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The Five Most Expensive Miami Marlins Jersey's Ever Sold

Gincarlo Stanton Marlins

The Miami Marlins were founded in 1991 as the Florida Marlins and began playing in 1993 in the suburb of Miami Gardens. The team moved into the city of Miami in 2012, and then officially became the Miami Marlins at that time. Fun Fact: the franchise adopted the name "Marlins" from previous minor league teams that were named "Miami Marlins" that played in the Florida State League. As of 2021, the Marlins have actually never won the National League East division title, but they've won two National League pennants and two World Series championships, both of those coming in the years 1997 and 2003. In 1997, the Marlins defeated the Cleveland Indians in one of the greatest World Series ever as the Marlins won in Game 7 on a walk-off single by Edgar Renteria. In 2003, they defeated in the New York Yankees in 6 games. The history of the franchise is littered with legendary players such as Gincarlo Stanton, Jose Fernández, Hanley Ramirez, Gary Sheffield, Jeff Conine and countless others. Recently we've discovered that some Marlins jerseys have been sold for extremely high amounts. Today we will take a look at the five most expensive Marlins jersey's ever sold:

5. 1994 Gary Sheffield Game Worn Jersey - $430

Gary Sheffields 1994 season was only limited to 87 total games played, but he didn't disappoint one bit. Fun Fact: in 1994, 27 of Sheffields 89 hits were home runs. Sheffield also drove in a total of 78 runs, and stole a total of 12 bases for a struggling Marlins team. Sheffield was also a huge contributor to the Marlins 1997 World Series championship team as he was a force to be reckoned with at the plate. In a game against the Philadelphia Phillies in 1997, Sheffield became the first ever Marlins player to hit a home run twice in the same inning. Sheffield also hit a total of 42 home runs in 1996, also having  an immaculate batting average of .314, driving in a total of 120 runs, and representing the Marlins in the All-Star game. His game worn jersey was sold for $430 as part of the Goldin Auctions.

4. 2008 Hanley Ramirez Game Worn And Signed Jersey - $442

Hanley Ramirez was a Dominican-American who played for the Marlins from the years 2006 to July of 2012. Ramirez was traded to the Marlins in 2006 from the Boston Red Sox. Ramirez did not disappoint one bit in his rookie campaign in 2006 as he was awarded the National League's Rookie of the Year Award and quickly became a fan favorite. In 2008, Ramirez made the National League All-Star team representing the Marlins, he had a great batting average of .301, he hit a towering 33 home runs, drove in a total of 67 runs, and led the league with runs scored with a total of 125. Ramirez was a National League All-Star with the Marlins in the years 2008,2009, and 2010, as he was voted a started at the shortstop position each time. His game worn and signed jersey was sold for $442 in October of 2014 in the Heritage Auctions as a part of the Sunday Internet Sports Collectibles Auction.

3. 2013 Jose Fernández Game Worn Jersey - $552

Jose Fernández was a Cuban born Major League Baseball player who made his debut with the Marlins in 2013. Fernandez made an immediate impact for the Marlins as soon as he step foot on the mound and quickly became a fan favorite in Miami. In 2013, Fernández made the National League All-Star team representing the Marlins, he had a winning record of 12-6, he pitched a total of 172 innings, he struck out a total of 187 batters, and Fernández was awarded the National League's Rookie of the Year Award. Fernandez had all the potential in the world to be the game's next big superstar, but his career was unfortunately cut short due to him passing away during the middle of the 2016 regular season. It was a very devastating and tragic loss for the game of baseball, and for his friends and family. His game worn jersey was sold for $552 as part of the Goldin Auctions.

2. 1993 Jeff Conine Game Worn And Signed Road Jersey - $552

Jeff Conine (also known as "Mr.Marlin") was apart of the franchise's World Series championship teams in 1997 and 2003. Fun Fact: this jersey that was sold was worn by Conine throughout his rookie season, which was also the Marlins inaugural year of existence. Conine was a 27 year old rookie and in 1993, he hit a total of 12 home runs, drove in a total of 79 runs, and had a efficient batting average of .292. Conine would go on to make the National League All-Star team representing the Marlins in the years 1994 and 1995. He earned his nickname, "Mr.Marlin" for his significant history with the franchise and for his success on the field, as he was there from the very beginning of the franchise's existence, and went on to help lead them to two World Series titles. His game worn and signed road jersey was sold for $552 as part of the Goldin Auctions.

1. 2017 Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs 9 and 10 Game Worn Jersey - $3,600

Fun Fact: Giancarlo Stanton went by the name Mike growing up because educators and classmates couldn't pronounce it, but he changed back to Giancarlo after his first two seasons in the big leagues. Giancarlo Stanton's 2017 season was a very magical season as his production was at an all-time high as he was able to stay healthy throughout the entire season and avoid the injury plague. Stanton's home run total during the 2017 season brought back many memories of when the single-season home crown had a deep meaning to it. In 2017, Stanton made the National League All-Star team representing the Marlins, he hit a towering 59 home runs, drove in an immaculate 132 runs, he had an efficient batting average of .281, and Stanton was awarded the National League's Most Valuable Player Award. His game worn jersey was sold for $3,600 in February of 2018 at the Heritage Auctions in Dallas as a part of the Platinum Night Sports Collectibles.

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