Peter Szulczewski: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Wish CEO


If you have downloaded the Wish app, you would understand how addictive it really is. It is a site where you can purchase clothing, accessories, and housewares at amazing bargains. Most of the products are sent directly from China, and this app makes shopping very simple. After your order is placed, you can track your merchandise easily within the app. Currently, there are millions of Wish app users, and the man at the helm is Peter Szulczewski. Peter is the CEO of the company and if you want to know more about the man behind the company, read on.

He Has Predictions For the Company, Regardless of What People Say

Since Peter has taken over as the CEO of Wish, the company has produced over $2 billion in sales each year. According to Peter, the company will soon start bringing in $2 trillion to $3 trillion annually. Many people believe that his expectations are way too high, and this doesn’t bother him. He is positive about the company’s future and he is very focused on reaching this sales goal. He is so sure that it will happen, that he has publicly announced his expectations and he doesn’t care what the naysayers think.

He Would Rather Stay Out of the Spotlight

With Peter as the CEO of Wish, the company has broken many sales records. This has happened without much publicity. According to Peter, he wants the company to keep a low profile, which is strange considering the company makes all of its money in sales. Unlike most apps, you won’t see commercials on television promoting Wish. You will see an ad on social media from time to time, and many customers will say that they found the app thanks to word of mouth from friends and family members. Peter is a very humble man and doesn’t want all of the attention that he deserves. As long as the company is breaking records, that is all her cares about.

Peter Turned Amazon Down

According to recent reports, Amazon offered Peter $10 billion to buy Wish. Peter and his associates didn’t even consider the deal. Wish is currently bringing in a great deal of money in revenue, and Peter expects it to generate much more in the future. He believes that if he accepted Amazon’s offer, it would not be to his benefit. He is not entertaining the idea of selling. If Amazon wanted a shot at acquiring the company, they would need to offer him a lot more than $10 billion.

Peter Says Business Development Wasn’t His Strong Suit

According to Peter, he and Wish’s two other co-founders were awful at business development. Many people don’t really believe this because it is a multi billion dollar company. Peter understands that there are still kinks that need to be worked out. Some products arrive at the customers’ homes in poor condition, or the customers receive their products in the wrong size and color. Peter says that these are problems that can occur within any company. He is working on a way for the Wish management team to rectify these problems. He is also hoping that the problems won’t affect the company’s sales while they are working on solutions to the problems.

He Got the Idea For Wish While Working at Google

Peter was working for Google when he started to see how many people were shopping online through their Smartphones. It is then that he came up with the idea for a shopping app, which makes online shopping easier and more convenient. It was then that he teamed up with Danny Zhang, and they founded the company ContexLogic. This is the company that created the Wish that is making billions of dollars today.

As the CEO of Wish, Peter Was Sued

When Peter became the CEO of Wish, his company, ContexLogic was sued by Wish Atlanta. The court papers that were filed in the State of Georgia stated that Peter’s company established unfair competition with a similar name. Both sides presented their cases and after the evidence was presented, the courts ruled in favor of Peter. According to the judge, while there was some confusion for the customers, Peter didn’t do anything wrong.

Peter Doesn’t Like to Discuss the Problems With Wish

No company is perfect and Wish is no exception. Peter did an interview and he was asked about the statistics on customers who were unhappy with their Wish shopping experience. Peter didn’t have the numbers and wasn’t willing to discuss the problems. When the journalist told Peter that a woman mentioned that she didn’t mind the long wait to get her products, he seemed to relax a bit. According to Peter, he understands that there are problems that need to be worked out, however, he doesn’t want to discuss them publicly.

Peter’s First Real Job Was as a Computer Scientist

As mentioned above, Peter once worked at Google. It was there that he worked as a computer scientist. According to Peter, he enjoyed dealing with the complicated issues and then finding solutions to the problems. He has come a long way since his days at Google.

He is One of the Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40 Years Old

Forbes Magazine recently named Peter as one of the richest entrepreneurs under the age of 40. He currently has a net worth of $920 million. He does all this by staying out of the spotlight.

He Prefers Casual Dress

Most CEO’s wear a suit and tie everyday and they enjoy it. Peter is the exact opposite. He rarely does televised interviews because he is camera shy. When he does an interview, you will find him in wrinkled jeans that look like they were left in the dryer too long. According to Peter, he would rather dress like a computer tech rather than the CEO of a major corporation.

Peter is a very down to Earth guy and is also extremely successful in what he does. If you want to know more about Peter and his company, you can start by downloading the Wish app. Beware, however, once you download the app, you could become addicted.

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