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Does Staples Drug Test Its Employees?


Staples is an office supply store that operates in most parts of the United States. It offers multiple positions such as sales associates, administration, warehouse, and office jobs. The company offers competitive salaries and benefits for its full-time workers and it's considered to be a highly rated employer.

One of the most frequently asked questions is does Staples drug test? With the changes in the legislature for legal marijuana use, many people are concerned about testing positive for Cannabis in their pre-employment tests. When we first asked the question about drug testing, our research yielded a few conflicting answers.

Some claim that they've worked for the company for years and have never been drug tested, while others are tested as a part of the pre-employment screening. We've concluded that it likely depends on the position you're applying for if there was an accident on the job, or which part of the company you're in.

We consulted with multiple sources to learn more about the drug testing policies and procedures for Staples and here is what we learned.

Staples is a felony-friendly job

The website Jobs for Felons found that employees of the company report they've never been drug tested at Staples, while a few claim that they have. After research into the policies of the chain, it's apparent that most Staples locations do not test for drugs, but there are a few that do.

While it's not the standard policy for Staples to conduct pre-employment drug testing, you should be prepared in case they do. Reports of drug tests that may be required include testing for many drugs including meth, ecstasy, heroin, opiates, amphetamines, crack, cocaine, and THC.

It's important to note that cannabis use is only legal in some states, not all. It can show up in test results for months after use. If you are selected for drug testing, the results come back within two to three days. Staples reserves the right to deny employment based on a negative drug test, but incidences of testing, as mentioned earlier, are rare.

Staples is considered a felon-friendly job by the specialty website that investigates places where convicted felons are most likely to be hired. It gets high marks on the list of companies that do not routinely test for drugs.

What do employees say about drug testing at Staples?

Indeed confirms that a worker at the Staples store in Monument, Colorado required some of its workers to submit to drug testing as a part of its pre-employment screening in 2018.

Not all workers were required to submit to a drug test. None of the associates reported this as a requirement for employment, but all incidents involving injuries on the job will trigger a mandatory drug test.

This is a normal part of requirements for most companies that are mandated by their agreements with insurance providers if a case goes to court.

The answers given by Staples employees show conflicting reports of drug testing requirements for some, but not all workers, with no rhyme or reason in some cases.

Conflicting answers from surveyed Staples workers

Indeed surveyed Staples workers from across the county about various aspects of their experiences with the company. When asked about drug testing ten percent of them claim that Staples drug tests all employees at some locations, before hiring.

Thirteen percent of the respondents claimed that they have never been asked to take a drug test by Staples, and seven percent confirm that their stores require a urine test at a local facility. Some workers were asked to take a mouth swab test. One employee gave an honest opinion about the lack of uniformity in drug testing at his local Staples.

He advised that not all workers are tested, but some are selected for random testing because they have been observed on the job, showing signs of being high or impaired while working their shifts.

Land Your Life investigation into Staples drug testing policies confirms that Staples does test for drugs. They use a cheek swab test for all positions at some locations.

What is the real story about Staples's drug policies?

Most companies perform pre-employment drug testing for drivers and those who work in warehouses operating heavy equipment, such as heisters. It's hard to find Staples' official position on the subject, which shows a lack of unification throughout its nationwide chain.

Likely, the reason some Staples insist on pre-employment and random drug testing for employees is that problems have resulted within their local areas, necessitating the precaution.

A company will mandate a drug test for accidents on the job. Staples is a company that has hundreds of locations, and to a drug test or not to drug test is a discretionary action that is determined by region, and in some cases, local stores. It's also driven by the status of the legality of cannabis in the state where the store operates.

Each Staples seems to be directed by its leadership within a given area. Store policies vary from one part of the country to another.

Final thoughts

You may or may not be asked to submit to a drug test when applying for a job at Staples. It's always best to be prepared. If you want to know more about the drug testing policies for Staples in your area, we recommend contacting a few of the local workers and asking them about their experiences.

They are likely to be the best source of information since Staples has not made information about drug testing policies unified or available for public viewing. Most associates report that they've never been drug tested by Staples unless there was an incident that warranted further investigation.

Most Staples locations do not impose drug testing unless there is a reason to suspect drug use, but as we've heard from various workers, there is a lack of consistency from one store to another. Disparities in drug testing practices happen within a single location.

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