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20 Things You Didn't Know about Nathaniel Rothschild

Nathaniel Rothschild

Rothschild is a prominent name in the history of Britain since it is a generation of tycoons whose focus is in investments. The family is among the wealthiest families in the world. Nathaniel is one of them and the next in line to defend the big name of the family. Nathaniel's childhood was full of fun and immoral activities that might have been sparked by his wealthy family. While in college, ladies were all over him as they tried identifying themselves with the great family. Despite spending his early life in the comfort zone, he later changed and became an aggressive investor. He regained his lost glory and is now one of the wealthiest people today. Get to know more about the tycoon by checking these facts about him.

1. He is the youngest of his siblings

Nathaniel Rothschild is the youngest among the four siblings and the only son of Jacob Rothschild and Serena Mary. He was born on July 12, 1971, to a Jewish father and Christian mother. His father is a banker in British investment, a prominent member of Rothschild banking family and an honorary president of the Jewish Policy Research Institute. His mother was a racehorse owner in Britain; she died on January 13, 2019.

2. His education

Nathaniel went to Colet Court where he studied with George Osborne, the former Chancellor of Exchequer. He later went to Elton College and Wadham College, to study history. Nathaniel then joined Oxford for his masters, where he was fond of luxuries that were not in line with his educational interests. After graduation, he started his investment journey.

3. He is the heir to the title held by his father

Rothschild and Company Bank has been under the ownership of Rothschild's family, and the management is hereditary. Nathaniel is the one to succeed his father in possession of the title "Baron Rothschild," according to Super Yacht Fan. Rothschild's primary focus is the banking business, especially Rothschild and Company Bank. Being the only son in the family allowed him to inherit the management of the prominent bank of the family. Nathaniel has, however, always been active in the businesses of the family and banking and investing.

4. He has been married twice

Nathaniel has been in two marriages, with one leading to a divorce. The first marriage was with a model and socialite, Annabelle Neilson. They got married in 1994 and divorced in 1997 before having children together. His parents were not happy with their son's decision to marry Anabelle, and he eloped with her to Las Vegas. Annabelle died in July 2018. In August 2016, Nathaniel went ahead to marry Loretta Basey, who is a former model. They have a son together.

5. He owns a private jet

A private jet is a symbol of wealth, and Nathaniel has a Bombardier Global 600 private jet with the registration N4T. The plane was once used by Bumi for 18 months to fly around the world's biggest cities, and Nathaniel ended up charging them heftily. It is sometimes available for hire by interested parties, but he uses it to move to places he wishes to visit. The private plane costs $60 million and accommodates up to 14 passengers.

6. He hides a series of trusts in Switzerland

Most of the investments of Nathaniel are in the United Kingdom, but he hides some of the trusts in Switzerland, where he lives. Rumors have it that the trusts are worth £40 billion. The strategy of protecting these trusts might be a way to make him concentrate in accumulating his wealth. Besides, Switzerland has been preferred by most investors to stash their wealth as a way of reducing their tax liabilities since it is considered a tax haven.

7. He stays with his family in Switzerland

Nathaniel is known to be a lover of more beautiful things in life and spends time in the places that he loves. When Nathaniel got married to Loretta, they lived in New York for some time before moving to Switzerland in 2000. His father was not happy with his decision to move to Switzerland, but Nathaniel seems to enjoy the place and spends most of his time in his house. The couple adopted the citizenship of Switzerland and are paying their tax obligations. He has other homes in Moscow, Paris, London, Greece and New York and uses his jet to move around his homes.

8. He was once into drug abuse

The start of something is immaterial; the end is what matters as Nathaniel proves to the world. Despite being a prominent person, Nathaniel had some ups and downs as he was growing. According to Celeb Family, Nathaniel was known for vandalism and drug abuse. He belonged to Bullingdon club that influenced him to drugs. Some of Nathaniel's friends who spent time drinking with him say that he could drink the whole night and then spend the day sleeping while dressed in his formal suit. During this time, Nathaniel had not taken full control of his life and seemed to be just enjoying the wealth of his father. As he grew up, he realized that he had a great name to protect and changed for the better. Nathaniel stopped using drugs and focused on becoming a great person in the future. The change initiative worked for him, and he has been successful in his career and protecting his father's legacy.

9. Career history

After deciding to focus in building the best life for himself, Nathaniel worked in various sectors. He had a broad interest in business and hence worked mainly in the investment sectors. From 1996 to 2009, Nathaniel was a co-chairman of Atticus Capital. He also worked in Asia Resource Minerals, where he developed the interest to venture into mining, especially in other continents that have precious minerals. He is currently the chairman of JNR limited.

10. He is a member of several boards

Through his excellent work and knowledge in investment, Nathaniel is a member of many committees. He is a member of Belfer Center's International council which is in Harvard. Nathaniel is also part of the board of Brookings Institution serving in the advisory council. He is also an advisory board member at Barrick Gold Corporation. Being a member in such committees widens his skills in business through the various interactions and sharing of ideas.

11. He was rebellious during his childhood

It is hard to handle a rebellious person, and most of them end up unsuccessful. Nathaniel's childhood was full of rebellion, pride, and ignorance, leading many people to predict a difficult life for him. He once visited a friend and resisted any conformism or instruction from anybody. Despite the rebellious attitude, he was willing to take risks, and perhaps that was what led him to success.

12. He has a personal net worth of $1 billion

Rothschild's family is among the wealthiest families in the world with some sources claiming the family's income to be $400 billion. Being a member of the family, Nathaniel has a net worth of $1 billion. Most of his wealth seems inherited, but that is not the case. He is a very aggressive businessman and a risk-taker thus the wealth is a product of his hard work. The primary sources of his wealth are banking, investments, and real estate.

13. He has a private investment vehicle

Nathaniel has a private investment vehicle, NRI. The investment vehicles identify the investment opportunities that are available in the neighborhood and proceed to invest in various industries, including mining and real estate. NRI has expanded and has offices in Lima, Peru, Florida, and Miami. It has many projects as seen in their website and is run by management under the advice of Nathaniel.

14. He is linked to the son of Muammar Gaddafi

Nathaniel has essential links with Muammar's son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who is a suspect for various crimes associated with the oil wells in Libya. The two met in their educational journey, and since they are both investors, they shared ideas. Saif attended Nathaniel's 37th birthday, and the friendship has resulted in the two visiting each other. The close relationship between the two led to the organization of a dinner in New York to honor their friendship. However, the friendship of the two is only social since they never did businesses together. Nevertheless, there are some claims that Nathaniel is interested in the oil wells in Libya.

15. He is likely to become the richest in Rothschild's family

The generation of Rothschild is wealthy, but they are putting different efforts to either maintain or increase their wealth. Nathaniel is the most hardworking in the family, and he has made several investments in various sectors, that reap profits in billions. Nathaniel is not afraid of putting any amount of money to any business in which he sees the potential. He might be the next most productive member of the family if he goes on with that enterprising spirit.

16. He made a loss of £170 million in his oil company

Business involves a lot of risks; one can either make a profit or a loss in business. Despite the high profile in the business world, Nathaniel was a victim of a significant loss of £170million in his oil company in 2017. Nathan's shares in the company in 2012 were worth £190 million, but after the company made losses, his shares dropped to a worth of £21 million. The significant decline in the company led to most of the people quitting the company, including the advisory board leaving Nathaniel nursing the £170 million loss alone.

17. He was once termed as a "puppet master."

It is always essential to ensure that we can account for the things we say against other people since failure to do so leads to them having a wrong perception on us. Nathaniel was once part of a meeting that later resulted to him being called a "puppet master." The meeting was attended by Nathaniel, Oligarch Oleg, and Lord Mandelson. He later claimed that the meeting was over a shady deal and reported it to daily mail who posted it. Daily mail then found the whole thing to be fiction and apologized to their readers. The judge rejected the shady deal claims saying that Nathan was suffering a memory loss and was not sure of what he was saying. The allegations hence led to him being called a "puppet master" by the judges.

18. He owns the yacht Planet Nine

The yacht Planet Nine is one of the most famous yachts. Nathaniel owns the 73-meter long boat built by Admiral Yachts. The yachts name is a fictitious name of the ninth planet in the solar system. It was designed in 2018 at a total cost of $100 million and has a capacity for 16 guests in 8 cabins and 26 members of the crew in 3 cabins. He was found to be the owner after a legal dispute affecting it, and the yacht is now available for sale by Nathaniel at £ 85 million after the dispute was resolved.

19. His stand on money and investment

Nathaniel believes in unity. In one of his quotes, he encourages that when brothers work together, the house will be complete. When brothers get united according to him, nobody can compete against them. This quote by Nathaniel reflects the unity that exists in the family that places them at the top as far as wealth is concerned. Another quote by him is about the control of the money and the government. He says that the government is the one that controls the issuing of money and hence to control the government, you must control the issuance of money. Most of his quotes are in the line of making more money.

20. Racehorse Nathaniel is named after him

Naming our favorite pets might be based on the people we love most. Nathaniel's mother, Lady Rothschild, used the name of her son on a horse she owned. Racehorse Nathaniel was his mother's favorite horse that participated in various competitions including that of King George IV and Queen Elizabeth in 2011.

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