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The 10 Most Expensive Sandwiches in the World


Sandwiches are not a particularly innovative food items. The concept of using either bread or something similar to bread to either lie under, lie both over and under, or enclose some other food is something that has shown up in a wide range of cultures in a wide range of times as well as a wide range of places. For example, it is very common for North Africans to use flatbreads to move food from the plate to the mouth. Likewise, the medieval Europeans were known to put their food on coarse, stale slabs of bread called trenchers that would be either fed to someone else by the elite or eaten by people of more modest means. However, the concept of the sandwich that exists in the western world of the present is something credited to John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich. Supposedly, the man was so fond of cards that he would spend 24 hours at the table, with the result that he wouldn't get up to eat but would instead devour the food item that now bears his title for the sake of convenience. Soon enough, the concept became popular with his friends as well, who proceeded to spread it throughout England. Since that time, a wide range of sandwiches have come into existence. Some are very simple and straightforward in nature. In contrast, others are made in a more complicated manner using more expensive ingredients. As such, there are some sandwiches out there that are sold for much, much higher sums than what interested individuals might expect based on the basic concept.

What Are 10 of the Most Expensive Sandwiches in the World?

Here are 10 of the most expensive sandwiches that can be found out there:

Wagyu Ribeye and Foie Gras Cheesesteak - $120

For people who enjoy Philly cheesesteaks, this is likely to be either the most expensive or one of the most expensive options out there. It is exactly what it sounds like, though it is amusing to note that its Cheese Whiz comes with truffles.

6-von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich - $150

Priced at about $150, this club sandwich comes with ham, chicken from a prized French breed, and quail eggs, which go quite well with the other ingredients such as white truffles and semi-dried Italian tomatoes.

5-Cheese Sandwich - $170

This is one of the most expensive cheese sandwiches that can be found out there. Its most important ingredient would be the cheddar cheese, but there are other ingredients of note such as its heirloom tomato, its white truffles, and its epicure apple. Like a lot of other items on this list, it has gold dust as well.

Richard Nouveau Burger - $175

The Richard Nouveau Burger has Kobe beef, which has been complemented with everything from black truffles to seared foie gras. For whatever reason, it has gold leaf as well for people who enjoy that kind of thing.

Breaded Wagyu Beef Cutlet Sandwich - $180

Certain kinds of Japanese beef have managed to win a fine reputation for themselves. However, cattle are still cattle, meaning that the tenderloin remains one of the most prized cuts of beef thanks to its tenderness as well as its relative rarity. As such, it is no wonder that the breaded wagyu beef cutlet sandwich from Wagyumafia costs $180, seeing as how it incoporates meat from a cut so small that it can be used to produce just six sandwiches. Never mind the fact that the meat has to come from an imported member of a Japanese breed of cattle that is already quite rare in its homeland.

Quintessential Grilled Cheese Sandwich - $214

This is a sandwich that managed to make it into the Guinness Book of Records. Basically, the bread has been made using expensive ingredients such as Dom Perignon Champagne and white truffle butter, while the cheese is Caciocavallo Podolico. However, one of this sandwich's most stand-out characteristics is that it incorporates 24K gold leaf, which means that it is made out of pure gold.

Bacon Bling Sandwich - $225

Made in Cheltenham, the Bacon Bling Sandwich comes with bacon from a rare breed, which comes with other ingredients such as black truffles, truffle oil, and saffron. The bling comes from the fact that it has gold dust on it.

Le Burger Extravagant - $295

Sometimes, food items can be named very appropriately. For instance, Le Burger Extravagant is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The whole thing starts out with a wagyu beef patty, which is complemented with everything from truffle butter to kaluga caviar. Suffice to say that each of those ingredients are expensive but become even more so when put together in sandwich form.

Douche Burger - $666

The Douche Burger is made by Franz Aliquo of the 666 Burger Food Truck. It is a cheese burger, but it is no ordinary cheese burger. Instead, it is packed full of expensive ingredients. For example, its patty is made out of Kobe beef. Meanwhile, it contains other meats such as caviar, lobster, and foie gras, which are in addition to other expensive ingredients such as truffles and gruyere cheese. On top of that, its creation even includes gold foil, presumably to make it that much more what it is supposed to be. Having said that, what is most ridiculous is the fact that it comes wrapped in three $100 bills, which is every bit as disgusting as it sounds. As for why the Douche Burger is called the Douche Burger, well, that is a simple question with a simpler answer. In short, Aliquo doesn't exactly have a glowing opinion of either the people who make ridiculously expensive sandwiches or the people who buy ridiculously expensive sandwiches because they aren't about good-tasting food but rather about prestigious-sounding food, thus making both parties "douches" in his eyes.

Seven Emirates Burgerstack - $10,000

Presumably, the Seven Emirates Burgerstack would be exempted from Aliquo's judgment. After all, it didn't manage to sell for $10,000 because of either its size or the expense of the ingredients that went into its creation. Instead, the Seven Emiates Burgertack managed to sell for $10,000 because it was auctioned off for charitable purposes. As for its contents, it boasts a saffron brioche bun with beef patties, veal bacon strips, and aged cheddar cheese for something special but not exactly outrageous by the standards of these other sandwiches.

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