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A Closer Look at The Oris Limited-Run Hölstein Edition 2022

Oris Limited-Run Hölstein Edition 2022

Oris is known for its experimentation in horological circles. Not all of its offerings have met with a positive response, but the Holstein collection is one that fans of the brand look forward to each year. It's formed the habit of making a new release for those collecting the models in the line. Some of the best-selling models have been under the family name of the Holstein. Oris is releasing a brand new version of the timepiece they call the Oris Limited-Run Holstein Edition 2022. It's a new watch that is scheduled for release as a part of the 2022 contribution to the Holstein collection from Oris, and it deserves a closer look.

Inspiration for the Oris Holstein Edition 2022

A Blog To Watch explains that Oris designed a model in 1988 called the Oris Full Steel. The timepiece bore luxury features with a world time complication. The upcoming edition gives a nod to the 1990s model in a recreation of its vintage appeal with similarities that modernize the Full Steel and birth a new personality with the distinct DNA of its ancestor.

The Holstein Edition 2022

The latest version of the Holstein is one that will pique the interest of collectors. It's a smaller watch featuring a stainless steel case measuring 36.5 mm in width and a depth of 11.7 mm. The dimensions are the same as the Oris Full Steel, with hooded lugs that make intense curves into the bracelet. The sides of the case are brightly polished with notched crown guards integrated into the design. The crown is also stainless steel, complemented by the smoothly polished surface of the bezel. Twin pushers are set to the sides at 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock. The case back is sealed to accomplish water resistance of up to 50 meters, which is less than expected, but it's an effort. It's a sporty design with a detailed engraving of the Oris Bear mascot in an open-cockpit aircraft as the pilot. The dial of the 2022 Edition of the Oris Holstein is similar to the 1990s version of the Full Steel with texturing in a midnight blue color with a recessed ring for the hours display and a brighter hue of blue for the subdials. The time is presented in applied Arabic-styled numerals with a luminous coating to project illumination in low light conditions for better visibility of the time when the sun goes down. Another notable feature of the ideal is a full second-time zone display with an indicator for day and night for the subdial at 3 o'clock. Monochrome Watches points out the finer details of the date window with its triple-beveling effect at the 6 o'clock position.

The movement

The Oris Holstein Edition 2022 is powered by an Oris 690 world time movement. It is a version of the ETA 2836 with modernization. It's a complex movement with a power reserve of only 38 hours. It beats at a rate of 4 Hz or 28,800 vibrations per hour featuring a bidirectional rotor. The rotor is a signature feature of Oris. The watchmaker added an in-house component to the movement for adjusting local time. It's the same movement found in Oris's Big Crown ProPilot Worldtimer. The bracelet is stainless steel in a three-link oyster style. The finish on the center links is mirror polished to give it a luxury aesthetic. It fastens to the wrist via a clasp-style closure for added security. The styling of the metal bracelet compliments the mixture of brushed and polished finishes of the case and bezel.

Price and availability

The Oris Holstein Limited Run Holstein Edition 2022 is scheduled to make its debut to the world sometime in June 2022. It will be available through the Oris website for a price of $4300, according to Fratello Watches. It's the annual update that Oris faithfully delivers to add one more piece to its Holstein collection. This year, the manufacturer is basing its latest creation on a model from the past. Oris has set a strict limit on the number of examples it will produce. They've allocated a limited production run of just 250 pieces for distribution throughout the world.

Review of the Oris Holstein Edition 2022 watch

Oris has been generous in supplying us with the details and specifications of its newest release. It's a reiteration of one of the brand's most beloved timepieces with a few close calls in the family lineage throughout the years. The Holstein Edition 2022 watch has a few shortcomings that some may find fault with. The screw-down case back only presents a low water resistance of up to 50 meters, which could have been improved upon, but then again, it's not a diver. It's a worldtimer with multiple complications that gives it a pass for the lack of waterproofing. It's the ideal accessory for the world traveler who prefers to track time in two zones simultaneously. It's a functional and attractive timepiece that offers one more option. As for its value, the price of $4,300 represents a decent value for a luxury timepiece with multiple complications and rarity from the moment of its release. The limited number of examples released makes it a collectible piece from day one. The model will likely be in scarce supply by the end of the first week of sales.

Final thoughts

Given the popularity of the Oris Holstein collection's other pieces, it's likely that the latest rendition will go fast. It's a highly anticipated event that collectors and fans of the model await each year. Oris is known for its innovations and willingness to experiment with new technologies and approaches to watchmaking, so you never know what it'll offer next. Our initial impressions are positive and we foresee the special limited edition going quickly. If you're hoping to secure yours, it's time to contact the manufacturers for more details about availability.

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