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Does UPS Drug Test All Its Employees?


The United Parcel Service, otherwise known as UPS, is a global operation that specializes in package distribution and management of supply chains. The company is based in the United States and has earned its reputation as one of the leaders in the industry. Jobs with the company are desirable because of the competitive wages and benefits packages. With legislation legalizing the use of cannabis in many states, a new issue has arisen in the job market. It's the subject of drug testing. While marijuana is legal to consume medicinally and recreationally in some parts of the United States, its use is prohibited in others. The question for some workers looking for jobs is does UPS drug test all its employees? We researched the policies of the company to learn more about its drug testing requirements and here is what we discovered.

Does UPS require drug testing?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. According to Drug Test Panels, drug testing is a part of the pre-screening process for new hires at UPS. After a series of rigorous interviews, candidates who make it to the final round may need to take a drug test and pass the test before the hire. UPS maintains the right to require a drug test at any time for its employees. While this sounds like a cut-and-dried situation, it doesn't tell the whole story. You may encounter this scenario when applying to work at UPS, but then again, you may not. We looked further into the policies and learned more about what workers at UPS experienced during their time with the company, and it paints a different picture.

Drug testing policies at UPS

You may need to take a drug test at UPS, but there is nothing set in stone in the company's policies that require routine drug testing. The drug testing policy is loose. From all appearances, it depends on which position you're applying to work in. UPS workers report variances from one job to another. In general, drug testing for UPS workers is rare or dictated by circumstances.

Which UPS jobs require drug testing?

If you're applying for a part-time delivery driver position with UPS you are not required to take a drug test. Temporary workers are also exempt from drug testing. Full-tome permanent drivers may be asked to undergo a DOT physical drug test, and pre-employment drug screen, along with random testing. The most important word in the phrase is "may." UPS does not always make candidates get drug tested, so it's going to depend on the location where you apply and the procedures that are followed by geographic region.

What kind of drug testing does UPS require?

When UPS does order drug testing, it's generally through urine testing. The tests are for THC, which includes marijuana and cannabinoids, methamphetamines, alcohol, phencyclidine, opiates, and cocaine. UPS doesn't hold a positive drug test against workers with prescribed medications showing up in their test results. You may need to explain why certain medications show up on a drug test and verify that you don't use them when you're on the job. This seems to be the main concern of the company when drug testing is ordered.

When is drug testing required at UPS?

Most injury cases reported at UPS fall under the category that requires investigation of the facts. If you have an accident at work or cause an accident to happen, the likely result will be drug testing as a part of the fact-finding mission. UPS is responsible to ensure that the cause of the accident is not drug-related. Any worker filing for worker's compensation is subject to drug testing. Under special conditions where a worker requests paid leave for an injury or illness, UPS may request a drug screening to rule this out as a cause. There are special rules for Workman's Compensation that require drug testing protocols. UPS is obligated to fulfill these legal requirements as some workers who test positive for drugs may be denied the benefits, even if the drugs are prescribed by a physician.

How often does UPS test for drugs?

Indeed asked UPS workers to report about the drug testing habits of UPS in their respective regions. One worker shared that in his thirteen years as a delivery driver he has not been asked to participate in drug testing ever. Most UPS workers report that they've never been asked to take a drug test when working for the company, or as a pre-screening measure.

UPS goes the extra mile

UPS workers have the option of union membership. Under some unions, workers who experience problems with drug use have the option of undergoing rehabilitation to get the help they need to break the habit. Under conditions where drug abuse is an established problem, workers may be required to undergo treatment, then participate in drug testing for a year after program completion, but UPS welcomes them back to work. The company also treats supervisors and management with the same courtesy. It's a company that seems to genuinely care about the well-being of its workers.

Final thoughts

UPS is a global delivery company with locations around the world. Our sources confirm that some areas require drug testing for employment, while others do not. It's safe to say that you could be hired for UPS without ever being asked to submit to drug testing, depending on where you live and work. It's also possible that you will be required to take a drug test before you are hired. The best course of action is to research the local office to determine the requirements established for employment in your locale. The drug testing policies for the company are lax in most areas, and they're not prone to random drug testing of their workers unless there is just cause or a legal requirement on the part of the company to do so.

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