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The Five Most Popular Lamborghini Colors

Making the decision to buy a new Lamborghini creates a nice dilemma for new owners. Just prior to closing the deal and placing the order, you must decide on a color. While some have their favorite colors in mind, others take their time in making this big decision.

A new Lambo is an investment and it's not a car that you can easily swap for a different color, so it makes perfect sense to weigh your options to help you make the best choice.

At last glance Lamborghini offered as many as 39 assorted color choices, but which are the most popular? After doing the research, we've found some consistency in the statistics to arrive at the 5 most popular Lamborghini colors.

There are more choices than you may know

Our research concluded that there are more color choices than the 7 that are commonly offered. According to Oto, the Aventador S is available in a choice of 7 color options. You may choose from white, blue, yellow, red, green, Arancio Argos and Marrone Apus. However, there are in fact 39 colors to chose from.

Apart from the traditional colors you can choose the tone and finish which include matte, metallic, gloss, or pearl finishes. This can significantly change the personality of the color as well as the Lamborghini it is applied to. Having broadened the horizons, we took a look at the most commonly selected colors to find the most popular.

The five most popular Lamborghini colors

Although the Lamborghini Squad has identified 10 popular Lambo colors, we've taken this list and narrowed it down further to the top 5. The best color depends on who you talk to of course. We took it a step further to find out which are the top selling colors distributed amongst the various models of the brand and here is what we discovered.

1. Verde Mantis

Verde Mantis is a type of green color that is the most popular color choice for the Lamborghini Huracan. It was confirmed by Lamborghini Las Vegas that so far, this is the most frequently ordered color within this model line.

The staff indicated that within their dealership the favorite interior color choice was the Alacantara Sportivo Bi-colore to go with the Verde Mantis. This is a bright color that has tremendous appeal to the younger crowd and it's a color that Lamborghini heavily promotes in the Huracan.

2. White

According to the Lamborghini Squad, white is the number one color chosen for new Lamborghinis, however, we discovered that it really comes in second to the Verde Mantis, unless you're not a fan of the Huracan, and you aren't a part of the younger crowd of enthusiasts. It is the most frequently color purchased from some vendors at 20 percent of all orders for JamesEdition.

We can't just leave it at that though. There are several different variations of the color white. Lamborghini has also included customized variations such as the body paint by Versace atelier. The Verde Mantis is giving it some serious competition for first place.

3. Black

Black is the second most popular Lamborghini color. It is estimated that 16 percent of the Lamborghinis are painted in black. There is a choice of either matte black or a glossy version of the color. Black is known for being a sharp color when combined with contrast rims. It has been voted as the best color for Lamborghinis on a popular Lamborghini forum, but when the statistics are combined, it comes in second place.

4. Yellow

The third most popular color for a Lamborghini is yellow. While it is arguable, there are many fans on a variety of forums who stand firm on the notion that yellow is the signature color of Lamborghini, whether they can substantiate this or not is another thing. Through the years there have been multiple models released in the signature yellow paint job and it has become a symbol for the brand in the hearts and minds of many enthusiasts and former owners as well.

5. Blue

Another popular color for a Lamborghini is blue. According to Google, the statistics gathered on popular searches for Lamborghini colors include a total of 12 different shades of blue. These include mobile blue, navy, teal, sky blue, glossy blue, deep blue, metallic blue, aqua blue, baby blue, midnight blue, electric blue, and azure. When it comes to color ratings on the Lamborghini website, Blue is the fifth most popular color for a Lamborghini, according to the stats.

What is your favorite color?

There are a variety of other color choices available with some rarely showing up, such as a purple hue that is often referred to as a blue. Orange is another iconic and popular color for Lamborghinis and so are the red versions as well as the grey and bicolor. In recent years the most popular colors for the brand have changed, and this is a trend that is likely to continue. We can't forget the gold versions that are also snappy. When you consider the different types of finishes are are offered, there are dozens of choices available.


The most popular colors for a Lamborghini currently are Verde mantis, white, black, yellow and blue. Some dealers offer a limited choice of colors, depending on the specific model that you're looking at. If you're looking for something a little more exotic, it's always best to check with the Lamborghini site to find the color or color combinations that you find the most appealing. It's always recommended to check out your options and never settle. At the last count, we learned that there are a total of 39 different colors available so you have a good variety to choose from.

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