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20 Things You Didn’t Know about Nayya Health

Health Insurance

Many consumers attest that they struggle to understand what their health insurance policies entail and contain. These challenges are so profound that the vast majority of them are required to purchase a very expensive product that is critical to their health plan while they are being blindfolded. The majority make their decision without even knowing what is on the other side of the door. Increased regulation in the insurance sector has pushed insurance firms to make their contracts denser, giving the average policymaker a hard time reading and understanding them. This has contributed to consumers having difficulty selecting the best policy that suits them. That is why Nayya Health was established to be a relief to such consumers and millions of Americans to help them make good decisions that fit their health plan. This write-up is a guide on Nayya Health to address 20 things that you didn’t know about this firm.

1. Nayya Health is Digital Health Broker

Nayya Health has the best analyst in the business that uses high-tech programs to analyze all the insurance products, insurance companies operating in America, and health networks. According to Nayya, they find benefit products that suit companies’ employees by acting as the organization’s trusted companion to help them explore, navigate and utilize what will benefit them in terms of the insurance that they pick. Each decision that a given organization will decide to use after their recommendation reinforces Nayya health algorithms.

2. Nayya’s Mission

This Company was established to offer solutions to millions of Americans who require health solutions but face challenges on which insurance policies to pick. Therefore, the mission of this firm is to make all Americans to be protected from scrupulous insurance firms that want to con them with finding good solutions to them through smarter health, make better financial decisions, and insurance selection.

3. Year of Establishment

Nayya Health was founded in 2019 to bring practical solutions to their consumers using Al-driven software and data science that is accurate. They offer personalized and data-driven insights that have been proven to be effective. A lot has changed in various sectors that have provided their service, which is a reprieve to many.

4. Diversity Programs

In their mission to help employees within organizations that look for their services, Nayyas ensures that everyone is catered for, including helping companies implement diversity and inclusion programs. According to Peepshr, diversity programs are important in every organization that values their internal staffs to create inclusivity by accepting each person is different and should be treated well to achieve their potential, and this can help them bring positive impact at work. Nayya can help an organization on which steps to carry to become all-inclusive. They also practice the same by picking their employees from diverse backgrounds.

5. Carry out Research

When Nayya starts their expatriate work at an organization to help them find a plan that suits them all, they will conduct interviews by asking them a series of questions regarding their lifestyle, location, and more. For instance, according to their research, they have established that people who ride bicycles to work have higher chances of being involved in road accidents than those who walk, drive to work, or use public transport. Therefore, they may need emergency services. This helps them find a health program solution perfect for them.

6. Financial Solutions

Nayya Health helps consumers with educational programs to save their money. The benefit solutions that they bring from the time a person enrolls with them; can help them pick benefits solutions that will save so much money. For instance, you can utilize their automated claims assistance program to help you unearth cost savings opportunities. Employees will also be guided on best-saving methods, managing their funds, and using them when they want their claims.

7. Nayya Health Founders

This firm that has experienced tremendous growth over the few years after it started was established in 2019 by two brilliant individuals called Sina Chehrazi and Akash Magoon to provide health solutions. Many people seeking health solutions were having challenges making a decision. The two investors have become successful in the services they offer that have made them appear in the Forbes magazine for the top rich individuals CEOs. Sina Chehrazi studied at Georgetown Law and Georgetown Business School. On the other hand, Akash Magoon attained a Bachelor of Arts/Science degree at the University of Maryland, College Park.

8. Nayya’s Health Investors

Nayya Health has about sixteen investors who believe in its mission. Some of them include Transformation Capital, which deals in Growth and Expansion, Bow Capital that ventures in the capital. CNO Financial Group deals in Holding Company, ICONIQ Capital, which handles Family Office. SempreVirens Venture Capital also deals in Venture Capital. Other strategic angels are SemperVirens, Soma Capital, Guardian Strategic Ventures, Social Leverage, and more, according to PitchBook, majority of these investors are minority shareholders.

9. Nayya Board Members

Nayya Health has three board members who oversee the company operation, planning and other duties. They include Caroline Xie, who represents ICONIQ Capital. Her role is Board observer. The other two are Board Members, namely Tilli Kalisky-Bannett of SVB Capital and Victoria Treyger of Felicis Ventures.

10. Nayya Platform

Nayya Health platform powerful data science systems and AI to get accurate information that will suit their consumers. This platform is powered by billions of customer statistics points, millions of claims records and thousands of data assimilations. These data are generated scientifically and analyzed with experts to help consumers properly decide their health programs during open registrations, qualifying life events, and new employee onboarding.

11. Nayyas Health Products

Nayyar health products are solution-based programs that can help employees make the right decision regarding their health programs and save money. These products include a personalized decision support engine system designed to help employees in an organization pick the right health plan that suits their lifestyles when they enroll. They also have an automated system that helps employees with their healthcare claims. Another product benefits engagement solutions that can help staff save their money. This is a new product that the Company is bringing to its AI-driven customers.

12. Company Base

This Company, after its formation, set its base in Union Square, New York, in the United States. For any solution-based services, you can check on their websites to reach them through all their socials such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

13. Nayya is built on Customization and Flexibility

The management has invested in high technology that is highly configurable. This platform that contains millions of consumers’ data is flexible enough and designed to meet all your healthcare needs. Supposing you have been overpaying your insurance premiums, or you want to reverse the bad decision you made about your selected benefit choices. Nayyar experts will help you during the onboarding process into their system to integrate and configure the Nayya Health platform with your organization to help employees. You can use open enrollment to cancel a bad choice health insurance cover that you pick. Nayya will help you pick the right programs that suit your needs. You can indicate dropping out on that cover, including the provider’s protocols.

14. Nayya Health is Strategic

When Nayya Health was established, the mission was simple, to solve problems that millions of people in America were facing when looking for the best health programs to register. The mission of this firm was to bring transparency which was lacking from various insurance firms offering those services so that employees can pick and manage their healthcare plans. According to Craft, Nayya’s strategic plan bears fruit because many people have onboarded on their platform because of the transparency they bring in the heath sector. Craft stats indicate that entrepreneurs’ roundtable discussions have backed Nayya for their work of simplifying the selection process and managing employee’s benefits. The transparency of the Company has helped it raise over $2.7 million to help in its mission.

15. Nayya Help Organization Increase their Engagement

Nayya has a specialist in all fields who ensures that the Company can serve across many sectors and handle all products, such as voluntary products that stand alone. They can support an organization with their client’s strategies. They also can improve voluntary benefits and increase enrollment chances by about 30 to 40 percent. Their research and recommendation bring about the individualized benefit that employees can get recommendations based on scientific data and ecommerce experiences incorporated with demographic data and medical data.

16. Dedicated Care Team

Dealing with Nayya is the most amazing experience one can enjoy. The support teams of this organization and their onboarding specialists will take you through the entire step of the implementation process so that you don’t face any challenges on the way. This ensures that your organization’s benefits decisions are embedded within a stipulated time.

17. Human Capital Services

Besides dealing with Application Software, Nayya also ventures into Human Capital Services. They offer administrative services such as employee training, recruitment, executive search, and headhunting. Other services include HR advisory, outsourcing, and process reviews. These services are tailored to ensure that an organization gets the right personnel by conducting proper background checks of candidates before recommending them. Companies that use professional companies that offer Human Capital Services when hiring can get the right people to plan if they are not able to find them so that they move their business forward with individuals with the right skills and experience.

18. Nayya Patents

Nayya specialists have engineered two documents. The company has a patent to prevent other direct competitors in the market like Jelly vision from Chicago from making, inventing, using, or selling it. The two documents they patented in 2021 are “Machine-learning driven real-time data” and “Machine-learning driven data analysis.” They are very active in offering solutions to their clients.

19. Nayya’s Feature

This cloud-based system that is the most sorts after the program by many organizations to improve their performance has the following features: Benefits Management, Employee Onboarding, Benefit Dashboard, Benefits Administration Outsourcing, Activity Dashboard, Employee Benefits Administration, API, Reporting/Analytics, Online Benefits Enrollment, FMLA Administration, and Employee Self Service. These features are all exclusive for an organization’s need which you will not find anywhere, even from competitors offering the same services. Basically, there is everything for anyone. The system can give an organization and its employees a personalized experience that integrates AI and Large data that it pulls from all the relevant places and sorts them to ensure that they are accurate to suit everyone’s needs.

20. Nayya’s Net Worth

At the end of the financial year, December 2021, Nayya’s tremendous growth in every sector looking for their application made their revenues surge seven, another milestone that the Company achieved due to the benefits solutions and personalized solutions program they are offering to their esteemed customers. The Company banked about $55 million in the funding that it received for its artificial intelligence building program that will enable consumers to find benefits that suit their needs. The company has raised over $106M today. The reason why Nayya has recorded an inspiring sevenfold growth in terms of revenue is due to the substantial investment the Company has carried out, prominent awards it has received, and the two new patent products it has, which are unique and empowering to many of their customers to enjoy health insurance plans and other services.


If you are looking for the best effective platform in health insurance plans that use tax-efficient healthcare accounts and can find your employees’ lower pharmacies to buy drugs, please consider Nayya. It is there to bring various health solutions that you need. It is one of the trusted when it comes to insurance plans in the United States with over 400 customers. The growth of this Company underscores the influence of data in the direction of empowering employee benefits picks. This is something that the Nayya Management team understands, and they are coming up with cutting-edge products and solutions that are integral to various companies’ needs.

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