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The 10 Most Expensive Magazines in the World


We are all aware that the modern world is shifting towards the entertainment industry. Many individuals purchase magazines to read and get the latest information about fashion, celebrity gossip, health, and the latest technology in phones and cars. Some people prefer to read their magazines from online subscriptions, while others prefer to purchase a hard copy. There are different magazines with different content, and people can purchase them depending on their interests. Statistics show that there are nearly 400 million magazines that are sold annually. The best magazine company generates about $10 billion. It shows how much people are interested in reading. The following are the top ten most expensive magazines in the world.

10. Saveur - ($45.00)

As the name suggests, this is a food magazine that outlines different recipes. The company produces nine copies the whole year, and the price per copy is almost $45. Saveur is an expensive magazine because it is the best when it comes to food content. The magazine offers unique recipes from around the world and the most famous dishes prepared in every country. If you are a food lover and enjoy reading, this is one of the best magazines to buy. It is possible to make an annual subscription, and you can enjoy reading this yummy and luxurious magazine which has assorted food items.

9. Unique Homes - ($47.94)

From the name, we can already know the content of this magazine. If you are into interior designs and the real estate industry, you can grab a copy and get the latest information from the United States and other parts of the world. According to Worthly, the company prints about six issues every year, and it has information on houses that are available for sale and rent, which is extremely helpful if you are looking for a house. If you are interested in luxurious homes and need one, buy a copy of this magazine, and you will not be disappointed. Unique Homes are a symbol of luxury when it comes to houses. A copy of each journal is $47.94, making it one of the most expensive magazines globally.

8. Upscale Living - ($50.00)

Upscale Living is a magazine focused on luxurious home décor. It is ranked as the most luxurious magazine regarding modern home décor. Upscale publishes about four copies every year, and each copy features different travel destinations, automobiles, and home décor. Their content is so engaging that readers cannot ask for anything else. The price of each copy is $50, and it is in high demand because it features celebrities and professionals.

7. Architectural Digest - ($71.40)

For architectural and home design content, Architectural Digest is your content plug. It is a monthly magazine prominent for printing content on luxurious interior designs for home décor. It is also the best magazine for people who love home décor. According to Successstory, it is the oldest magazine in the market, with the first copy dating from 1920. The price of each copy is $71.40, making it the best luxurious and niche magazine for home décor.

6. Super motors - ($102.00)

The name already gives us a hint about what this magazine contains. If you are all about cars and specifications, super motors are here for you. The magazine publishes six issues annually, and the price of each copy is almost $102. There are very few people willing to spend this amount on a magazine. It covers the most expensive cars and the heaviest bikes. The magazine also gives a photographic review with specifications.

5. Robb Report - ($108.88)

If you are all about glam and luxurious lifestyle, grab a copy of Robb Report. It is an expensive magazine, with each copy costing $108.88. The magazine's content includes modern aspects like jewelry, cars, travel, and automobiles. There are about twelve issues published every year.

4. Wilmott - ($650)

If you are looking for an educational magazine, this is the best. A copy retails for about $650, making it one of the most expensive magazines. Few people are willing to make such an investment to gain knowledge. The company publishes six copies monthly and it is available on annual subscription.

3. Fine Exclusive - ($679.45)

It is a Finland Magazine that is distributed globally. The content is about elegant wines and champagnes from around the world. There are no online subscriptions for these magazines. Readers have to part with $679.45 to get a copy.

2. Nomenus Quarterly - ($6500)

It is the most successful art magazine in the world. Its success makes it one of the most expensive magazines in the world. The magazine publishes unique pictures and paintings for readers and professional and expert information on arts and related content. It is the second most expensive magazine with a price tag of $6500, but the information is worth this amount.

1. Kohl - ($10,000)

It is the most expensive magazine in the world. The magazine is from the UAE, and it is all about lifestyle and fashion. The target audience is mainly Asian women and their latest fashion trends. Kohl recently did an attractive and different cover display for this magazine with Damas. The magazine's cover displays Katrina Kaif, a famous Indian model, and it is handmade with gold and diamonds. According to Therichest, Damas has the original copy of the magazine, which was auctioned in 2008 for $10,000. As insane as it sounds, someone was willing to pay the price and get a copy of the world's most coveted and expensive magazine.

Dana Hanson

Written by Dana Hanson

Dana has extensive professional writing experience including technical and report writing, informational articles, persuasive articles, contrast and comparison, grant applications, and advertisement. She also enjoys creative writing, content writing on nearly any topic (particularly business and lifestyle), because as a lifelong learner, she loves to do research and possess a high skill level in this area. Her academic degrees include AA social Sci/BA English/MEd Adult Ed & Community & Human Resource Development and ABD in PhD studies in Indust & Org Psychology.

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