are rigid, thereby protecting your cards from tearing or bending when in storage. You can use painter’s tape to prevent the cards from falling out of the top loader. The tape also keeps dust from entering the sleeve.


If you have an expensive card, you should protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. All you need is a SlabGuard that offers ultraviolet rays protection. The sun’s rays can cause the image to fade, thereby devaluing the card, or worse, the image can disappear, and the card will be worthless.

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