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10 Things You Didn't Know about Nilesh Patel

Nilesh Patel

Nilesh Patel is the co-founder and CEO of LeadSquared, a Bengaluru-based firm that targets small business marketers across the world. He is widely experienced in sales and marketing as well as engineering and has helped the company grow tremendously. Here is a breakdown of 10 top facts you probably didn’t know about Nilesh Patel.

1. He Launched LeadSquared

Before launching LeadSquared, Patel founded another company called Proteans alongside co-founders Prashant and Sudhakar. The three conceived the idea of helping companies generate leads and improve their sales. They worked with B2B (companies that sell to other companies and organizations) and B2C (companies that sell to consumers) companies and identified several sales and marketing gaps in the latter. From this, the idea of LeadSquared was born. The key motivation was to create sales and marketing automation software to help B2C companies increase their sales and reduce their lead leakage to zero. LeadSquared’s software includes a lead distribution engine that allows companies to target their marketing messages more effectively and get faster responses.

2. He Works with a Wide Range of Clients

Nilesh Patel’s LeadSquared caters to B2C businesses – businesses selling directly to consumers – that use online, mobile, and offline mediums. These organizations generate large lead volumes through several channels and close using field sales teams, email interactions, or telemarketing setups. In turn, LeadSquared facilitates the conversion of leads to possible sales by ensuring efficiency in lead generation. The software is popular in a wide range of industries, including Travel and Hospitality, Health and Wellness, Real Estate, Education, and Financial Services. LeadSquared also works with India’s K12 education company. Patel has confirmed that the company has been able to get several million leads from online and offline sources without leakages by using LeadSquared software. According to Patel, it has also raised its audience engagement by more than 50 percent and its sales closure rate per representative by over 100 percent.

3. He Founded Proteans

As mentioned, Patel started another company before he launched LeadSquared. The company, Proteans, was a recognized world leader in the software product development industry. During his time as the co-founder and CEO, Patel helped Proteans grow from scratch until it was employing 350 employees and serving more than 100 ISVs across Europe and North America. Proteans was later acquired by Symphony Teleca. According to remarks made by Patel in an interview with Scripbox, he and his co-founders used the funds earned from selling Proteans plus angel funding to launch their new company LeadSquared.

4. He Was Raised in a Middle Class Family

Nilesh Patel was raised in a middle class family by farmer parents. Thanks to his background, he understands the importance of not using the money you do not have, which is why he used the capital he got from selling Proteans to launch LeadSquared. Patel has confirmed that he managed the funding he got from Proteans carefully so that starting a new company had little impact on his lifestyle. For example, he bought a house, arranged to pay for his child’s school for several years, and planned for an emergency. His attention to planning is clear in how he runs LeadSquared.

5. He Is a Trained Engineer

In an interview with India Infoline, Patel said that he grew up in a village near Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He schooled there and lived with his grandmother and, when asked about his ambitions, often said he wanted to go back to the village and farm. However, later in life, he felt called to pursue engineering. He met this need by joining the Delhi Institute of Technology, now called NSIT Delhi, where he completed an engineering degree. This was before he founded Proteans.

6. He Is Dedicated to Improving Sales for His Clients

Nilesh Patel established LeadSquared to create a lead generation and marketing automation engine. He has dedicated his career to helping businesses in high volume, high velocity sale setups enhance their sale efficiencies and improve their sale execution. Through his work, he plans to make the LeadSquared software the go-to partner for businesses looking to boost their sales execution. Patel is a firm believer in excellent customer service and a viable product as the best ways to achieve his dream. He backs this up with his over ten-year experience in sales and marketing, which makes him crucial to LeadSquared’s success.

7. His Company Is Highly Recognized

Patel’s company, LeadSquared, was recently awarded the National Startup Award 2021. DPIIT recognized it under the Enterprise Software Category, and it has been listed on the Deloitte Fast 50 company list six times! In 2021, G2 recognized LeadSquared in their Enterprise category as a High Performer. The company was also listed in India’s Growth Champions list on the Economic Times. According to Patel, this recognition is well-deserved. LeadSquared has helped customers achieve significant improvements in their closure rates, sales, and sales processes. LeadSquared customers have also reported spending less time to close a sale and experiencing zero lead leakage.

8. He Was the VP of Sales at Symphony

Between June 2010 and June 2011, Patel worked at Symphony as the Vice President of Inside Sales. He was in charge of overseeing the inside sales organization and global demand generation. His job here helped prepare him for his job in LeadSquared as a sales and marketing expert.

9. He Is a Director at MarketXpander

Nilesh Patel serves as a director at MarketXpander Services, a role he has held since June 2011. MarketXpander is an India-based B2B lead generating and marketing company located in the Bengaluru Area. Essentially, it helps organizations build and execute marketing strategies that create high quality and consistent sales leads.

10. He Was a Staff Engineer at IBM

From July 1999 to December 2002, Nilesh Patel was a microprocessor Test tool development engineer at IBM. According to his LinkedIn profile, his job saw him work with AIX and Linux system internals and device drivers. He was also in charge of the design, creation, and support of tools built for IBM eServer architecture.


Currently, Nilesh Patel chairs the Bengaluru-based company, LeadSquared. He is a versatile leader that believes in financial literacy and perseverance as the keys to success. Thanks to his experience and leadership skills, more and more businesses are enjoying high quality marketing and lead generation through LeadSquared software.

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