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A Closer Look at the Raymond Weil Blue Skeleton Freelance Limited Edition

Raymond Weil Blue Skeleton Freelance Limited Edition

Raymond Weil is a Swiss watchmaker, based in Geneva, known for releases of its luxury watches featuring precision timekeeping and exquisite aesthetics. The watchmakers announced the release of a new member of its collections. The Blue Skeleton Freelancer Limited Edition is a striking timepiece that captures the attention of the casual observer, transforming them from onlooker to participant. The timepiece will be offered for sale in the United States bypassing the requirement for foreign purchase fees. With availability enhanced for the locals, it's deserving of a closer look, and an understanding of the inspiration behind its artistic presentation.

The Raymond Weil Blue Skeleton Freelance Limited Edition at a glance

Our initial impression of the timepiece was in its visually stunning appearance. It's hard to take your eyes off the dial. The layered openwork seems to draw you in to explore the depths of what appears to be a mechanical masterpiece. The design team left the dial open to reveal the inner workings of the movement beneath. It's rare to obtain such a clear view of the spring, cogs, and bridges, nor to behold such a beautifully designed movement that is candy for the eyes. The combination of silver, black and blue offers a sophisticated look that makes it suitable for the dressiest occasions. The Blue Skeleton Freelance is powered by Raymond Weil's first in-house movement, giving it a significant place in the history of the brand.

A Closer look at the Raymond Weil Blue Skeleton Freelance

A Blog to Watch describes the finer points of the limited edition Blue Skeleton Freelance. The case is the same size as other members of the Freelancer collection with a width of 42.5 mm, but it's finished in brushed finishes with a polished bezel with a coat of PVD in medium gray. The lugs feature a tapered style with shaped faceting. The overall feel is masculinity. Moving to the dial, the open-worked skeleton frame encompasses most of the center with Arabic numerals in a black base around the outer rim depicting hours and minutes in light gray outlines of the numerals filled with white lume. It presents a legible representation of the markers. The sword hands follow the same color scheme, standing out against the complex array of mechanical elements beneath. The bold and angular shape of the numerals reinforces the bold and aggressive styling.

The Raymond Weil logo is printed at the 12 o'clock position adding a sense of balance and distinction to the brand. The black framework that separates the movement from the dial is barely noticeable until you take a closer look at its ornately curved bridges in a perlage texture. The posturing of the elements of the dial presents a free-flowing airy aesthetic with true skeletonization. The outer chapter of the ring is finished in a cobalt blue color with a matte finish and beveling. It promotes the legibility of the minutes' scale that stands out with its white color. The dial is protected with a sapphire lens in front. The case back features a flat sapphire crystal as an exhibition lens. The Blue Skeleton Freelance Limited Edition is as lovely when you flip it over as when viewing it from the front.

The movement

Raymond Weil announces the use of its in-house RW1212 automatic movement as the power source. the movement was created in an agreement with Sellita for the Geneva watchmaker. It's made to show off the innovations in fine watchmaking with the open 12 o'clock mainspring barrel to enhance visual attraction without sacrificing the efficiency of the timekeeping process. The movement beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour with a 38-power reserve. Functions include hours and minutes. The emphasis is on stylishness and Raymond Weil accomplished the feat nicely. It's worth noting that the construction of each movement can take up to thirty hours in a painstaking hand-crafting process.

Other features of the Raymond Weil Blue Skeleton Freelance Limited Edition

Watchonista completes our description with a few more details about the timepiece. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters. It's another feat considering the exhibition case back. The watch fastens to the wrist via a genuine calf leather strap. It comes in black with contrasting blue stitching that complements elements of the dial.

Price and availability

The Raymond Weil Blue Skeleton Freelancer Limited Edition watch's production run of just 200 examples is in the process. It will emerge as a rare collectible from the time of its completion. It will become available for sale in the United States through select authorized dealers on April 18, 2022. You will also find it online at the official Raymond Weil website on that date. The MSRP is $3,075.

Final thoughts

Anticipation is building for the limited edition of the Freelancer Skeleton Edition's release. Other examples in the Freelancer Skeleton collection are available through the watchmaker. The model was first released in 2018 and received a warm welcome upon its introduction. After the first three models were successful endeavors, it was time for Raymond Weil to release a capstone edition to make any collector's stash complete.

The limited edition will likely sell out quickly. It's the only version of the watch to feature the unique blue colorway with its sophisticated black and gray theme. Raymond Weil has mastered the art of skeletonization with perhaps the most comprehensive view of masculine yet intricate movement we've seen.

It's a fascinating timepiece at first glance, but it's difficult to stop there. One look will hook you. The apparent luxury is offered at an affordable price, considering the time spent creating each movement and the careful attention paid to each detail. All interested parties will need to act quickly. We don't see it lasting long. Once all examples sell, the value is likely to increase significantly due to low supply and high demand.

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