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The Five Fastest Motorcycle Drag Bikes Money Can Buy

The world of motorcycles has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few decades and if you are looking to get into this exciting lifestyle, then you'll probably find that the options for picking up a new bike are overwhelming. To make matters easier, we have put together an excellent list of five of the fastest drag motorcycles available on the market today. For those of you who haven't been around motorcycles for very long, drag racing is simple and incredibly fun. Vehicles are lined up side by side in a drag strip and are then timed as they race from a standing start to the end of the track. Drag racing is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people get involved in the sport, so whether you want to race professionally or you just like to fulfill your need for speed on a regular basis, it is worth checking out this exciting sport.

The objective of the sport is to see which competitor can reach the finish line first in a given time-frame. Traditionally, motorcycle drag racing has been held on regular street circuits but this is becoming increasingly rare. The reason for this is that the speed of these racing bikes is such that they are capable of going above normal speed constraints when in use and most people are scared stiff by this. We have put together an excellent list of some of the fastest drag motorcycles that you can currently buy. These motorcycles are popular and have been reviewed online by a number of different motorcycle enthusiasts who are happy to share their experiences, so you'll be able to find out more about what it is like to ride one of these high-performance machines.

5. Hans-Henrik Thompson's Electric Bike - 6.8 seconds per quarter mile

Electric Bikes are relatively new to the drag racing scene but Hans-Henrik Thompson has found success as he won many big races with his electric bike. Having been around on the drag bike scene for a few years now, he knows what he is doing and is ready to put his experience of winning races into good use once again. The bike is said to have a top speed of up to 120mph which is an incredible result for just one car. Because of its amazing speed, the bike is eligible to race in the top class which is pretty impressive for an electric bike. The bike has been built with a high level of skill and due to the fact that it has not been designed using common kits, it is unlikely that you will come across any other bikes that look like Hans-Henrik Thompson's creation.

4. Hayabusa Supercharged by TAD - 8.0 seconds per quarter mile

The Hayabusa Supercharged by TAD is one of the fastest motorcycles available on the market today. As its name suggests, it has been supercharged to give it incredible power and speed and this power is transferred to the rear wheel which is linked to a set of steering dampers. The bike has been designed with aerodynamics in mind and this means that it can go very fast without causing any drag. The bike has a top speed of more than 130 mph and it can do 0-60 in less than 4 seconds. Overall, the Hayabusa Supercharged by TAD is designed to help you go faster around the track. If you are looking for a bike that will give you an adrenaline rush, then this could be the right choice for you.

3. Pro Street Turbo Suzuki GSXR 1000 – 6.42 seconds per quarter mile

Designed by Jeremy Teasely, this drag bike is built on a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Pro Street and has been tuned so that it can go very fast. Jeremy Teasely is not a new name when it comes to drag bikes as he has been around drag racing for more than 40 years, giving him plenty of experience. Because of its impressive look, this bike is one of the best-looking motorcycles that you will come across. It has been painted green to match the color of Nitrous Oxide and it is incredibly popular among drag bike fans.

2. IHRA 400 Drag Bike – 6.04 seconds per quarter mile

Popularized by Chris Matheson, this bike can do 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds which is impressive. What makes this bike even more impressive is that it can go a speed of 760 rpm at all times. With chain-driven gears, the bike has an amazing appearance and is capable of reaching great speeds despite its weight. One thing to note about this bike is that it has been designed for the amateur market so if you are looking for a professional version of this motorcycle, you may have to look elsewhere.

1. Larry ‘Spiderman’ McBride’s Top Fuel Drag Bike - 5.61 seconds per quarter mile

This top fuel drag bike has been built by Larry ‘Spiderman’ McBride and is one of the fastest motorcycles on the market today. Going with a small frame, it has a very fast look about it and definitely stands out from other motorcycles. According to Hot Cars, Larry ‘Spiderman’ McBride is an ex-pro racer who has gained a lot of experience by working with former drag racers to provide them with professional training so that they can win races in their own right once they retire. Larry 'Spiderman' McBride, founder of the SuperDogs, is a drag racer who has been in the racing industry for more than 40 years, working with drag racers and building professional-grade drag cars. He got his start as a carpenter, but soon moved into drag racing which led to him winning many races around the world. After over 40 years of experience in drag racing and as an engineer, he has been able to build some of the most powerful and fastest motorcycles on the planet.

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