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Is There Such a Thing as a Color Changing Lamborghini?

Color Changing Lamborghini

We have seen the magic color changing mugs custom-made with beautiful pictures or quotes revealed when a hot drink is poured into the cup. That technology is now being extended in vehicles. In April 2019, a YouTube video that has so far garnered over112, 000 views raised the curiosity of avid car fans who wondered how a Lamborghini was changing color. As per the video, the colors ranged from yellow, blue, white, green, among others, and people sought the public opinion on Reddit and Quora to have their questions answered. Unfortunately, if you are thinking about getting yourself a color-changing Lamborghini, you will have to hold on for a few years because they are yet to exist as detailed below.

It was all CGI, apparently

One Reddit user asked if the YouTube video was real as he wondered if the technology that permits such advancement exists. Those who cared enough to respond to his question were quick to say that it is Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), and no one above the age of 10 should be that naive to believe whatever they see on the internet. Another quipped that Lamborghini would never refer to its product as "Lambo," which should be a clue that the video was not from the car manufacturing company. A person shared the sentiments on Quora, saying that the color-changing Lamborghini was a conceptual CGI video by Iskander Utebayev, a digital artist who goes by the name "bad.not.bad."

However, Digital Phablet  seems to believe that such technology is underway and even reached out to the company to ask about the key fob that is enabling the color changes. According to the article, Lamborghini would have a competitive edge since luxury car owners would be ready to part with money since the innovative feature affords them a car that can change color. Digital Phablet even went ahead to tell the public that the model was in production, but the company is yet to release the date of launch.

Maybe it is true that the production is in progress because even Jason Derulo has recently flaunted a ride that showcases similar innovation. The singer went on Instagram to show off the Lamborghini, which he said was not yet in the market but would be launched in 2022. He had covered it up before unveiling it and said that he would probably get in trouble. Of course, social media users were excited to see Jason using an app on his phone to change his ride's colors. It went from blue to pink and a variety of other colors with the touch of a button. He hyped the viewers up, asking them if they had seen such a thing ever before then drove off in the luxury vehicle.

Change the color of your car using paint

If you cannot wait until 2022 to change your car's color, there are other options. According to Simplemost Rene Turrek, a German artist, came up with color-changing cars after so many trials and errors. In 2015, he shared his successful attempt in the innovation by posting a video on YouTube where he splashed hot water on the hood of a Lamborghini. It revealed an "Avengers" character. The artist disclosed that the design could come out also when the car was under hot temperatures, such as during a hot day. To hide the design again, he poured cold water, and social media users were so amazed by the technology that they asked how much the paint job would cost.

Although Rene encouraged the curious car owners to talk to him privately for the price, you should not be quick to go for the paint job. The color change observed is thanks to the thermochromic paint applied, and it cost around $320 per liter, meaning if you want your entire vehicle covered up with the paint, you will need to dig deep into your pockets. Besides the paint cost, you should note that the effect is not long-lasting; it lasts for up to six months before your car can no longer change color. The thermochromic paint is heat sensitive, and excessive exposure to the sun's UV rays will damage it. The only way to ensure it serves you for longer maybe one year is to drive when the sun is not too hot such as during the evening or early morning hours.

The other option is to wrap your car

A high-quality paint job and professionally done wrapping will cost about the same since both go for $5,000. However, Supercar Pro advises wrapping is much better than painting because it protects the original paintwork and saves you the initial cost of expensive paint. With a Lamborghini's paintwork costing you an arm and a leg, a wrap seems to be the logical option. It is, therefore, no wonder that even Chris Brown keeps choosing a wrap for his vehicles. His Lamborghini Huracan was installed with a symmetrical chrome wrap whose color varies from blue, yellow, orange, pink, and purple, depending on the viewing angle.

Other advantages of wrapping your vehicle include the time taken to finish the job; time is money, and while painting your car will take even weeks, a wrap takes at most two days, giving you a shorter turnaround time to show off your ride. With celebrities, looks are everything, and remaining with one particular color can be boring. Luckily with a wrap, you can change the car's appearance as many times as you want while still protecting the original paintwork. That being said, since the original paintwork is not tampered with, your vehicle's resale value will be high. However, there is usually a disclaimer; only a professionally done wrap can guarantee that the paintwork remains undisturbed. Finally, a wrapped car is much better protected against small chips on the road that could damage the bodywork.

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