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The 10 Safest Places to Live in Houston

Lake Houston

Houston—we may have a problem. We can’t decide which area is the safest to live here. Being that Houston is the fourth largest city in the US by population, it’s easy to assume that this city will have limited safe zones. That presumption is wrong, as it turns out that Houston is much like many big cities in the nation—most areas are safe except for a few. Houston definitely has plenty more to offer than just space, science, and barbecue. If you want a high quality life with safety as utmost priority, these 10 safest places in Houston would be your best options for living.

West University Place

10. West University Place

If you wish to live surrounded by notions of academia, West University Place is an excellent option for you. In fact, every single street in this area alludes to a university, a college, or a poet. This neighborhood consists mostly of upper-class families, and this correlates to the fact that the area population is composed mostly of people that have pursued higher education. Education is not what West U is all about, however. It’s also considered one of Houston’s safest with a crime rating that’s about 72% below the national average.


9. Friendswood

You can expect neighbors to be friendly at Friendswood—at least that’s what the area’s safety rating represents. This Houston suburb has a solid population of more or less 40k, and it has the amenities to match that number. You’ll find a good number of parks and shops around here, and you’ll also get highly rated schools. However, be prepared to pay a higher cost of living at Friendswood.

Roman Forest

8. Roman Forest

Houston is not all city and suburb. It also has plenty of rural areas that might appeal to those looking for a little more peace and quiet and a little less population. Roman Forest has a population of only 1,555. The cost of living here is a lot less than the national average, and the crime rate is about 96% lower too. It’s not the place for everyone, but it’s for you if you don’t mind feeling a little remote.

Brookside Village

7. Brookside Village

Brookside Village is another rural area that’s seeing an unprecedented growth in industry in recent years. However, there’s been a steady decline in population since 2010, and it’s likely due to the cost of living in this rural area. The cost of living here is slightly higher compared to the national average, and homes are slightly pricier as well. When it comes to safety, there’s not much to be said except that crime rates are excellently low with that kind of numbers.


6. Shoreacres

This place might be more expensive to live, but what you’re paying for at Shoreacres is peace, safety, and security. All crime scores here are lower than the national average, and it’s safer than 82% of other cities in the US. Shoreacres is a lower populated area, which also means that amenities aren’t the best. If you don’t mind a little rural feel surrounding your home, Shoreacres would be a great option for you.

Southside Place

5. Southside Place

The urban-suburban feel of Southside Place means that you’ll have access to the best amenities. From coffee shops and parks to restaurants and bars, Southside Place has plenty of options to offer. What’s more is that Southside Place is also one of Houston’s safest areas. You can enjoy these amenities without ever feeling unusually unsafe. As other great areas in Houston, you’d have to put in a little more money into your cost of living in order to find a home in Southside Place.

Bayou Vista

4. Bayou Vista

Recreational waterfront living is what Bayou Vista offers its residents. This is in addition to incredible safety and suburban amenities. It’s no surprise that the cost of living here is 6.4% higher than the national average. The home appreciation value in Bayou Vista has grown steadily in the last 10 years; more and more people are finding this gem of a place in Houston.

Lake Houston

3. Lake Houston

Lake Houston is possibly one of the best places in Houston for families and young professionals. The area has a sparse suburban feel that will give you all the amenities you need without feeling overcrowded. You also won’t feel unsafe here, as Lake Houston is regarded as one of the safest in all of Houston. There are plenty of outdoor recreational activities here you can enjoy without feeling unsafe. And when you’re done with the outdoors, you can retreat to your home in peace and quiet.


2. Woodbranch

Low costs of living and low crime rates are some of the biggest attractions in Woodbranch for residents looking for a safe home. Compared to the national average, the cost of living here is 10.9% lower. The population in the area is also low—with only less than 1,500 residents. Adding to that low count is the number of students per teacher at 15.2 students, low home cost at an average of $155,000, and low unemployment rate of 3.8%.


1. Kingwood

Considered to be the safest place to live in Houston, Kingwood is also one of the best places for residents. If dense suburban is the type of place you’re looking for, Kingwood is a great option. Schools are great here, and the job opportunities are excellent as well. The feature you can probably appreciate the most in Kingwood is the safety. With a low area crime rate, you can easily find a peaceful and enjoyable home life in Kingwood. It’s an exceptional place for families to grow and for young professionals to settle roots in.

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