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10 Things you Didn't Know about Peter Szulczewski


Peter Szulczewski is rising to the top of the ecommerce industry with his innovative marketing strategies that are bringing in multiple millions in sales. They're giving Walmart and similar retail chains some pretty stiff competition. He's the CEO of the Wish shopping app. Under his leadership the company controls a selection of ecommerce apps leading consumers to products that can be purchased at some of the lowest prices on the web. It is a bargain hunter's dream come true.

This remarkable success can be attributed to Szulczewski's leadership abilities and creative strategies. We know that he is the co-founder and CEO of the company. We realize that he's great at managing online sales and generating huge profits, but what do we really know about him? He's an interesting individual and we've found ten things about him that you probably didn't know.

1. Peter Szulczewski doesn't care what people think about his business projections.

Under his leadership, Wish has grown to a company that produces more than two billion dollars in sales and he has stated that he believes the company will rise to between two and three trillion annually soon. Although many people think that these figures are a bit lofty, he doesn't really care. He is focused, positive and believes that it will happen regardless of what the nay sayers may think within the next eight to ten years.

2. He prefers to stay out of the spot light.

Although the company is making record sales, there hasn't been a lot of publicity about Wish and that's the way he likes it. Peter and his associates are trying to maintain a low profile which we find a bit odd for a sales based business. He is a humble man who doesn't like to have the attention focused upon himself. The online company is doing well and that seems to be his main concern.

3. Peter Szulczewski walked away from a ten billion dollar acquisition deal.

Recent news revealed that Amazon made an attempt to get in on the action by offering to purchase Wish. Peter and his associates have no interest in making the deal, particularly since they ar doing so well at the time. They are confident that Wish will continue to generate enormous revenues and it doesn't appear that the deal offered by Amazon would be to their benefit. He was clear that he isn't interested in selling and if he did it would have to be much more than what Amazon offered.

4. Szulczewski admitted that he and his two founding associates were "just horrible at business development."

He went on to say "honestly, we sucked." This hasn't seemed to stop them from creating a multi billion dollar giant in online shopping apps. Some of the problems that the company still deals with are products that arrive in poor condition or in the wong size or color. These are mistakes that can be made by any company, but it seems to happen a lot to consumers using the wish app. We're not sure how the Wish management team is going to address the problem yet, or if it will impact their sales.

5. Szulczewski also founded the ContextLogic company in 2010 along with Danny Zhang.

He formerly worked at Google. This is where he got his initial idea for Wish. Seeing how people were turning more to online shopping from smart phones, the technology and services that Wish provides are some of the most sought after. He's made it a great go so far.

6. Peter's company was sued by Wish Atlanta for establishing unfair competition with a similar name.

He was named as the CEO on the court papers that were filed in the State of Georgia. After all of the evidence was presented, the courts ruled in favor of ContextLogic. Although there was some confusion among customers, Wish had not done anything illegal in their practices.

7. Peter Szulczewski sidesteps issues that make him uncomfortable.

In a recent interview he was asked about the stats on customers who were not pleased with their shopping experiences with Wish. He either didn't have the numbers or was unwilling to discuss them. He obviously bristled when he heard that a customer said that she didn't mind the long waits to get her products. There are things that he wishes that he could improve, but he's not interested in discussing many of them publicly.

8. Peter started out as a computer scientist.

He worked at Google for over six years tackling some of the larger issues. He likes dealing with complicated issues and figuring them out. It's no wonder that he used his talents to develop a huge wealth generating business. He's come a long way from where he started.

9. He has been named one of the richest entrepreneurs under forty years of age.

Forbes Magazine shared this information about the press shy CEO, who doesn't really like to share much information about himself or his business. This is quite an achievement for the Honors Computer Science and Math major at Waterloo University. What's so amazing is that he's done it without much attention or publicity which is a testament to his talents.

10. Peter Szulczewski prefers rumpled jeans to business suits.

In interviews, which are rare for the camera shy CEO, he appears in jeans that don't look like they were taken out of the dryer soon enough. He's one of the riches entrepreneurs under forty, yet he would rather show up dressed like an average computer technician than in more extravangant attire.

Final thoughts

Peter Szulczewski keeps his private life as much of a mystery as possible. He's not found of being interviewed or of being in the spotlight. His success in business makes it impossible for him to remain completely anonymous, but he still tries to avoid attention whenever possible. His humble attitude and aversion for public attention make it difficult to learn much about who the man behind Wish truly is. We're content to have found ten unique clues about who Peter Szulcewski is as a person.

Garrett Parker

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