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10 Superhero Gadgets That Actually Exist


We've all dreamed of having the superhuman abilities that we grew up seeing in our favorite superheroes. There's something magical about the thought of throwing fire from your fingertips or deflecting bullets with your chest when fighting the bad guys. Childhood fantasies have recently been brought to life with the invention of gadgets that mimic some of the special abilities that are similar to the ones that we saw on our favorite cartoons. Thanks to advances in technology, you could own these amazing gadgets.

We're happy to present our listing of ten superhero gadgets that actually exist with information about where you can buy them.


Myo Gesture Control Armband (Black) by Thalmic Labs

Feel the power of the force flowing through your being with the Myo Gesture Control Armband. This device provides wireless technology that allows you to control movement of distant objects with a wave of your hand. You can remotely control electronic devices so they turn on and off, make drones fly through the air and much more.

This device is compatible with Windows, Mac, Ios and Android via wireless connection. It works by reading the electrical activity that is generated by your muscles so it appears that you are commanding electronic objects to obey your command.

Price: $172.10


KJXR3 Black & Yellow Medium by Kangoo Jumps

This gadget is like something you'd expect to see in a futuristic sci fi movie. Kangoo Jumps will add inches to your height and while they look like they would propel you high into the air, they are actually designed to lower joint impact when running. They're a great tool for weight loss because they double the rate of calorie burn when you're working out.

Price: $239.00


Seek Thermal Seek Compact XR Extended Range Thermal Imager for Android

Your iPhone can see up to two thousand feet away in the dark. This device simulates Superman's X ray vision. Heat signatures are detected in dark night conditions. Have the best game of hide and seek in the dark with your friends. The intended purpose of this device is to track game when hunting. It translates infrared light into an image that you can see on your phone.

It is recommended for hunters, campers, boaters, hikers and homeowners. It comes with a waterproof case.


Jetblades by XJet

Jetblades by XJet allow you to propel yourself in the air to experience the feeling of flying with nothing more than these devices on your feet and a hose to feed them the hydro power that they need. Your impact on the ground is cushioned by the jets of water for a softer landing. Steer through the air like a superhero and experience the sensation of flying.

This product is available with the X Hydro Channel which is also required for operation. The total price for the two items is $6,145.00


Zap Self Defense Cane with Flashlight with Carrying Case

Unique self defense tool that looks like an ordinary cane. The Stun Cane is an adjustable walking cane that also has a super bright LED flashlight with a stun gun that packs a one million volt wallop that will knock down any attacker than comes your way. May be used as a cane for anyone who weights 250 pounds or less. The cane adjusts from thirty two to thirty six inches. It comes with a convenient carrying case and a wall charger for keeping the juice up.

Price: $76.95


Amphibious Sub-Surface Watercraft

Glide through the water like aquaman in the Amphibious Sub-Surface Watercraft is a partially submersible watercraft for use in aquatic environments. It features a two person cockpit with views fo the surface of one hundred and eighty degrees and underwater viewing for two more passengers. It moves at a maximum speed of six knots in forward gear and four knots in backward. Capable fo three hundred and sixty degree turns. A track system allows for ground use on dry land and is powered by electric motors.

Price: $300,000.00


Mengshen® Highly-Sensitive Mini Spy Microphone Audio Ear Listening Device Sound Amplifier Hearing Wall Gadget Wiretap Device On the Wall /Door With Earphone MS-HC29

You may not exactly be able to hear through walls on your own, but this gadget will give you superhero abilities to hear through walls so you'll know what others are plotting.

Price: $13.99


The Rocket Belt by Tam

The Tam company is the only one the the world that makes a custom rocket belt. They use aerospace materials for construction and advanced technology. This belt truly allows you to fly in the air like Superman. That is if you can afford the technology. The Tam company doesn't supply prices up front because each belt is custom made for the person ordering it.

Price: $ You must call for custom pricing. The first rocket belt was sold in 1960 for $380,000.00


Dragons Breath Harmless Flamethrower

Point at a match or candle that has been lighted and see a large and brilliant fireball shoot from your fingertips. Surprise everyone with your new powers because they won't see the device that is hidden in your hand.

Price: $19.99


Dragon's breather poweder - fire and water magic

Now you can achieve amazing special effects like your favorite superheroes. Dragons' Breath is composed of all natural and organic substances in powder form. It becomes flammable when you make a fine mist of it into the air. You could be the next firebreathing sensation. The oval bottle shape makes it easy to hid in the palm of your hand. Throw balls of fire or shoot lightning bolts from your fingertips.

Aquatic illusions are also possible. Sprinkle the powder on water and a Hydrophobic or water barrier forms instantly. This is a great product for living your childhood fantasies. Price: $16.49

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