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A Closer Look at The 2022 Yamaha YZ250F

2022 Yamaha YZ250F

The 2022 Yamaha YZ250F is a multi-championship winning bike that dominates at the shootouts, on the race track, and other places where it goes. In recent years, the bike has enjoyed many mechanical transformations, including graphics, revised suspension settings, a more powerful engine, and a new frame. According to Dirt Rider, the YZ250F returns with suspension updates that include shock clicker updates, low-speed damping, and internal fork settings. The wheels have a lightweight rear hub with a unique sprocket flange shape that increases strength in addition to a rear chain and sprocket. The rear rim is increased from 1.85 inches to 2.15 inches to house a wider 110/90-19 tire. Bridgestone X20s replace the Dunlop Geomax MX33 rubber. The motorcycle also has a 3-cross-spoke pattern used on the back for improved traction, optimized rigidity, and impact traction. In the manufacturer’s opinion, the changes result in increased bump absorption and traction, improved traction when cornering, less cornering effort, less pitching, and enhanced stability. Let’s have a closer look at the other features of the Yamaha YZ250F.

250CC 4-Stroke engine

The engine is one focal point of the YZ250F’s overhaul. Yamaha was interested in updating over fifteen components to find studier mid to top pulling power and enhance peak power output. Manufacturers have taken this direction with their quarter-liter motorbikes in the attempt to surpass or match the KTM 250 SX-F, which is the class horsepower leader. The firm achieved its high RPM goals, producing 0.8 horsepower more at peak with 39.0 horsepower at 13,000 revolutions per minute in the Dirt Rider dyno. It was easy to notice the increase on the track. The bike is well known as a low to mid-power puller instead of a screaming peak power motorbike beginning with its radical redesign in 2014. It still does not rev as much as other bikes in its class.

The YZ250F’s powerband at times feels shorter when compared to its competitors because of its quick-revving nature and plentiful low to mid-power. When these factors are combined with a heavy throttle hand, you might find that you are bouncing off the limiter quickly. The bike also accelerates within a short time. Therefore, you need to be prepared to grab gears fast. You might find that the bike is in high gear in the lower revolutions per minute range. However, the plentiful torque feel of the engine will assist it in continuing to pull. Due to its plentiful low RPM power, you might find that you are overusing its clutch. The gripe about the bike’s engine is starting, particularly its hesitation in doing so. At times, it takes 2 or even 3 clicks of the button that starts it. It’s not a big issue, and getting prepared to start a moto or head to the starting line. However, it might prove detrimental while you are in a close race, and you might lose one or more positions if you stall. According to Cycleword, the bike has an advanced 4-stroke engine known for its usable, broad powerband and class-leading mid-range and low-end torque. Its DOHC four-valve, liquid-cooled, and fuel-injected powerplant have a straight downdraft intake positioned at the front featuring symmetrical exhaust/ intake ports, aggressive cam profiles, a high spec piston, and a reversed layout of the cylinder head.

Innovative power tuner app

Its Power Tuner app brings the power of the GYTR Power Tuner to Android or iOS devices. You can use wireless connectivity to the motorbike’s onboard CAN-bus network. With the app, you can adjust the ignition timing maps and air/fuel mixture and ignition timing maps which tune the performance of the engine for track conditions, monitor different types of data like system diagnosis and maintenance and engine run time, among others.

Bilateral aluminum frame

The YZ250F has an aluminum bilateral beam frame that features engine mounts, main spars, and a mounting position, which is meant to unify mass and offer the right balance between straight-line rigidity and cornering feel.


It’s impossible to chalk up the suspension package to the KYB Speed-Sensitive System and KYB shock alone. In the opinion of Keefer Inc Testing (2020 Yamaha YZ250F Baseline/Start-Up Settings/Tips — Keefer Inc. Testing, the bike has one of the best suspension systems. Even though they are praised as the ideal shock suspension components for many years, do not ignore the team’s effort to create a well-rounded setting. Yamaha might have chosen to rest on its laurels and left it alone and still be on top when it came to an overall suspension package. Instead, the team made additional transformations to refine the shock and fork to work with the most advanced chassis introduced on the YZ450F and a year after on the YZ250F.

Striking the balance of a plush setup with adequate performance for handling big hits without pitching front to back or feeling couchlike. Yamaha has found it and continues to improve the settings after every year. On hard landings like when over jumping or coming up short, the KYB components show remarkable bottoming resistance as it maintains a forgiving, comfortable feel. When it comes to ergonomics, one of the first things people notice is the handlebar positions. There are holes in the front and rear in the top triple clamp. It is possible to set the bar mounts frontward and rearward, making four available positions. It comes with the handlebar in the third position, meaning that the bar mounts are in the front holes, and they rotate backward. Yamaha chose this as the stock set to add weight on the front wheel to assist it with traction as it cornered.

Overall Impression

The Yamaha YZ250F is well designed. The only area that might need improvement is its ergonomics, where the relatively cost-effective aftermarket or GYTR parts could rectify any problems. It is not necessary to make any modifications to this bike. However, some owners install a GYTR tall seat to enhance the rider triangle, making it easier to move from sitting to standing. The other parts that you can choose to replace include the grips, lever, clutch perch, and handlebar.

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