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Remembering the 2001 Yamaha Fazer 1000

2001 Yamaha Fazer 1000

What do you think about when you remember the 2001 Yamaha Fazer 1000? Perhaps you have fun memories of the bike, thinking back to its relatively small size and its aggressive appearance. Maybe you're thinking about something that is directly related to its performance or the way that it handled. Perhaps you weren't riding motorcycles at that time and have never laid eyes on one of these for yourself. One thing is certain. If you remember the bike, you probably have some rather fond memories of it. If you don't know anything about it, you might be trying to figure out how to get your hands on one after you get done reading this.


The appearance of the bike is something that caused it to be a standout in its own right. There is just something about a motorcycle with a completely blacked-out appearance that makes it stand out above the crowd. Even though this wasn’t one of the larger bikes available on the market, it was always one that had the capability of turning heads when much of the competition that was both larger and heavier didn't garner nearly as much attention. The thing that really made it special was that motorcycle riders liked it and so did people that couldn't care less about riding a motorcycle. It really was that attention-grabbing in its appearance. Even people that had never ridden a bike in their lives and had absolutely no interest in doing so wanted to at least see this bike. If it was getting that kind of attention from a group of individuals who would prefer to ride in an enclosed environment at all times, imagine what type of attention it was getting from people that actually enjoyed riding motorcycles.

The Powerplant

Considering it's rather small size, there was plenty to be said about the engine as well. In fact, the bike incorporated a 4-cylinder 998cc liquid cooled engine that was more than capable of providing enough power to get riders wherever they wanted to go quickly. That is especially true when you consider the fact that the motorcycle itself weighed only 507 pounds. When you have more than 1,000 feet of torque, it doesn't take long to move 500 pounds down the road. That was one of the things that people who owned the bike really loved about it. It wasn't super fast, nor was it flashy. This was a bike that wasn't designed to be incredibly special. It wasn't really a crotch rocket and it certainly wasn't a touring bike. Instead, it was just a motorcycle that was designed to get people from one point to the other in an efficient manner and it did it largely without all of the toys that are typically placed on most bikes that are made today. That fact alone is something that made riders love it when it was in production. It's also what makes people seek out this same model even still today.


There is no doubt that a lot of people really love this little bike that was produced for a relatively short time, only being made from 2000 to 2005. Most people really loved the fact that the bike offered a lot for the money required to obtain one. At the time, one could easily be had for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000. When you consider the fact that even the most basic of cars easily topped $15,000 or more, it's easy to understand why some people were determined to get around on a motorcycle instead of investing that much money in an automobile. The fact that this bike existed made it even more appealing. As previously mentioned, it had the power to get the job done. However, it was also a relatively comfortable ride with superior handling, especially when compared to a lot of the other bikes that were being produced around that same time. In short, riders came to love it because they could depend on it and it didn't beat them half to death every time they decided to get on it.

Additional Information

A lot of the reason that people loved it so much is because of its sturdy handling. This in turn is largely attributed to its double frame design. The bike was made to be sturdy enough to take a great deal of punishment without punishing the rider. That's always a good thing, especially with bikes that are stripped down similar to this one. Sometimes, manufacturers forget that motorcycle riders may not be able to take all of the punishment that the bike frame can take and then end up manufacturing something that is just brutal to ride for more than a couple of blocks. Fortunately, that wasn't the case here and riders who purchased the bike ended up absolutely loving it. That fact is evidenced by the desire for people to get their hands on one now, almost 10 years after the last one was produced.

A lot of motorcycle riders have a tendency to be quite specific in what they are looking for in a bike. Therefore, it's really no surprise that so many people have searched for this specific model over the years. It has almost everything that most people could want in a motorcycle and it doesn't have a lot of the things that only serve to add weight to the frame, not to mention adding to the cost of the purchase price. This was not a bike that somebody would ride for long distances, but it was definitely something that could be used effectively to get from place to place for individuals who were living in metropolitan areas and needed to be able to get to work or to the shops with relative ease. In addition, it was fun to ride. That fact, coupled with its reliability, makes it one of the more highly sought-after motorcycles even today.

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