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Why Are the New Balance 992 Models So Expensive?

New Balance 992

New Balance just relaunched the Balance 99X series, and the New Balance 992 is already rocking the market. Like every shoe in the line, this new model prioritizes stability, quality, comfort, and of course, style. But why is the NB992 so expensive? According to Sneaker News, the standard pricing for the New Balance 992 is $175. Let’s take a peek into this show’s history, design quality, and selling points.

History of the Balance 99X Series

The sneaker market is arguably oversaturated with endless new colorways and news of groundbreaking collaborations every other week. In such an environment, not very many sneakers get to leave a mark, but the New Balance 99X sneaker line has cemented its place in history. New Balance launched the 99X series in 1982 upon the release of the first model, the 990. The company combines serious technology, fit, and comfort to create the best sneaker for the American runner. As the jogging boom died down, the shoes found a new market as people started turning to sneakers to complete their casualwear. At the time, the New Balance was the most expensive show of its kind, selling for $100. This distinction served to lift its status symbol and appeal to casual sneakerheads and runners alike.

How the Balance 99X Series Gained Popularity

Although the 99X series debuted to groundbreaking success, it earned its stride in 2001 when tech mogul Steve Jobs made the New Balance 991 part of his famed outfit. His iconic, unchanging wardrobe now included the black turtle neck, blue jeans, round glasses, and New Balance sneakers as noted by The Atlantic. When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in 2007, he did so in a pristine pair of New Balance 992 sneakers, and the world noticed – a new era of non-ironic dad shoe fashion was born. Jobs could not get enough of the 992, and some reports even claimed that he shared a design sketch with Jim Davis, New Balance chairman, for his ideal sneaker. While we might never know whether the sketch story is true, Jobs’ association with the brand served to elevate the New Balance line to greater heights. This was, of course, in addition to the Abzorb SBS shock absorption technology used in the insole, forefoot, and heel, which the company took three years to produce as well as the fact that the shoe was manufactured in the USA. The 992 enjoyed immense popularity and was the costliest model from the line until New Balance discontinued it in 2010.

Relaunch of the Balance 992

In 2020, amid the pandemic, something amazing happened in the sneaker world – the 992 began to regain mainstream prominence. The return of the 992 was both authentic and organic. It did not come with an over-the-top, extensive budget relaunch campaign or social media push. It just came back, and fans could not be happier. While the 2020 edition maintains many fundamental features of the original 2006 edition, its construction features several updates. New Balance adopted an OrthoLite sock liner swapping out the Abzorb insole. Sam Pearce, New Balance’s Creative Design Manager for footwear, confirmed that the team designed the new version to be similar to the original. “This is something our Domestically Made platform is most proud of. Build quality and material spec will never be compromised,” Pearce says.

New Balance 992 Design

If you are looking for a sleek pair of sneakers that is both comfortable on your feet and a modern fashion statement, look no further than the New Balance 992. The model is made for the jogger and is fitted with versatile, breathable mesh material topped with durable suede overlay layers. The midsole is both thick and wide, offering reliable stability and lightweight cushioning. For added comfort, the show also has padded cushioning on the tongue and heel. Overall, the design takes into account both ergonomics and style. This, and the New Balance’s reputation in the market, might explain the hefty price tag.

Who Should Buy the New Balance 992?

Anyone looking for an adaptable, comfortable, and wearable sneaker that can be worn anytime and anywhere is the target market for the Balance 992. This sneaker is the ideal shoe for people who prioritize comfort and don’t like the heaviness of regular dad sneakers. If you enjoy stable, firm footwear, you cannot go wrong with the 992. Generally, the 992 is one of the most comfortable shoe models you will ever own. It stands out from other sneakers in terms of technical details like stability, leather quality, and sole firmness. The cushioned insole, padded heel collar, soft lining, and arch support hug your feet so perfectly it’s like walking on air. This show prioritizes the company’s core values: universal appeal, authentic American craftsmanship, and unrivaled fit and comfort.

Possible Drawbacks of the Balance 992

Although this shoe is great on many accounts, some consumers have complained about the finishing. According to several reviewers, the midsole panel of the sneakers shows some glue stains, and other parts of the shoe have loose threads. That aside, however, many other consumers confirm that the New Balance 992 is more comfortable than the New Balance 991. Because of the shock-absorbing technology incorporated into the forefoot and heel, your NB 992 will likely not flatten after years of use. New Balance made the NB 992 for stability whether you are jogging in the park or walking to work. Through and through, the material is stable, comfortable, and breathable. The complaints by some reviewers are minor and unlikely to compromise your experience.


The New Balance 992 is a costly investment for two reasons. First, the show is part of the 99X series legacy that has been cultivated for over 40 years. From the 990 inaugural model to the 2006 version that Steve Jobs brought to the limelight, New Balance has made a name for itself, and any of its releases are bound to fetch a good price. Secondly, the timeless design. New Balance’s strong identity is backed up by an entire line of comfortable, firm, and sleek shoes. Fans have come to expect quality craftsmanship from the company, and the Balance 992 delivers on all fronts.

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