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How Tanner Fox Achieved a Net Worth of $6 Million

Tanner Fox

Technology innovation has created an opportunity for young people to develop ideas that will help them generate money for themselves. A contemporary example is Tanner Fox. He is one of the famous young American YouTubers. Tanner is known for posting vlogs about his daily life experiences. His favorite hobby is scootering which he also uploads on his YouTube channel. This article not only aims at his current lifestyle but also seeks to answer the hows and whens of his process of establishing a net worth of $6 million. To properly understand this, we shall look at his early life, career, and the lessons we can learn from him.

Tanner Fox's Early and Personal Life

Born on December 22, 1999, he grew up in San Diego, California. At ten years, his parents divorced, and he remained with his mother-Ronda Fox. He stayed with his sister Lindsay who also works at YouTube. He attended the Local Elementary school in San Diego. Fox proceeded to the Sacred Heart School (a private school also in San Diego), but he was suspended a year later for shooting videos, and later, he was taken to a Charter School by his dad.

According to WikiCelebs, he is a Christian of straight sexuality. Tanner is unmarried but has had two girlfriends: Taylor Alesia and Avalon Nadfaulsi. Physically, he stands at 168 centimeters with a lean physique, blonde hair, and dark brown eyes. Tanner owned a pet dog called Kirby Fox, who died in 2018 and is a great admirer of basketball. He was once involved in an accident with his friends, resulting in his leg surgery.

Tanner Fox's Career and Sources of Income

Tanner's admiration for social media goes back to when he was in high school. In September 2011, he created a YouTube channel named MT Films and posted his first videos. According to Net Worth Spot, he mainly earns from YouTube and enjoys a following of more than 10.5 million followers. By 2016, his channel was ranked as the fastest-growing YouTube channel. Almost every day, he posts videos of what he is doing with his friend, Jake Angeles. He is famous for his freestyling scooter videos, which many followers have admired.

He says he was inspired by the famous Dylan Morrison, from whom he learned the art of performing fun and exhilarating stunts using his scooter. His favorite trick is scooter flairs. Sometimes he enjoys skateboarding. On his road to success, he has been highly backed up by Root Industries, Grind Shop, and Lucky Scooters, who have teamed up with him to advance their products. In addition, he has also worked with other celebrates such as Justin Stuart, Casey Neistat, Carson Luders, Roman Atwood, Harry Main, and Jake Angeles. Whenever he posts a video, it earns an average of 2 million views, and he has used this influence to earn from influencing the market for specific products. Besides his YouTube channel, he has Instagram and TikTok accounts which he uses to generate more money.

Other Endeavors

Besides being a vlogger, Tanner is also an entrepreneur, actor, and musician. One good thing about him is that he displays to the world what he does and earns him money. According to Bounce Mojo, Tanner owns his clothing brand TFox and is a co-founder of Space Gaming Station, which gives people a chance to play with unknown people online. As a musician, he has composed several rap hip hop songs:

  • We Do It Best (2006, featuring Dylan Matthew)
  • Hold Up (2017, featuring Dylan Matthew)
  • We Did It Worst (featuring Dylan Matthew),
  • Monaco (2017, featuring Kid Tayy and Dylan Matthew)
  • Ride Around (2018, featuring Steele 11)

His acting career came out when he played the role of a young Wyatt Halliwell on Charmed. In 2019 he was featured in the Be Our Guests film. Together with paid Tv appearances, his acting career has helped in boosting his overall income.

How Does Turner Fox Spend his Money?

To have a comprehensive understanding of Tanner's networth, we also look at his expenditure. Tanner is famous for enjoying life to the fullest. Just at the age of 16, he bought a 2010 Nissan R35 GT-R. He later bought a Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS. A Widebody Lamborghini resting in his garage adds to his vivid life. It is said that giving is not a big deal to those who have. In one of his videos, he broke his sister's laptop and gave her a new one.

He surprised her with her dream car as a Christmas gift to thank his mother. Tanner bought a house in California, where he now lives with his mother and houses his friends. In front of his house, he built a real-life hot wheel track. Can you imagine how life can be good for you to have a private warehouse where you can place a trampoline to party with your friends before the age of 22? -he just did it.


Traveling does not fall off his hobbies list. South Africa, Germany, Swaziland, Italy, Holland, and Canada are just some of the countries he has visited. Like any other celebrity, he has some controversies- he had challenged to box a fellow TikToker Ryland Storms in June 2021, only to back out by alleging that the game's commission could not allow him to participate due to his body condition. Tanner Fox joins the list of famous young men who have been active in philanthropy. In 2018, together with the Ace family and other YouTubers, they graced a basketball charity event using and donated the proceeds to build wells in Swaziland. When a member of the Fox family lost their house through the fire, he flew to Minnesota and helped the family.

In Conclusion

In Tanner Fox's success story, we get to learn several lessons. First, learning institutions should enhance kids' hobbies. The suspension from Sacred Herat appears to be unjustified. His success vindicated him. In addition, it encourages young talented people to be aware that they have new platforms to showcase their skills. No longer are the days you would go around begging for sponsorship. Like Tanner and simple IT knowledge, you can earn a living from different social media platforms. Lastly, he has taught us to earn from our daily lives. Whenever he visits a hotel, he will upload his stay in it, and his followers would like the place and draw some money from it. At 22, Tanner is living the life many have admired.

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