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The 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Portland, OR


If you’re looking for a Personal Injury lawyer in Portland, OR, you’ve come to the right place. Suffering a personal injury as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault can be a traumatic experience. A loss in income, lost earning potential, hefty medical bills, life-changing injuries… the litany of problems and challenges faced by the families and victims of auto accidents, slip and fall cases, defective products, and various other incidents doesn’t exactly make for light reading. If you’re looking for justice, finding the right Personal Injury lawyer to represent you can make all the difference between you winning the compensation you deserve, and having yet another out-of-pocket expense to add to the list. But sometimes, that can feel easier said than done. There’s no shortage of Personal Injury lawyers around, but finding a good one may take a little more legwork than you’d expect. To help out, we’ve rounded up the ten best Personal Injury Lawyers in Portland, OR. Here, in ascending order, they are.

10. Joanne Reisman

With a 10.0 Lawyer rating on, Personal Injury lawyer Joanne Reisman enjoys excellent standing in her profession and an understandably in-demand status among Oregon residents who’ve suffered a personal injury or accident. Free case screenings are offered, while contingent fee arrangements can be made to ensure you don’t pay unless you win.

9. Marcia L Alvey

Marcia L Alvey has been practicing for over 30 years, and all that experience shows in her reputation for winning fair (not to mention substantial) settlements and verdicts for her clients. Current accolades include a 10.0 Superb rating on and an AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating from LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell. First consultations are free, and subsequent rates are transparent and reasonable.

8. Marc Johnston

In 2013, Marc Johnston was selected to Super Lawyers and it’s a privileged position he’s held ever since. His trial and arbitration record speaks volumes about his commitment, dedication, and tenacity at securing justice for his clients, while his approachability and responsiveness are equally commendable. Focus areas include Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury - Plaintiff, Wrongful Death, Dram Shop Laws, Construction Accident, Brain Injury, Sexual Abuse - Plaintiff, Trucking Accidents, Motor Vehicle Defects, Medical Devices, Products Liability, Medical Malpractice, Birth Injury, and Delayed or Incorrect Diagnosis, while first consultations are offered free of charge and without obligation.

7. Robert Kline

If you want a lawyer that will work tirelessly for victory, that has experience in all aspects of Personal Injury cases, and that holds an exemplary reputation for commitment, dedication, and efficiency, you may well have met your match in Robert Kline. After starting his career representing large corporations and insurance companies, he’s now switched tracks, using his experince of insurance and his passion for justice to help individuals secure the compensation they deserve. As the holder of an AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating from LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell (the mark of the highest level of professional excellence), it’s easy to understand why he’s considered one of Portland’s top advocates.

6. Cook Law

If the reviews on are anything to go by, Cook Law is the kind of law firm we’d all want on our side. Going by the banner of “personable, efficient, and innovative legal services when you need it”, the firm has an outstanding record in negotiation, arbitration, and dispute resolution, delivering big victories and substantial settlements to the victims and families of personal injury and accidents cases.

5. Justin Johnson

As the founding partner of Kroll & Johnson, P.C., Justin Johnson has developed a reputation for fairness, transparency, and diligence. Regardless of the size of the case, Johnson prides himself on offering each client a personalized, dedicated service – and the results speak for themselves, as the reviews on attest. As one particularly grateful client puts it “Sometimes, when life takes you by storm, you need more than just an attorney. You need an advocate. You need a friend. Justin and Reed Johnson were those lawyers, advocates, those friends I needed when I was wrongfully injured. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Justin and Reed.”

4. Travis Mayor

Whether your case involves an auto, bicycle, boating, bus or motorcycle accident, an industrial or large truck accident, dangerous or defective products, distracted driving, or a premises liability & workplace injury, Travis Mayor could be just the lawyer to get you the justice (and the compensation) you deserve. Highly regarded among both his peers and his clients for his tactical, aggressive approach and zealous advocacy, his track record in winning verdicts and settlements is hard to reproach. First consultations are free, and his transparent approach to doing business will ensure you won’t be landed with any unexpected expenses down the line.

3. Jon Friedman

Ranked by Three Best Rated as one of the top three Personal Injury lawyers in Portland, Jon Friedman specializes in a broad range of Personal Injury cases, including Truck, Train, Airplane, Auto, Bicycle, Boating, Bus, Construction, Motorcycle and Pedestrian Accidents, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Professional Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Birth Injury, Bone Fracture, Brain Injury and Burn Injury. Active since 1984, he’s the kind of experienced pair of hands that will do everything possible to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

2. Robert Stanley Milesnick

Efficient, effective, and boasting a 10 rating on, few would argue that Robert Stanley Milesnick isn’t one of Portland’s most respected Personal Injury lawyers. Fewer still would suggest he doesn’t have what it take to represent the interests of his clients to the fullest extent, as his outstanding history of achieving substantial settlements attests.

1. Richard Rizk

Since establishing the Richard Rizk Law Office in 2002, Richard Rizk has emerged as one of Portland’s leading Personal Injury lawyers. As the senior lawyer of the firm, Rizk has personally settled over $15 million in claims and believes the secret to his success lies in his deep understanding of the insurance market and passion for justice. If you want a well-prepared, dedicated, and driven advocate, you’ll struggle to find better. First consultations are offered free of charge while ongoing fees are on a contingency basis, meaning no upfront bills and no danger of you shelling out if he doesn’t win.

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