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The 10 Best Places to Stay in Cartagena, Colombia

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena

If you are visiting Colombia, then Cartagena is a wonderful location in which to stay. It is a historic port city on the country’s Caribbean coast that is a popular beach destination that is also known for its history. When staying in Cartagena, your choice of accommodation will make a difference to your overall enjoyment, so you should compare the options and choose a hotel carefully. To help you find the best hotel to meet your needs, here are the 10 best places to stay in Cartagena, Colombia.

Hotel Charleston Santa Teresa

10. Hotel Charleston Santa Teresa

Hotel Charleston Santa Teresa is one of the most famous hotels in Cartagena, and this is predominantly because of its impressive rooftop pool that offers panoramic views over the city’s skyline. It also has a bar, a spa, a steam room, and a fitness center. There are three restaurants in this hotel. The Plaza Santa Teresa offers light evening meals, La Terezza serves daytime snacks, and you can enjoy hearty Colombian cuisine at Harry’s Bar.

Boutique Hotel Casa Del Coliseo

9. Boutique Hotel Casa Del Coliseo

A converted 17th-century villa, the Boutique Casa Del Coliseo sits in the center of the old city and offers privacy and a homely feel. It is beautifully decorated with neutral colors, natural fabrics, and interesting sculptures and artwork. It has a rooftop pool and an in-room masseuse service. Breakfast is served in the hotel’s dining room, where you can also eat from the a la carte menu for lunch or dinner. However, most guests opt to eat in the surrounding restaurants.

Townhouse Hotel

8. Townhouse Hotel

The location of the Townhouse Hotel is what appeals to many of its guests. It sits in the center of the Old Town, which is close to the historical attractions, but also close to all the hip bars and trendy restaurants. The hotel seamlessly combines sophistication with vibrancy, and it is chic without being stuffy. The hotel’s restaurant serves tapas, light meals, and breakfasts. There is also an outdoor pool and two bars at this hotel.

Casa Don Sancho

7. Casa Don Sancho

Those who enjoy staying in hotels that reflect an area’s history will adore the Casa Don Sancho. According to Conde Nast Traveller. This hotel is in a building that was once owned by the governor who surrendered to the French in 1697. The aristocratic connections are evident throughout the property, including a dining room with a balcony and a drawing-room filled with fine books and music. The outdoor pool is framed with pillars, and there are sunny terraces surrounded by greenery.

Blue Apple Beach house

6. Blue Apple Beach House

If you enjoy staying somewhere with the beach vibe when you are on vacation, then one of the best options in this city is the Blue Apple Beach House. The hotel sits on the Isla Tierra Bomba, which is just off the coast of Cartagena and is reached by boat. It is a palm-lined oasis that boasts a private beach that is perfect for relaxing in the sunshine. However, the vibe is completely different at night when it becomes a lively party hub. The hotel’s restaurant serves Colombian cuisine using locally-sourced produce.


5. Movich Cartagena de Indias

Although this is only a small hotel, it provides one of the best experiences in this city. There is a spectacular rooftop pool that offers views over the pretty Caribbean city and across to the sea. The rooms in this hotel have muted tones that have a relaxing effect. There are two restaurants in this hotel. The first is a rooftop restaurant called Oceania that offers light meals, tapas, pasta, and ceviche either poolside or at the alfresco tables. Alyzia is the second restaurant, and this has a more sophisticated feel with its marble floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, hanging lanterns, and walled courtyard. It serves Colombian cuisine with a creative twist.


4. Bastion Luxury Hotel

The Telegraph list the Bastion Luxury Hotel as one of the top hotels in Cartagena. Located in the heart of the walled city, this hotel combines 16th-century craftsmanship with modern architecture. The huge pool offers excellent views, and the spa is the perfect place for relaxation.


3. Conrad Cartagena

The ideal location of Conrad Cartagena by the Caribbean coast and close to historic attractions is one reason that this hotel is so popular. There are 268 rooms at this hotel, and each has impressive features, such as a balcony and a soaking tub. It is a fantastic option for families visiting Colombia, as there are four pools, a children’s club, planned family activities, and in-room childcare services. The hotel also has its own golf course by Niklaus Design.

Casa San Augustin

2. Casa San Augustin

A fun, boutique hotel, the Casa San Augustin is located close to the University of Cartagena. There are 31 rooms and suites, and these are housed in three converted Colombian-style properties. You will find this hotel on the island of Baru by Acasi Private Beach, which is a great spot for enjoying watersports. There are luxury linens and bath products in the beautiful guest rooms. One of the hotel’s best features is The Aurum Spa, which offers a diverse range of treatments and therapies.

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena

1. Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena

According to Forbes, the best hotel in Cartagena, Colombia, is the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena. It is a striking building that was once a 17th-century convent, and it is located in the old town area of the city close to many historic attractions. The rooms at this hotel boast French-style décor. One of the most popular parts of the hotel is the large outdoor pool with a bar, but this is far from the only facility at this hotel. There is a hammam, a fitness center, a spa, a whirlpool hot tub, and meeting rooms. 1621 is a gourmet restaurant serving French and New World Fare, and there is also the bistro-restaurant El Caustro, which has a buffet and a la carte menu.

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