Six Expensive Pick Up Trucks You’ll Want to Drive At Least Once


Pickup trucks are no longer just “functional” vehicles that are used for work, they are now vehicles that people drive everyday. The modern pickup truck has evolved into its own class of vehicle as they now offer all the towing capacity one could want in addition to many premium and luxury features. Sure, some pickup trucks are quite affordable, like the base Ford F-150 that starts at around $26,266. However that model is very bare bones and small compared to other trucks on the market. So just how expensive can pickup trucks actually get? We are going to take a look at a few different pickups that are among the most expensive pickup trucks that you can buy today, and you may be surprised at what they can offer.

5. Toyota Tundra Platinum – $49,080


Toyota’s pickup trucks have grown in popularity over the years as they are functional, reliable, and fairly affordable compared to their American counterparts. The Tundra line serves as the brands more premium pickup trucks, and at the very top is the Toyota Tundra Platinum. Available with either rear-wheel drive or part-time four-wheel drive, the Tundra Platinum offers buyers many choices for the type of truck they want. It comes standard with a CrewMax cabin that has available seating for six people and a 5.5-foot short bed. The bed measures out to be 66.7 x 66.4 x 22.2 inches and has enough room for most people. Under the hood it has a 5.7-liter V8 engine that offers 381 hp and 401 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to pull up to 10,100 pounds in total. It has most of the standard features seen on nearly all Tundra’s, however the Platinum differs when it comes to added extras and amenities. It has a premium interior with leather seats, a JBL sound system and multimedia suite, a  large moonroof, parking assist sonar, a blind spot monitor, rear cross-traffic alert, 20-inch wheels, and more.

4. Ford F-150 Limited SuperCrew 4×4 – $58,442


The Ford F-150 has become a house name in the world of pickups, and they are easily some of the most popular pickup trucks on the road today. The F-150 comes in a few different configurations, but the F-150 Limited is the top-of-the-line model. Once you add the SuperCrew cabin and a 4×4 drive, it comes out to be just under $60,000 dollars. It comes standard with a 5-1/2′ box, a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost Engine, and a 6-speed automatic transmission. While the under-the-hood features are similar to other F-150’s, the Limited has added luxury features and options. The interior cabin is extremely high-end and filled with leather and real wood. Nearly all of the hardware (grill, handles, rims, exhaust, etc.) are in chrome. It has adaptive cruise control, and advanced multimedia touchscreen system, active parking assist, a large sunroof, a 360-degree camera system, a remote tailgate release and control system, remote engine start, SirusXM radio and a Sony surround-sound system, and a host of other features. As you will see, most of these trucks have the same engines and toeing capabilities as their more affordable siblings, their higher price-tag comes with all of the extra features and amenities.

3. GMC Sierra 3500 Denali HD Long Box 4×4 – $58,770


GMC is another brand that is beloved within the truck community, and their 3500 Denali HD is the companies most expensive model. The base truck starts at $53,335 but once you add the larger bed with the 4×4 configuration, it starts at $58,770 dollars. This truck is all about hauling extremely heavy loads, and it is one of the best performers in its class. The 3500 Denali HD features a 6.6-liter turbo-charged V8 diesel engine that delivers 397 hp, but more importantly, it offers 765 lb-ft of torque. It can carry up to 7,180 pounds in its bed, haul 19,600 pounds via a conventional trailer, or pull 23,200 pounds with a fifth-wheel configuration. Throw in a premium all-leather cabin, an entertainment system, and all the extras that come with it, and you’ve got quite the truck on your hands.

2. Ram 3500 Limited Mega Cab 4×4 – $62,860


The Ram 3500 Limited pickup is their most expensive version of the 3500, and when you add on the optional Mega Cab and 4×4 configuration, the truck comes out to about $62,860 dollars. It comes standard with a 5.7-liter V8 HEMI engine that offers 383 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, which offers a maximum toeing capacity of 13,910 pounds. But then you can go all-out and upgrade to a 6.7-liter turbo diesel I6 Cummins engine that offers 385 hp and 868 lb-ft of torque. That costs an additional $9,000 dollars or so, but with that upgraded engine you can pull up to 31,210 pounds which is just absurd. Add in premium features like a rear backup camera, a comfortable leather interior with heated seats, and the other amenities one would expect a $62,860 dollar truck to have, and the Ram 3500 Limited is a solid contender for the best pickup out there.

1. Ford F-450 Platinum – $66,967


Ford’s F-450 Platinum is their most expensive and most premium pickup truck that they currently sell. It comes standard with a SuperCrew cabin, and 8-foot truck bed, 4×4 drive, and a 6.7-liter V8 diesel engine. It can accommodate payloads up to 5,300 pounds and it can tow some 31,200 pounds. This is the ultimate heavy-duty truck that can not only perform, but keep you comfortable while doing so. While most people do not need a truck like the F-450 Platinum, it is easily one of the best performers on the road today. And at $66,967 dollars, it is also one of the most  expensive as well.

Bonus: Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 – $515,000


If you really want the most intense, luxurious, and the most expensive pickup on the market today, then you have to check out the G63 AMG 6×6 from Mercedes-Benz. The standard G63 is technically an SUV, but with the extra two wheels in the back it leaves enough room for a truck bed. So, technically speaking, this is a pickup truck, and with its introductory price of $515,000 dollars or so, it is easily the most expensive one. It is the largest street-legal truck/SUV that Mercedes has ever made, and it is just absolutely absurd. The vehicle stands at 7.2-feet in height and is nearly 20-feet in length. It features a six-wheel drive configuration that is powered by a 5.5-liter V8 AMG engine that pumps out 536 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque. It’s probably the most ostentatious pickups in the world, and easily one of the most luxurious as well, as it is a Mercedes-Benz after all. However it was produced in limited quantities and Mercedes has sold all of them, so you can’t buy one new. If you find one used you’re looking at anywhere from $800,000 to over $1 million dollars easily.

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