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20 Things You didn't Know About QuikNode

Blockchain Technology

QuikNode is a company that specializes in the development of blockchain applications. It uses a Web 3 developer platform that provides users with all of the tools and technologies necessary to build and operate applications that are powered by blockchain. If this is a niche that is interesting to you, QuikNode is a platform that you may benefit from knowing more about. Here are 20 things about QuikNode that you probably didn't know that might be useful.

1. QuikNode has been in business for 4 years

According to Crunchbase, QuikNode is a company that was launched in 2017 in the Greater Miami area. It was founded by two partners named Alexander Nabutovsky and Dmitry Shlovsky. They joined forces to make their dream of owning a blockchain-powered application development application platform using Web 3.

2. QuikNode is achieving tremendous success

In less than four years since it was first launched, QuikNode has achieved remarkable success. The industries that it falls under are blockchain and the internet. The system has launched more than 3,000 nodes as of the writing of this informational piece, and it has become one of the most trusted platforms by the top blockchain projects. It has significantly helped to grow the blockchain's ecosystem since it was launched in 2017.

3. QuikNode is for individuals and larger companies

Regardless of whether you're an individual embarking on an entrepreneurial venture in blockchain or a group that wishes to build a blockchain company, QuikNode is designed to simplify the process for you. It's easy to use and offers all the tools that you as a developer will need to create your blockchain applications. The developers made the platform in a user-friendly format that anyone can learn to use. You don't need to be a technology expert to make it work for you.

4. QuikNode is made for Ethereum & Bitcoin

There are several different types of cryptocurrencies emerging in the market today QuikNode is made specifically for building a blockchain that is geared toward Bitcoin and Ethereum forms of currency. These two forms of cryptocurrency can open up almost limitless possibilities in the virtual marketplaces for investors today.

5. QuikNode is still in its infancy as a company

QuikNode has only been around for just under 4 years. Although it's grown and expanded into a popular tool for building blockchain, it is still in the infancy stage of development. There are currently just 2 people working on the team, and these are the founders of the company, Nabutovsky, and Shlovsky. The company has not grown large enough to require more than two talented technicians to run all aspects of the operation. This shows that the QuikNode platform is ideal for entrepreneurs who have a good idea for entering the cryptocurrency marketplace with their ideas. There isn't a lot of startup funding needed to build a business and launch it.

6. QuikNode has just one funder

We also learned that QuikNode has participated in three rounds of venture capital funding. They are still in the Seed round, which has been funded solely by SoftBank led by Marcelo Claure. They raised 500,000 from the investor with the latest round completing on January 28, 2021. This is the combined total after April 11, 2019, Angel round of funding that yielded $250,000, and a September 11, 2018 round that raised $250,000.

7. QuikNode solves a common problem for blockchain developers

According to TechCrunch, one of the most common problems with developing blockchain-powered applications is the headache incurred from attempting to build the infrastructure. It can be complicated and require a lot of attention on the part of the developers, leaving less time to focus on the products they plan to offer. Initial setup in most cases takes days of downloading and syncing the networks together with high startup costs. QuikNode's Web 3 cloud platform provides app developers with rent access to the nodes they need for operating on the blockchain networks they wish to access. This eliminates the need for them to maintain and monitor their node, saving time, money, and effort.

8. QuikNode is the only company made for budding developers

If you're a budding developer, then QuikNode is a resource that is made to assist you in making your business ideas a reality. It is currently the most effective developer-centric tool offered. There are no other companies of this type that are as fully committed to the needs of developers.

9. QuikNode is the furthest along in cloud service

In addition to being developer-centric, QuikNode is a company that has made the most progress in its cloud service platform. The others are still lagging. QuikNodes Y Combinator funding has helped significantly in the building of its Web3 could platform development and it helps developers create and scale their applications in a more efficient manner.

10. QuikNode makes running a decentralized app simpler

QuikNode offers its clients a product that integrates analytics and developer tools that makes running a decentralized app easier. So far, the company has an edge over the competition, but it's marginal. As the market for decentralized apps grows, it may face greater challenges in competing with the big companies with more capital to build physical data centers. Still, QuikNode maintains its focus on the easy to operate software as its main thrust, but it may in the future need to focus more on the physical data centers to keep up, depending on its rate of growth and whatever the future may hold for the new startup.

11. QuikNode is still a small company

Even though QuikNode is becoming a popular platform for blockchain developers, it's not that big yet. It's receiving a great deal of attention because of its unique approach to putting the needs of developers first, and it's more about the potential of the company to become a giant in the industry than its size or where it is today. Future growth is what investors are the most interested in, and so far, SoftBank is the sole investor in the company.

12. QuikNode API allows you to get started immediately

Once a customer signs up for QuikNode's services there is no need to wait according to the official website. The software grants immediate access to the tools that help you to build blockchain-powered applications. It's ideal for anyone from hobbyists to web-scale blockchain apps.

13. You can try it out for free

We were impressed to learn that QuikNode offers new customers a free seven-day trial period to try out the platform. There is also the obligation to give it a try and see how well it works for you. Although the free trial only gives you access to the basic functions it is enough to let you know if this is right for your future business plans and you can turn on the premium features at any point by subscribing to the services.

14. Customers can start for a low monthly price

If you are new to blockchain app development and you're starting small, QuikNode offers a low monthly premium plan while you're getting your feet wet in the business. You can launch a package that gives you 300 thousand calls per month for just $9 per month. This is the basic premium package. You also get access to a dashboard that provides you with usage metrics, community support, and HTTPS & WSS Endpoints. for any calls over the basic limit you're only charged $0.10 per 10k.

15. The Pro plan is the middle range for larger operations

If you outgrow the basic plan, QuikNode makes it easy for you to upgrade to the next plan tier for $99 per month. This plan includes a limit of 20 million calls per month, live chat support,100 free archive calls with a charge of $0.07 per 10k calls over.

16. You can upgrade to the top tier premium account

If you experience the tremendous success that exceeds the limit of the pro plan, QuikNode offers a scale premium account that provides you with an open account with 60 million calls per month for a subscription price of $299 per month. You also get all of the perks that are included in the Pro package with priority support,300 free archive calls, and a charge of $0.05 per 10k calls over.

17. There is even a tier for super successful businesses

The program developers created a subscription tier for companies that go far over and above in their accounts with an Enterprise account that costs $2,000 per month. You get unlimited calls, scale perks, priority support, custom SLA and bespoke solutions that you won't find anywhere else. This is the ultimate package for those who become highly successful and take their businesses to the top levels of success. Services are provided on an on-demand basis for enterprise customers.

18. QuikNode provides real-time visibility

This outstanding platform provides users who hold open accounts with access to the latency optimized network that uses intelligent routing to access the node that is closest to your user with unheard-of frequency. This makes them one of the fastest platforms on the planet, exceeding the speed of the competition in sixty-five percent of locations worldwide. It also provides you with the maximum visibility for the pending transaction pool for Ethereum and the information appears to you in mere milliseconds. This helps to ensure that you never miss another transaction as the platform listens for incoming transactions throughout more than 8 locations, then pools them into a central queue.

19. QuikNode has positive reviews

It's essential to check out a new platform before you invest even the lowest fees into it, to ensure that it works as promised. QuikNode customers have shared their experiences with the software and the platform and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive in favor of recommending the program to others. The user shared that they previously spent about $1,000 per month to maintain their archive nodes, but after switching to QuikNode to achieve the same thing, the cost dropped dramatically to a low price of $35 per month. This is a significant difference that confirms that Quiknode can save serious blockchain developers around $1,000 per month in fees.

20. QuikNode is expanding

According to the company's LinkedIn page, it is currently expanding. Previous research showed that as of 2019, just 2 employees were working at the company. these were its founders. Since that time, QuikNode has expanded to a total of 5 employees to help handle all of the business that is coming in. We also saw that there is a current job opening with the company in its Miami, Florida headquarters for a senior development operations engineer. This tells us that QuikNode is adding new team members to the staff to help as it grows and expands to provide these valuable services for more customers. The updated page also shows that in addition to accessing Ethereum and Bitcoin, it has also added xDai networks to the mix with access granted in mere seconds. The tools help to ship the best version of your Apps faster and to build them more quickly as well. From the time you begin, it takes just a few minutes of your time to set up your node. This is one of the best new startups in the business currently. It will be interesting to see in the months to come if QuikNode will decide to go public. As of now, it is a privately owned company that does not appear on the stock exchange so you cannot buy shares in the company. Although we do expect this to change in time, o far, the founders have made o indications that they plan to file for an IPO.

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