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How Rayna Vallandingham Achieved a Net Worth of $600,000

So, who is Rayna Vallandingham, and what is her net worth? Rayna Vallandingham is a social media personality and a celebrated black-belt martial artist. She is currently worth approximately $600,000. Do you want to learn more about Rayna Vallandingham's net worth and her personal details? If so, please keep reading.

What are Rayna Vallandingham's Personal Details?

Rayna Vallandingham is currently 20 years old and is 5' 2" tall. Her birthday is January 18, 2003. She grew up in the Encinitas, California area with her parents. She is the daughter of Jeff and Joey Vallandingham, who are both chiropractors. She also has an older brother. She's also been known to train in Taekwondo with her father while at home and is close with her family.

Before Rayna began focusing her full attention on martial arts, she pursued various hobbies. They included gymnastics, dance, swimming, and soccer. She was also home-schooled due to the demands of her pursuit of martial arts and the extensive traveling required of her.

In terms of her personal, romantic relationships, she is rumored to currently be dating someone undisclosed. She tends to keep a low profile regarding her personal life and romantic relationships.

When Did Rayna's Martial Arts Career Begin?

She began training in American Taekwondo at the age of three when her brother began taking classes at the age of 14. She quickly mastered the sport, and her instructor felt that she was ready to compete internationally. Over the course of years, she trained intensively for up to nine hours per day. To date, Rayna holds four world titles, which include Creative Weapons, Sparring, Weapons, and Forms. She won all four in the same year at the age of eight.

Eventually, she managed to earn the designation of third-degree black belt. After that accomplishment, she began to travel the globe competing in Taekwondo competitions. She's won many titles and awards. By the time she had reached the age of 12, she had won 11 titles. She still pursues her martial arts goals to this day.

She's also currently a brand ambassador for the American Taekwondo Association. The following year, she managed to win six world titles for XMA Forms, XMA Weapons, and Triple Crown in Traditional. That was in 2012, and the next year she won the XMA Formed World Championship.

It's also worth mentioning that she was also featured as the youngest competitor in the 12-14 competition category for ESPN. Her martial arts career allowed her to travel and promote The American Taekwondo Association through videos, photos, and guest appearances.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that focuses its attention on kicking and punching. However, there are some signature moves that feature fast kicks, spinning jump kicks, and head punches. Not only does this martial art focus on the physical aspects, but it also embraces a physical philosophy. Those who train in this discipline focus on mind, body, and spirit. In fact, this sport is incredibly popular and was even featured as an official game at the Olympics.

Rayna's Film Career

Rayna Vallandingham began her film career in the movie Underdog Kids. This film was about a group of underprivileged young people living in L.A. who got the chance to compete in a national martial arts championship. She was featured in the film with many other Hollywood child actor acquaintances opposite Hollywood veteran and action star Philip Rhee.

About Underdog Kids

The movie Underdog Kids takes place against the backdrop of the Mid-County Community Center. The leader of the community center is a man named Charlie, who is in the process of searching for a new coach for the center. That is when a previous MMA champion named Jimmy Lee shows up in town.

He happens to be an old student of Charlie. He happened to have quit his career because of an accident that prevented him from competing. He is initially reluctant to start working with the kids, but slowly he warms up to them and decides to coach them. He helps the children overcome their issues and hone their skills to beat the Beverly Hills Scorpions.

Other Acting Credits

She is also featured in the film Youth Rayna Vallandingham and was also featured in a Shawn Mendez music video. She is reported to be currently working on several projects related to acting appearances and attends acting classes in California. All signs point to her pursuing other acting roles in the future.

What's on Rayna's Socia Media

Rayna Vallandingham is very popular on Instagram. She uses her platform to post videos and photos of her Taekwondo skills. On Instagram alone, she currently has over 200,000 followers.

In addition to her martial arts content, she also likes to post a picture related to her modeling, whether it's working with companies or brands or just content she created, especially for her online persona.

Additional Work

Rayna also enjoys teaching martial arts sometimes. She's known to be a guest teacher and has personal students of her own. She also combined her love of martial arts with her love of film and performed stunts for videos, movies, short films, and photographs.


Rayna Vallandingham is an up-and-coming celebrity with a significant presence on social media and within the martial arts community. She is a champion competitor in Taekwondo and holds many world titles for various specialties in the sport. Rayna is a black belt with extensive experience competing and teaching others.

She is taking acting lessons and working on multiple projects related to film and video. Some of her other interests include stunt work and modeling. However, she has only had a few movie credits to her name; she is expected to be a more regular feature in mainstream media and film, teaching martial arts and creating online content.

She is worth approximately $600,000 and is expected to amass more wealth as her budding career takes off. Those interested in learning more can connect with her via Instagram, where she regularly posts content.

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