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10 Things You Didn't Know About Nik Storonsky

Nik Storonsky

Nik Storonsky is a businessman and entrepreneur who serves as the current CEO of Revolut. He is celebrated as one of the youngest businessmen to achieve international success in the financial industry. He provides a good example for young entrepreneurs who are pursuing a career in this field. Here are 10 things about Nik that you probably didn't know, but might find inspiring.

1. Nik Storonsky is the founder of Revolut

In addition to running the company as chief executive officer, Nik also established Revolut. He knows how he wants his business ran and so he does it himself. Nik puts in long hours to oversee the thriving financial business. After gaining experience working for other firms, Storonsky learned a great deal about what it takes to be successful in financials and he decided to put his own skills to the test and founded Revolut, according to Crunchbase.

2. Storonsky has a solid educational background

Before Mr. Storonsky entered the financials job market he took the time to complete his education in preparation. He attended the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. It's a State University in Russia. He earned his Master of Science in General and Applied Physics. He also continued forward to earn a master of Applied economics and Finance at New Economic School. Nik possesses two master's degrees in different disciplines.

3. He is highly respected as an authority in his field

We also learned from Crunchbase that Nik Storonsky is in high demand as a presenter and guest speaker on finance. He has participated in a total of 84 business-related events either as a guest speaker or offering his wisdom or advisement in some other capacity. His most recent appearance was at the Arctic 15 2020 in Stockholm Sweden. This is an event that is hosted for startups, corporates, media, business partners, and investors.

4. Nik Started as a trader

Before starting his own company, Nik Storonsky began his career working for other firms. According to his Linkedin page, His first job out of high school was with Lehman Brothers. he joined the firm in 2006 working as an equity derivatives trader. He stayed at the job for 2 years, leaving in 2008. His next job was with the Credit Suisse firm working the same type of job. He stayed with Credit Suisse until June of 2013, spending five and a half years with his second employer.

5. Nik Storonsky is a billionaire

According to Forbes, Storonsky has been very successful in his business endeavors. His real-time net worth is estimated at $1.1 billion as of December 2020. Given the sketchy economics of the world, this is a remarkable achievement.

6. Revolut is a diverse financial company

We also learned that Revolut is a UK based financial services business that offers a variety of products. Revolut provides global transfer payments and budgeting services, as well as surcharge-free ATM operations and currency exchanges. Nik was wise to start a company that provides services that are used worldwide daily. Unless there is a financial revolution and we all move to paperless commerce, there will always be a high demand for these services. The company is one of the top unicorns in Europe with more than 10 million returning customers.

7. He is on the Forbes prestigious lists

Nik Storonsky is listed on one of Forbes' prestigious lists of who is who. He is number 1851 on their list of Billionaires for 2020. He is classified as a self-made billionaire in the fintech industry. This means that he earned the bulk of his fortune without outside assistance from others, inheritance, or other means. He earned this status largely through his own skills, knowledge, and efforts.

8. He is one of the youngest in his class

Nik Storonsky is only 36 years old. According to Forbes, this places him in a few unique categories. He meets the criteria for being a billionaire, and also a billionaire who has made his fortune before reaching the age of 40 years. Few successful businessmen make it to this degree of success, and those who do achieve billionaire status in the self-made category usually build their fortunes over many decades. Nik has done it in a remarkably short period of time.

9. He is a family man

In addition to being a busy executive in charge of running his own very successful company, Nik Storonsky has another passion. He managed to find the time to meet a special lady, fall in love, and marry. Nik and his wife are the parents of two children. They all live together at their residence in London, England. This is where the headquarters for Resolute is based. Although Storonsky attended college in Moscow, Russia, he is officially listed as a citizen of the United Kingdom.

10. Nik authors a weekly blog

Storonsky runs his company very well. He maintains open communication with his staff and publishes a blog that keeps everyone up to date on the happenings at Resolut. We were impressed with his posts, which address both big and small issues that pop up within the company. It's good to see an executive make the time to discuss the small details of the business and rumors that go around the company. Nik has posted informational blogs about the history of Resolut, the present, and where they plan to go in the future. He sends warm greetings to all members of the staff and talks about the culture of the company so everyone remains on the same page. This is the kind of transparency that makes everyone feel important and in the loop, unlike so many large companies that only give out information as needed. Nik Storonsky may be young, but he has a firm handle on what it means to lead his team respectfully and straightforwardly.

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