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The Five Best Rolex Yacht-Master Models of All-Time


Considered as the watch of the open seas, the Yacht-Master watches from Rolex have become one of the most coveted watches among collectors and timepiece enthusiasts. Just the name of Rolex is enough for anybody who has an appreciation for watches to consider the brand as the Rolls Royce equivalent of world-renowned timepieces. The British-roots company known as Rolex officially entered the world of watchmaking when it was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905. Originally, the Rolex Watch Co. Ltd. had its base of operations out of London, England. However, due to a flailing economy within the UK, the founders picked up shop and moved to Geneva, Switzerland shortly after the end of World War I and has since become known as Rolex SA.

Marketing Master

Hans Wilsdorf credited the success of Rolex more on the marketing genius of the company, pointing out a product can only sell as well as it's promoted. Combine that with quality watch-making that doesn't come cheap, and it leaves little to the imagination how highly sought after a Rolex watch has become. A number of brands have done the best they can to copycat the designs from Rolex, as well as produce cheaper knock-offs so that the "common Joe" can afford the closest thing they can get to owning a legendary Rolex.

Introducing the Yacht-Master

The first of the Yacht-Master watches coming from the camp of Rolex took place in 1992 when it was introduced as a luxury sports watch ideal for lovers of the sea. It was an 18-karat gold timepiece that was released as a ladies' model in 1994, as well as a mid-sized 35mm model. It was the first time Rolex brought forth a professional series lineup of watches that was less than the standard size. Since then, an impressive production of highly favored timepieces belonging to the Yacht-Master brand has continued to bring forth one beautiful watch after another that is all registered waterproof.

Yacht-Master II

5. Yacht-Master II

The first of the Yacht-Master II came out in 2010, designed as a luxury sports watch for the dedicated seaman. A chronograph, a programmable countdown, and a mechanical memory are just a few of the features this model group of the Yacht-Master offers. The high contrast between the arrows and dials makes it easier to get a fix on the time at quick glance. The Ring Command bezel allows the setting and synchronization of the watch to count up to ten minutes, which caters nicely towards a yacht race. The Yacht-Master II is 300-waterproof, which means it can take as much as 1,000 feet of pressure.

Day Date President

4. Day-Date President

Originally, this model Yacht-Master model from Rolex was named Day-Date when it first came out in 1956. However, it was later nicknamed President when it was observed Dwight Eisenhower happened to sport one around his wrist while he was president of the United States. The Rolex Day-Date President watch is strictly made with 950 platinum or 18-karat gold. There is a choice between a smooth and fluted bezel or a gem-set bezel. This model of watch is registered at 100-meter waterproof, which means it can withstand 328 feet of water pressure. The special hermetic screws clamp down to securely seal the bezel with the oyster seal case, keeping out moisture as well as protecting the interior of the watch from dust and pressure changes. The 3155 movement of the watch is self-winding in order to maintain the highest accuracy, precision, and reliability Rolex watches are best known for.


3. Daytona

The Cosmograph Daytona has been part of the Rolex Yacht-Master lineup since 1963, originally created for racing drivers who yearned for a precision watch that featured a fully functional chronograph. This sporty watch maintains utmost accuracy in its timekeeping and chronographic performance. There are three chronograph counters inset on the watch, designed to contrast the surrounding dial. A tachymetric scale sits at the bezel circumference for optimal style and use. Starting in 1988, the Daytona series featured self-winding mechanisms and has since become branded as Superlative Chronometer Official Certified, which can be seen on the watch dial.


2. Submariner

Starting in 1953, Rolex brought forth its Submariner series as part of their Yacht-Master lineup. It came with a waterproof rating of 300 meters (984 feet) and has established itself as the king of dive watches. The bezel rotation enables the diver to keep track of dive time for safety, along with a special knurled edge so it can be grasped securely, with or without gloves. Built to be scratch-proof, the Chromalight luminescent bezel makes it easy to read even when reaching the darkest depths of the sea. The blue luminescence lasts up to eight straight hours for optimal visibility. The thin coating of platinum or yellow gold is featured on the ceramic bezel, adding protection from corrosion, moisture, scratches, and the sun. Thanks to the improvements technology have provided, the 2020' model of the Submariner sees a significant increase in its power reserve that lasts up to seventy hours. The case size is 41 millimeters, which is exactly 1 millimeter larger than the previous generation of Submariner watches that started in 2008. The average price for a 2020 Rolex Submariner watch ranges from $8,000 USD to approximately $40,000 USD, pending on whether you want to be conservative with the stainless steel option or go all out with the 18-karat gold.


1. Sky-Dweller

2012 is when Rolex introduces the latest of its Yacht-Master models known as Sky-Dweller. Designed with world travelers in mind, the dual time display featured on the Sky-Dweller gives the centralized hands the local time while the other time is indicated by a red arrow pointing at the military formatted hour displayed on a rotating disk. This watch is easy to set and reset various functions of the watch by using the bezel feature, Ring Command. Another feature is resetting the calendar on the Februarys that feature 29 days instead of 28 as it otherwise is able to calculate between the rest of the 4 years' worth of calendar months that consist of either 30 or 31 days. It wouldn't be a Yacht-Master watch without having it being waterproofed certified. The Sky-Dweller is capable of 100 meters of water pressure, which is equivalent to 328 feet. Today, the pricing of a Rolex Sky-Dweller watch can range anywhere from $10,000 USD to as high as $100,000 USD with most of them dancing around the $35,000 USD mark.

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