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This Restored 1971 Lamborghini Miura Selling For $2.2 Million

It’s August at Sotheby’s and some of their best auctions are either currently in full swing or are just around the corner. In fact, one of their most prestigious auctions is coming up and it offers a 1971 Lamborghini Miura that can be had for a a mere $2.2 million.

An Example For All Others To Follow

The Lamborghinis of the late 1960s and early 1970s are among some of the most influential supercars in existence. In fact, these are the cars that influenced so many of the designs for sports cars that would come along after them. While not every person could own a Lamborghini, every person that owns a sports car made after approximately 1966 owes at least a portion of that design to cars like the Lamborghini, especially the model years that were previously mentioned. As such, many sports car lovers owe a debt of gratitude to the Lamborghini, even if they have never owned one themselves.

A Special Design

This particular Lamborghini is special, even among other cars like it. For starters, the car with a midsize engine has a V12 coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission, a combination that is sure to get the attention of virtually anyone, be they car lover or not. This particular car actually belonged to a college student 50 years ago, but was promptly put in storage after it was involved in an accident that damaged the front end. Apparently, the car that was once grey and white was quickly forgotten, left to sit in relative obscurity in an old warehouse, until recently that is. Once the car was discovered, it was promptly pulled out of the warehouse and sent to an expert who could do both the bodywork and make mechanical repairs on the car. This was no small project, to say the least. In fact, it would be one that would end up taking a whopping eight months to complete.

A Project Worth Doing

Virtually everyone involved with the project felt that this was one of the most special automotive projects they ever decided to take on. It all started with the need to find replacement parts for the front end of the car, something that had to come directly from Lamborghini. Considering the fact that the car is a 1971 model, this was no easy feat to accomplish. A dedicated search began to find factory-original parts from Lamborghini, something that officials from the factory worked on directly. Only after the parts were located could the rest of the work begin. That work involved going over the entire car with a fine-tooth comb in order to see which mechanical repairs needed to be made. After all, the car had been sitting in one place for 50 years. That can take a big toll on any automobile, even a Lamborghini. As a result, there were multiple repairs that needed to be carried out before anyone could even think about driving the car. While all of this was going on, the paint was stripped off of the car and the body was polished to a high metal sheen.

The Interior

One of the things that makes this particular example so unique is that the interior is all original. That is saying quite a lot, especially when you consider the fact that the car was produced so long ago. The team responsible for its restoration had one thing in their favor, and that was the fact that the car wasn’t sitting out in the elements. However, it was sitting abandoned in a warehouse, without being driven or even started for five decades. The end result of that kind of neglect can take a massive toll on the interior of any car. Fortunately, this one was in surprisingly good condition. After a little elbow grease and a lot of time, the interior revealed itself to look almost as good as it did the day the car first hit the streets. As such, the team was able to leave the original interior intact. This is also good news for collectors, as it is extremely difficult to find a car that is this rare and been around for this long, with an all original interior.

A Commanding Appearance

Why is the car’s value set so high? The fact that it is a Lamborghini is reason enough for it to cost a rather significant amount of money. However, it isn’t only about it being a true supercar. It’s also about the fact that so much effort has gone into restoring this fine example of an automobile. It looks like nothing else available on the road, thanks in large part to its bare metal exterior. When you think about the fact that a good portion of the car’s front end had to be rebuilt, it’s easy to understand why the value is set so high. That doesn’t even count the number of hours spent restoring, cleaning and repairing the car from bumper to bumper.

When it is all said and done, the lucky individual who finally gets their hands on this car will have the chance to own something that few others can. It’s almost like stepping back in time and driving this car when it was brand new. For all intents and purposes, the impressive sports car is indeed brand new, despite the fact that technically, it is 50 years old. That is precisely why it is currently commanding such a high purchase price, one that will ensure that only those who are truly interested will even bid on the car. One thing is certain, whoever gets it will have something that is truly special- a one-of-a-kind car that looks and performs like nothing else on the road. It will be exciting to see who finally gets the car after the auction has ended. It’s also possible that the value of the car could go up even more, depending on the level of demand seen for it when the bidding opens.

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Written by Benjamin Smith

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