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20 Thanos Quotes That Apply to Business


For those who are unfamiliar with the characters of the Marvel Comics, the Thanos is a fictional supervillain who appears in the American comic books and in the films based on these comics. This character originally appeared in a comic in 1973. Thanos has also appeared in the Avengers series of films, played by both Josh Brolin and Damion Poitier. Fans of the comics and movies have read or heard many inspiring words come from this supervillains mouth. Here are 20 Thanos quotes that you can apply to business.

20. On Taking a Balanced Approach

“Perfectly balanced, as everything should be”.

This Thanos quote listed on Screen Rant suggests that balance is important in life. You can apply this quote to business in several ways. First, you need to achieve a good balance in your team to make sure they work well together. Second, you should balance the different elements of your business so that they support each other rather than one element causing problems for another. Finally, you can interpret this quote to relate to achieving a good work-life balance. To use another saying, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This means that although it is important to put effort into your business endeavors, it is just as important for you to have an enjoyable lifestyle outside of work.

19. On Accepting Failures

“I know what it is like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless”.

Unfortunately, it is likely that not all your ventures will be a success. Everyone must face failure at some point in their careers. However, it is how you deal with this failure that is a true reflection of the sort of person you are. It is vital that you pick yourself up from your failure, learn from your mistakes, and make every effort you can to not face the same situation again.

18. On Making Tough Decisions

“The hardest choices require the strongest wills”.

Some decisions you make are easy and the right decision is obvious. On other occasions, you will have to make some tough decisions. The right decision is not always clear, and it is possible that not all the outcomes of your decision will have a positive result. Not everyone will agree with the choices you make, but it is part of your responsibilities to make the best decisions you can. Making tough decisions is something that you will need to face head-on, but you should also weigh up the pros and cons thoroughly before coming to your final decision.

17. On Facing Resistance to Change

“As long as there are those who remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be. They will resist”.

When you are a business leader implementing changes to the way a team works and presenting them with new ideas, it is likely that you will face resistance from some off the team members. Some people are stuck in their ways and think it is best to stick to what they know rather than try something new. You should accept that this is likely to happen, but also put strategies in place to encourage those showing resistance to get on board with the changes and work better alongside their colleagues.

16. On Coping with Problems

“You could not face your own failure, and where did that get you?”.

Facing failure at some point in business is almost inevitable. This does not necessarily refer to the complete failure of a business, but simply to the failure of a project, campaign, or a simple task. Not everything will go well all the time, and it is vital to acknowledge this fact. Facing up to failure is important if you want to overcome it and move forward with your business. Instead of looking at failure from a negative perspective, try to draw the positives from the situation. Analyze the reasons why a particular project failed. By looking at what you did well and what you could improve in the future, you can use it as a learning experience. This will help you to put strategies in place to reduce the risk of facing a similar failure again in the future.

15.On Good Communication

“You should choose your words wisely”.

No matter what type of business you run or own, communication is a vital element of efficiency and success. It is essential to keep the lines of communication open within your team. This does not necessarily need to be verbal communication, as written and digital communication can also contribute to good lines of communication. Another important aspect of communication that is often overlooked in business is listening. Make sure you listen to your team and that they have the opportunity to talk about both positives and negatives. Learning about the challenges they are facing is just as valuable as hearing about their progress. By having a clear understanding of both the positives and the negatives, you can put strategies in place for a team to work through their project efficiently to achieve the best results.

14. On Achieving Your Destiny

“Destiny waits from no man”.

You are the master of your own destiny. If you want to become a success, then the only person who can make that happen is you. It is something that requires a proactive approach, as your destiny is not just waiting around the corner for you. Take any steps necessary to ensure that you can achieve your full potential.

13. On the Importance of Teamwork

“You are a great fighter, Gamora. Come. Let me help you.”

This quote listed on Everyday Power is a good example of how a team should work together to make the most out of any situation. Even though Thanos is somewhat a loner, he is willing to fight alongside the people he respects to achieve the same end goal. The same theory applies to business. Teamwork is essential, even if you prefer to work alone. Even as a leader, you should support your workforce. You can do this with practical help or by offering other forms of support to enable them to work at their best, such as training or resources.

12. On Enjoying Your Success

“The work is done. I won. What I’m about to do, I’m gonna enjoy it”.

To become successful takes a lot of hard work, and it can often take many years. When you finally achieve everything you set out to achieve and become a success, then you should take some time to enjoy your position. It seems almost pointless to put in all that effort and then to not take the time to reap the rewards of all your hard work.

11. On Getting a Team to Co-Operate

“I demand only your obedience”.

While some business leaders instantly garner the respect of their workers, others find it a challenge to gain this respect and to get their team to fully co-operate with their demands. Finding strategies to get a team working well together is essential to the smooth-running of a business.

10. On Making Changes

“It needs correction”.

This is a Thanos quote listed on Ranker, and it applies to business environments because change is a vital element of any business. To make sure your business is running efficiently, you should always strive to find ways to make improvements. Similarly, change is important so that you are moving with the times and keeping up with the competition.

9. On Taking Responsibility

“Fine. I’ll do it myself”.

Although you will often need to delegate work, it is also important that you pull your weight and take responsibility as the leader. All this quote from Thanos is spoken in a sulky manner when things are not going his way, you can apply the words to a business setting in a more positive way. A team does not respect a leader that does not take responsibility and take on their share of the workload.

8. On Honesty and Transparency

“But I never taught you to lie”.

Two of the most important things in business are honesty and transparency. To earn the respect of your team, it is essential that you are as honest as possible at all times. Likewise, transparency will prevent people from coming to their own incorrect conclusions about what is going on behind the scenes.

7. On Appreciating Your Achievements

“Full bellies and clear skies. It’s a paradise”.

If you have achieved success, then it is important to take a step back to appreciate all your achievements. It is a huge mistake to spend your life working towards a goal, and then not to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy this when you finally achieve success.

6. On Being Realistic

“Your optimism is misplaced”.

Often, optimism is needed for you to make progress. Your optimism can also motivate others in the team. However, realism is equally important as being overly optimistic can prevent you from facing the realities of a situation. Sometimes, you need to accept that you will not have a good outcome and focus on realistic ways to overcome the situation.

5. On Shared Goals

“You had that same will”.

It is important to get your team to share your goals so that you are all working towards the same things. This will involve keeping them motivated so that they will want to achieve great things as part of your team. One way of doing this is to give team members ownership of different elements of a project, as this means they will take pride in their work and their personal achievements. Another way is to acknowledge the contributions that each person has made to a project.

4. On Resource Management

“The universe is finite, its resources finite”.

One aspect of running a business well is managing your resources appropriately. This refers not only to physical or monetary resources but also to human resources. In terms of finite resources, it is human resources that can pose the biggest challenge. Each person within a team only has the capacity to achieve a set amount within a given time, so it is important to distribute work evenly so that their workload is achievable.

3. On Setting Big Goals

“You should have gone for the head”.

It is possible to interpret this Thanos quote in relation to a business environment as not settling for small goals but aiming for something big. You should have the courage to aim for great success, rather than settling for mediocrity. If you give yourself something that is big but still achievable as a goal, it gives you something to work towards and an increased chance of success.

2. On Challenging the Competition

“They’re not trying to stop something I’m going to do in our time. They’re trying to undo something I’ve already done”.

Regardless of the type of business you own or run, you will always have competition. Sometimes, a new source of competition will enter your market. They may try and take away the strong customer base you have established after many years of hard work. You must try to find ways to retain customers and reward their loyalty for continuing to use your services or buy your products. The underlying message here is that you must beat the competition at their own game or they will succeed in diminishing your business.

1. On Becoming Successful

“I’m a Survivor”.

One of the most significant Thanos quotes is this, and it is listed on Sporcle. Anyone who can overcome all the challenges that running a business involves and still become a success should recognize their achievements. You are a true survivor if you have achieved your dreams despite hurdles along the way. If you have made it to this point in your career, then it is something in which you should take pride.

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