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20 Things You Didn't Know About Olaplex Holdings


Olaplex Holdings is a beauty startup with a mission to improve hair health and attractiveness. The company offers lines of hair care products for use in salons and at home. It markets its products to individual consumers and businesses. Olaplex Holdings uses a science-based and technological approach in developing its hair care products. The uniqueness of Olaplex Holdings makes it attractive to investors. The company has made recent business news with its recent acquisition and attractiveness as an investment option. If you're not familiar with this company, here are twenty things you didn't know about Olaplex Holdings.

1. Olaplex Holdings is a manufacturing company

Olaplex Holdings manufactures luxury hair care products. It's a supplier for the professional hair care industry, but it also serves consumers directly. It produces shampoos, conditioners, and technologically advanced chemical formulations called bond multipliers. The business specializes in producing products that treat damaged hair. The end goals of the products are to produce visible results with improved hair health and appearance immediately, according to IPO Scoop.

2. Olaplex Holdings seeks to empower consumers

Part of the mission of Olaplex Holdings is to improve the physical appearance of its direct consumers. It accomplishes the tasks through hair care products that bond damaged hair to eliminate breakage from chemical exposure. The intended result for consumers is healthy and beautiful hair. The company has built a strong sense of community to market its innovative products to help consumers feel beautiful on the outside and on the inside, to empower them with a sense of confidence in their physical appearance. It's an impactful promise to live up to.

3. Olaplex stands out from the crowd

The beauty industry is teeming with hair care product manufacturers. Thousands of companies develop and market products aimed at repairing damage, and claim to produce more attractive and healthier hair. Olaplex Holdings stands out from its competitors in the market with unique products protected by registered patents. Investopedia confirms that Olaplex Holdings has secured one hundred patents. The patents protect the scientific-based findings for developing the formulation of each hair care product. It prohibits other manufacturers from using the methods and ingredients. The result is products that are different from the others on the market today.

4. Olaplex is a publicly-traded organization

The two institutional shareholders filed for an IPO for Olaplex Holdings on August 27, 2025. The official IPO date occurred on September 30, 2021. Olaplex opened trading with shares estimated to price between $17 to $19 each, surprising them with a $21 per share offer. 73.7 million shares of the stock were sold at the offering, increasing the initial 67 million offered from the exercise of a greenshoe option. Olaplex Holdings is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol OLPX.O.

5. Olaplex had a successful IPO

The Initial Public Offering for Olaplex Holdings proved to be a wise strategy. Shareholders were pleased as the day raised over $1.5 billion in stock sales and trades. The ending price of the stock at the close of the IPO was $23.73 per share. The closing price far exceeded the estimated $17 to $19 per share figure. Investors jumped at the chance to get in on the ground floor of stocks offered on its first official day of trading.

6. Olaplex Holdings is a unicorn company

The first day of trading for Olaplex Holdings increased the valuation of the company to far above the required amount to achieve unicorn status. It joined the elite group of businesses with a valuation of $1 billion or more. Olaplex Holdings benefited from the $1.5 billion increase to shareholders in many ways. The ending price of the stock shares for the week at $23.73 per share resulted in Olaplex Holdings achieving a valuation of over $15 billion. That's fifteen times the amount necessary to achieve unicorn status. It's a decacorn with room to spare.

7. Olaplex Holdings was acquired by a larger company

Olaplex maintained its independence as a privately owned company until it was acquired by Advent International in January 2020. Advent International is a private equity firm. The company now owns 78.9 percent of the voting power of the common stock. Olaplex is no longer independent. It is categorized as a controlled company. The special classification exempts Olaplex from some corporate governance requirements. For example, it is not required to have an independent board of directors or compensation committee.

8. Olaplex became profitable in 2021

Olaplex Holdings became a profitable business as of June 30, 2021. It brought in $152.1 million in net sales and generated $49.4 million in net income. It's an exciting time for the company that started on a shoestring.

9. Olaplex is founded on a family tradition

Dean Christal is the founder and former chief executive officer of Olaplex Holdings. He was inspired by the family business, to launch a hair care products company. His father was the owner of 26 beauty distribution outlets. His mother was a licensed hairdresser. She owned a salon that she ran out of the family home. Dean grew up in an environment that exposed him to multiple aspects of the hair care industry. He understood the various aspects of what consumers wanted and how to give it to them. He founded Olaplex with three main products intended for professionals in the hair care business. The company expanded and added more products as it developed further and became more profitable.

10. The Olaplex Holdings website uses a complicated array of technologies

Crunchbase confirms that Olaplex Holdings uses a high number of technologies to power its website. Few companies actively use this many. The total number of technologies in use is 144. These 144 technologies are distributed across 48 technology products and services to ensure that visitors to the website enjoy a smooth and seamless experience. Some of the products and services include jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, iPhone Mobile Compatible, SPF, Viewport Metal, and several dozen others.

11. The Olaplex Holdings website has a high volume of web traffic

Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Olaplex Holdings website each month. The analytics reports show that over the past thirty days, the site received 672,329 visits. This number places Olaplex as number 66,601 of the millions of websites registered on the World Wide Web.

12. Olaplex Holdings is the most popular in the United States

Olaplex Holdings is an American company. Most of the web traffic comes from people in the United States. 18 percent of the web traffic is from the US. Nine percent of the web traffic is from people in the United Kingdom. Four percent of the web traffic is from Canada. Two percent of the visitors are from Australia, reflecting a 15.31 percent increase in monthly web traffic. One percent of website visits come from Italy, reflecting a 65.61 percent increase in monthly visits. The takeaway is that international interest in Olaplex Holdings is on the rise. This data is valuable for those in charge of strategic planning. It shows where interest is highest and where more work in marketing is needed.

13. Olaplex Holdings has a small executive leadership team

The executive leadership team at Olaplex Holdings is small yet effective. JuE Wons is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member of Olaplex. Darcy Christal is a co-founder. Dean Christal is the owner of the company and co-founder. He was the first CEO of the company but stepped down from the position.

14. Olaplex Holdings' Board of Directors has one member

There is just one member on the Olaplex Holdings Board of Directors. Olaplex meets the legal definitions that allow the business to function legally without a Board. Although not required, it has established an advisory position. Janet Gurwitch joined the Board of Directors as its sole member in May of 2020. She is an Operating Partner at Advent International. She has founded two organizations and currently serves on four boards of directors in advisory roles. She brings years of entrepreneurial and executive management experience to the table.

15. Olaplex Holdings invested in one other company

Olaplex Holdings began investing in other businesses in July of 2021. It assisted with the fundraising efforts for a company called Arcaea. Arcaea is a business that focuses on building new foundations for the beauty industry. Its research and development focus on expressive biology. The company has a total funding amount of $78 million and shows promise of producing a reasonable return on investments. Its headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. The mission of Arcaea is in line with the values of Olaplex Holdings. They didn't disclose how much Olaplex Holdings invested in Arcaea.

16. Olaplex Holdings is currently hiring

The LinkedIn page for Olaplex confirms that the company is hiring. It's run on a small crew since its inception in 2014 and is now expanding its workforce. We noticed that the company posted thirteen new job openings. They advertised the jobs for candidates in Los Angeles, California, and New York, New York. All of the jobs are for remote workers. Olaplex is expanding and growing its workforce to get ready for another burst of growth to keep up with the current demand for its products.

17. Olaplex is an innovative tech company

Olaplex uses technology and science to drive the development and production of its hair-care products. Olaplex is unlike some other companies that rely on formulations. Olaplex actively researches ways to develop science-based treatments for damaged hair. They seek to restore the natural health and beauty of hair. The products cover all hair types, so nobody is left out. They offer a complete product line that includes professional-grade hair care products for beauty salons, with consumers granted access to buy the products for home use. Olaplex is an innovative tech-based research, development, manufacturing, and distribution company in the beauty industry.

18. Olaplex moved to a fully remote environment

Oalplex has changed the structure of its company to provide a fully remote environment. It has done so because of the recent and ongoing pandemic that put the health and safety of employees at risk when gathering as a group. As a result, the employees of the company enjoy a flexible collaboration with the company and an environment that encourages honesty and shared core values for ensuring the success of Olaplex. It's in line with the current trend of more people desiring to work from home because of the convenience it affords.

19. Olaplex is making some changes to come into compliance with new regulations

Any industry that provides personal care products is bound by regulatory rules and statutes to ensure the ongoing health and safety of the public. The same is true for hair care products. Because of recent changes and new regulations, Olaplex Holdings is hiring a Director of Regulatory and Compliance to ensure that the new rules are understood and carried out to the letter. Olaplex is a socially responsible company that puts the welfare of its clients at the top of the priorities list. It's looking for ways to improve its product lines while observing all applicable rules and regulations, and documenting its processes to prove that it's acting responsibly.

20. Olaplex is a stock worth considering

Anyone interested in making new investments for portfolio diversification should consider Olaplex Holdings as an option. My Wall Street points out that Olaplex is a solid company with a healthy outlook for the future. While investing in any stock is a risk, the growth prospects are solid. Brand loyalty is growing and Olaplex has weathered the pandemic crisis expertly. It doesn't hurt to keep an eye on the stock and discuss your options with your financial advisor. Olaplex is a company that bears watching.

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